[ENGSUB]원피스를 블라우스로 리폼 Upcycling my old dress DIY hacks!

I am done with removing the Hem stitches. like this I will cut off half of the skirt. here i cut it in half. and now i need to separate the top & the skirt. but there is a zipper. So i will take it apart something like this. I am going to finish lining the hem. since there is a zipper end. I will cut 2~3cm down from the zipper end. I will cut the lining. because It needs to be shorter than the main fabric, anyway. so I cut it now. and then I will fold 1cm and 1cm again and then I will top-stitch it. but you can also just make an overlock and finish the hem as well. I press the hem for easy stitching here I am done with lining the hem. Remember, I cut 2panels from the skirt? I will combine them in one. leave one side open. Using a long straight stitch (recommended length 3.5-4 mm), stitch ¼” from the edge of your fabric around the top. Sew a second line of long straight stitches 1/4” from that row of stitches. Pull on the bobbin strings of your long stitches to start gathering the skirt. Keep pulling until the opening is the same length as the hem of the dress top. I will move the gathers around with my fingers to get them evenly distributed. I will put the gather skirt & top together. first I will sew the side & the zipper part. then I will sew the top hem & gather skirt. Just sew around the opening skirt ! Done! Here I upcycled my old dress into a top. I think I will wear this top more often casually! It will be perfect for jeans or a skirt. If you have an old dress, Try it to make a top! I hope you enjoy my video. Happy sewing to all. Thanks for watching!

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  1. 넘 이뻐요! ~~👍👍 밑단 실제거 작업 힘들었겠어요~ 근데 고생한만큼 이쁜핏 나온거같아요!

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