Extreme Decluttering and Organizing 2019 Basement Edition

Joseph: Hi, guys. This is Joseph. Tasha: And Tasha with One Big Happy Life and
we make videos about how to find balance, build wealth, and live happy. So if you are all about creating the life
that you want, then hit that subscribe button because we got all kinds of good stuff for
you. Joseph: So last time we made a video about
cleaning out our basement. We were very ambitious and we were going to
do the entire thing and then we only did half. Tasha: This half, this right here. Joseph: But we promised that we would get
back to it and we would clean the other half and we showed you a glimpse of it. While we finally got back to it and we completely
nailed it, not all in one day, but sometimes it takes you more than one day to get cleaning
done. Tasha: I will say, it’s a work in progress. Is it still? Is it perfect? Did we get absolutely everything and now our
basement is pristine? No. But wait till you see. Obviously, we’re shooting this intro after
we’ve already cleaned it. We think we’ve done a pretty good job. Let’s take a look at the before. So here is what our basement looks like. As you can see we have a lot going on in here. Yeah, I was actually kind of shocked when
I went down and started filming everything to really see exactly how bad it was. So we started with the area closest to the
door. That made the most sense to us. There were these three boxes in there that
we had no idea what was even in there. The very first box had baby clothing. So since we are hoping to conceive this year,
we just kept that box in its entirety, didn’t really touch anything in it. The next boxes were a mix of just a whole
bunch of random stuff, craft stuff, Halloween stuff, a random pink dinosaur pajama thing
of Alexis’, and so we really went through both boxes, everything in the boxes to see
what we should keep and what we should get rid of. It was really fun going through the boxes
because we just rediscovered things that we had forgotten that we even had like Alexis’
first Halloween costume and of course that pink dragon thing that she’s kind of wiggling
her button every so often, pictures of Alexis when she was younger. Also this box right here, that third box was
basically filled with cloth because I was into doing a lot of home décor DIY projects
and so I’ve amassed a lot of cloth over the past 17 years. But so many of the pieces of cloth no longer
suited my current style and so it really pained me to admit it, but I needed to let it go. Next up, we considered these pictures of Joseph
kind of throughout his childhood and he couldn’t make a decision one way or another on what
he wanted to do with them. So we just decided to table that and I put
my law degree with it. So next up we tackled the other side of the
doorway and you can see it’s just a random jumble of a whole bunch of stuff. So I left most of this footage in because
I wanted to show that we actually picked through all of these stuff and took it out bit by
bit. So while you were looking at that, let me
explain how it is that our basement got to be in this condition. So we moved into this house three and a half
years ago and our focus was mainly on the upstairs because when we moved in, we were
due to have a baby in about six months, not to mention we had started to brand new jobs
and Alexis had started a brand new school so I had this really long commute, I was super
pregnant and so we really just didn’t pay attention to what was going on in the basement
for a long time. Then we had Reeves and he was a baby and babies
take up a lot of time and they have a lot of stuff. As Reeves got older and outgrew his stuff,
we just kind of stashed it all in the basement figuring, well, hoping we’d have another baby
and we would get around to using this stuff at some point. So fast forward Reeves is a year old and now
we have this YouTube channel that’s slowly growing into a six-figure business and is
really taking up a lot of our time. So while we were focused on decluttering upstairs
and maintaining our business and maintaining our jobs and maintaining our relationship
both as a couple and as a family, the basement just got worse and worse and worse until we
finally decided to tackle it late in 2018. So we only got the first half done and so
now here we are knocking this half out. I’m going to tell you just being perfectly
hones, this was really, really mentally challenging to go through all of this stuff. At so many points while we were going through
all these stuff, I just wanted to just get rid of all of it because it just seems like
way too much stuff. Part of the reason why also we have so much
stuff is because we haven’t decluttered over the years and I’m starting to really realize
the importance of periodic decluttering and also just being more conscious of the items
that we bring into our home in the first place and just being a bit more selective. As we went through the things, we really tried
to throw away immediately, put in a trash bag anything that we knew we were going to
get rid of. Similarly, anything we felt that we were going
to donate, we put it in the donate pile. Then for anything that was loose that didn’t
immediately have a place, like there were a lot of Halloween decorations out, there
were a lot of Christmas decorations out, we started separate piles for those things so
that when we got to dealing with those particular items, we could see exactly how much we had
and how much could fit in the storage options that we had available to us. We also happen to have a lot of bike gear
down in the basement because we do have several bikes. Joseph has a triathlon bike and a, I don’t
