Faire Child: Making an impact through children’s fashion

My name is Tabitha Osler
and I’m a fashion designer; I have a children’s outerwear
brand called Faire Child. We design children’s outerwear made out
of 100% waterproof breathable fabric, that’s also made of recycled content. And better yet, it’s also recyclable. Our goal is to be an
eco innovative brand. So when we started, we set out to not only create
clothing that would never end up in a landfill, but we also wanted to
divert waste from landfills. We also used compostable packaging, whenever
we ship out our garments they all come in a compostable package
with compostable labels. Again, reducing our
environmental impact. Children’s wear is a little more demanding than
adult outerwear; it has to be highly durable. It also has to really move with the child,
so starting with these work wear patterns that are built to move and adapt was a perfect
base to facilitate children’s outerwear. Also children grow extremely quickly, so I
created garments that grow with the child so we have a ten centimeter cuff, which means
our garments can last for at least three years. But also because our garments are well made
and built to last, you can pass them down. So it’s a perfect hand-me-down. I started my interest in fashion, it was kind
of born out of finishing art college and to kind of seeing that I was much more interested
in fashion and textiles than I was in art. And that experience kind
of transformed my direction. So as I pursued that direction as a designer,
I realized that I really connected to this kind of child look, playful, almost
slightly absurd kind of approach to design. So it was a really good fit for
me to start designing for children. I think it is truly something
I’ve always wanted to do. The ability to create my own clothes to kind
of create your persona was what I think has driven me to become a fashion designer. We are E-commerce based so we ship direct
to customer; that’s our only point of contact with our customers is through shipping and FedEx
has really opened the doors for us in that respect. So when we found out we won the FedEx small
business grant award, we were totally overwhelmed. It was so exciting for us to know that a big company
like FedEx was backing our idea and supporting our idea. The FedEx grant has not only just offered us
the money, but it’s offered us these wonderful opportunities to work together with a marketing team
that we normally wouldn’t be able to afford to work with. And we’re also going to invest
in the development of a patch kit. So if we have a patch kit, that’s also
recyclable and has no harmful chemicals in it, we can ensure that the lifespan of our garments is
extremely long, increasing the sustainability of it. I think it’s a fantastic thing that FedEx
is actually supporting other small businesses across Canada and supporting
that community obviously. Our economy is built on small
business, that’s what they always say. So the fact that FedEx is wiling to invest in the small
businesses that they really believe in is incredible. It’s an opportunity that you
really can’t access otherwise. In five years, my aspiration for Faire Child is that
we have reached markets outside of Canada and the US. I want to move into Europe very shortly,
and hopefully into the Asian market as well. The bigger Faire Child becomes; the more
positive impact we can have on the environment. I think brands are eventually going to transform
in this direction of being eco-friendly and taking full responsibility for the entire
life cycle of their garments and I want to be a part of that change; I want to be a
part of that growth in the business world.

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