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  1. I'm disappointed the thumbnail is not amiel wearing a giant red tomato costume

  2. I don't understand how you make these…you're clearly not mic'd during the video, so that means you do the voice over after filming, right? Which also means that you make fake eating sounds in the sound booth. That just seems weird

  3. so I know this is almost every but you can make scrambled eggs with tomato
    you basically just peel the tomatoes and mashed and you just put in a pan and pour eggs in and that's it 👍🏻

  4. When I am uber lazy and don't want to make a salad I just eat them like an apple lol. Tomatoes are awsome

  5. I’m probably late to the party but Amiel sounds like the rat Remy in the movie Ratatouille lol

  6. Can we get a BTS of Amiel making the voice over for an episode in this series? I have so many questions that demand answers.

  7. I don't even like tomatoes…this is just super soothing to listen to. And funny with some of the obvious why would anyone do that methods haha. Thank you for this.

  8. "Tomato on a stick" – Expectation: Bing Tanghulu… Reality: Reality… like a lot of reality.

  9. try this next time you you have a bbq
    cook tomatoes until soft remove the skin blend tomatoes with garlic salt and coriander powder
    fantastic with chicken

    Edit: oh yah I forgot some lemon juice is in this

  10. Never understood why someone would use a fork upside down. I know they think it looks sophisticated, however, it just looks like they aren't smart enough to figure out how to use a fork. Whats next….trying to use a spoon upside-down? lol

  11. The worst part about this video is that I don't like tomatoes, but A meal (or a snack) made it sound appealing to try one of them..

  12. This series should be called every way to EAT

  13. I just reaaally don’t like tomatoes and here I am lmao 😂 i gag every time he eats it semi raw or soupy

    Ps. Omg nooo wth is that juice all separated 🤮

  14. Heating soup in the vitamix is bonkers. Who wants to tolerate 10 straight minutes of blender noise? Get a pot!

  15. I'd really like this video if he didn't talk while chewing, producing the absolute worst sounds I've ever experienced.
    Like, we can hear this wasn't recorded in a kitchen. So you're just overdubbing in sounds that 90% of the audience hates. Why?
    7/10 could be better.

  16. i love these videos, but when half the methods are raw, please just call it every way to prepare, not “cook” 😂

  17. Kind of unrelated, but
    Lays released fried green tomato flavored chips a few years ago and I miss them so much, I had to share.

  18. Is this series going to devolve into a macabre look into the human psyche? It seems that way after tomato on a stick.

    And I am all for that.

  19. We had a savory tomato tarte tatin at my parents wedding and it was absolutely delicious

  20. I would say, "do every way to cook a child" but I don't know how you would get that many children

  21. They just throw to Amiel anything edible and raw and tell him "make something out of it"

  22. i dont know why im so surprised every time amiel proves that he is, in fact, a trickster god sent to earth just to cause chaos
    every time i think im used to it he does something even more wild

  23. love my tomatoes with a side of existential crisis and the fear of not amounting to anything

  24. please i hope you guys bought quality laser goggles or glasses buying internet lasers is pretty dangerous there are regulations but those are pretty loose

  25. I dont know if he was serious or it was a bit, but /I/ want to see your paintings Amiel 😭😭

  26. Something about the voice over style is a huge turnaround and turnoff compared to this channels usually personality driven content. I get that a tiny bit of Amil’s personality is coming through- but it just feels dry and scripted and generic like this.

  27. I like this series but my biggest grip is that he has a bad habit of undercooking the food and then blaming the cooking method instead of letting the food cook properly.

  28. Ahh yes a nice glass of tomato water nothing hits the spot quite like it. 😋

  29. I heard tomato soup, but didn't see the soup. Also Chinese pan fry tomato a lot, and it's missing here.

  30. his fake eating noises are really annoying, just because I know he's faking doing the voice over

  31. You know Amiel even though you are not a traditional artist in the sense that you paint or draw but you are absolutely an artist with food. Being able to cook and put together beautiful and delicious foods is an art form on its own and you have plenty to be proud of and I’m sure mama Stanek is very proud of her chef son! Making food is an Art!

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