know, some sort of hybrid bike. I wish I knew more about it but that’s it. Then Alexis and I each also have a road bike,
so we have four bikes and lots of bike gear because we work on our bikes ourselves. Then of course we have, I realized as we were
cleaning up the basement, an insane amount of Christmas decorations and I definitely
think that I need to do a separate video with us going through our Christmas decor and really
paring it down. This box right here is just a giant box of
Christmas garland, because we used to live in a much bigger house and so we had enough
Christmas garland to decorate that entire house and now we live in a smaller house and
so we don’t really have as much use for it. But it’s such nice garland that I really don’t
want to part with it. So honestly I probably won’t just yet, but
maybe I will one day. Which brings me to the other thing that I
realized about decluttering and organizing, that it’s an ongoing process and it’s okay
to do it multiple times, to touch your things multiple times and to work through the process
multiple times. It’s a lot less intimidating and it makes
sure that things don’t get as out of hand as what happened in our basement. So here is what the basement ended up looking
like at the end of our first day. We thought we’d get everything done but we
didn’t. So here’s everything that we pulled out that
we still need to go through. So on the second day we decided to tackle
the last quadrant of the basement before we even started dealing with the stuff that we
had pulled out. So this area really took a long time for us
to take care of because there were so many little bits and bobbles and things that we
needed to consider. Not to mention that it’s not super easy to
dispose of what are essentially building materials. So paint and extra flooring pieces and wood
stain and all of that kind stuff, we had to really think, “Okay, well, where are we going
to put all this stuff? How are we going to dispose of it? Which of these things do we need to keep and
do we not need to keep?” Because some of the paint is paint that we’ve
used in the house right now and there was actually a substantial amount of stuff that
was left behind by the previous owners that we were trying to figure out bit by bit what
to do with. For example, you can see the cabinet doors
there that can be switched out with our current cabinets so that we have more glass I guess,
or open cabinets, but we don’t really want that, but we don’t want to get rid of them. You can also see those spindles there. Those were left by the previous owners, and
I don’t think we’re ever going to use them, but we’re just going to hold onto them just
in case we find the need. That way we don’t have to buy all new things. Just like those floorboards, they actually
go with the laminate that’s all throughout the downstairs of our house. So there’s some stuff that we wish we could
get rid of that we just can’t. All right. So now that the main decluttering is done
in that area of the basement, now it’s time to do a final go through of all of that stuff,
figure out what needs to be thrown out and what gets to go back in the other side of
the basement in an organized and tidy manner. So you can see that we do have a lot of gift
wrap and ribbon and we really had no place to put the gift wrap so I ended up ordering
something off of Amazon that came a few days later. Okay, so here is the pile of Halloween stuff
that we made as we were clearing out the other side of the basement. So we decided that we had three tubs available
to hold all of our Halloween items and that everything needed to fit in those three tubs,
and if it didn’t fit then it needed to go. Now, honestly, those three tubs, that’s probably
still too much Halloween stuff and so we will need to declutter and pare down even more. But for the sake of getting it done and keeping
it moving because now we’re on our third day working through this stuff, we decided that’s
what we were going to do this time. So now I’m taking care of the Christmas ribbon
and again I decided I have one tub available for Christmas ribbon and anything that didn’t
fit didn’t get to stay. So now it’s been a couple of days and I got
my gift wrap holder from Amazon and so I am filling it up and I’m loving it because everything’s
stands up neatly. Lastly, I’m putting away all of the gift bags
in that bin and then it’s just a matter of organizing all the bits and bobbles that we
have left. So I did decide to let go of all of the fabric. So we are going to be donating that. On this shelf, I put all of our light bulbs
and we do have a lot of light bulbs because we have switched out the light bulbs throughout
the house to high powered light bulbs because we end up shooting videos throughout the house. This is Joseph being silly with some swords
and we decided to keep those for Halloween costumes. We finally made the decision on what to do
with my law degree and with Joseph’s pictures. So Joseph’s going to get the pictures scanned
so that we can digitize them and I’m actually going to throw away my law degree because
it’s messed up so I need to get a new one. So here is what our basement looked like before
which is, oh, I cannot believe that it used to look like that. Here is what it looked like after four days
of work. Crazy, right? But it’s amazing what you can do when you
put your mind to it and we will make sure it never gets like that again. Thank you so much for watching. Here’s the other side of the basement so you
can see that we did actually put all that stuff away. All right. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye.

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