Eliminate Creases & Scuff Marks – Bring Dress Shoes Back To Life In 5 Minutes

Eliminate Creases & Scuff Marks – Bring Dress
Shoes Back To Life In 5 Minutes [0:00:00]
We’ve all got a favorite pair of dress shoes, your daily go-to. You’ve been through a
lot together, but now, they’re starting to show their age. The leather is creased,
scuffed, and even has some cracks and cuts. I’m going to show you how to bring back
your leather dress shoes from the dead. Creases form when the leather folds and flexes
as you walk. Basically, the sweat from your feet causes these creases to permanently set.
Unfortunately, creases are inevitable. However, light creasing, it does give your shoes a
bit of character. That being said, if your shoes become too
creased, you need to take action. Character is good and all, but you don’t want your
shoes to look sloppy. To get started. First, remove your shoelaces.
Now, stuff your shoes with enough newspaper to imitate the shape of your foot. Now, be
careful not to stretch the leather too much. You want to just put enough newspaper in there
to gently push out the creases. Now, take a damp washcloth and use it to cover
the shoe. Now, take out your iron and put it on the cotton setting. We’re going to
use it to gently work out the creases. So, as you’re going over the damp washcloth
with the iron, the steam being produced, this is going to soften and help stretch the leather.
And, be careful not to leave the iron in one place for too long as it can scorch the leather.
Always keep the iron moving using gentle pressure. Now, it may require several passes, so make
sure to redampen the washcloth if it becomes dry. So, going back and forth you’re going
to keep working on the creases until you’re satisfied with the result.
Now, how to reduce the likelihood that creases are going to return? Guys, you need to invest
in a quality set of cedar shoetrees. What shoetrees do is that they lightly stretch
the shoes back to their original shape and they help to absorb any sweat from the shoes.
These shoes right here, they’re five years old and I wear them all the time, but notice
that we’ve got minimal creasing. That’s because after every use, I use a shoetree.
And, this is kind of embarrassing, but, yes, these shoes over here are also five years
old, and as you can tell, I did not use shoetrees. So, gentlemen, remember, an ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure. Next up, cracked and cut leather. Cracks form
in leather when leather dries out. That being said, it’s important to condition your shoes
regularly to prevent this from happening. Cuts on the other hand are when something
sharp slices into the upper of your leather shoe. If you wear your shoes on a regular
basis, most likely you’ve got at least a few cuts on the upper.
The reality of cuts and cracks is that you can’t reverse the damage, but you can take
steps to dramatically improve the appearance of your shoes.
So, like in the previous step, I want you to stuff newspaper into the shoe, so it holds
its shape during the repair process. I want you to use a cleaning brush to remove as much
dirt and debris from the shoe as possible. Get rid of all of that sand, all that salt,
anything that’s stuck to the outside of the shoe.
Next up, we’re going to use a saddle soap to thoroughly clean the leather on the upper
of the shoe. It’s important that the shoes are dirt free to prevent additional damage.
To do this, you’re going to wet a cloth and create a lather. You’re going to apply
the soap to the shoes, then wipe off any excess soap with a rag. Let the shoes dry for ten
minutes. Now, the cleaning process would have dried
out your leather shoes, so you want to use a leather conditioner or moisturizer to rehydrate
your footwear. When you’re applying the conditioner or moisturizer, focus on the cracks,
but ensure you cover the whole shoe. You want to sand down the rough edges of the
crack or cut with 220 grit sandpaper. Be very gentle and scrub the crack until it better
blends in with the surrounding leather. Wipe clean and remove any dust.
And, on a side note, anything coarser than 220 grit sandpaper will damage the leather,
so be careful. Now, you’re going to use a resin-based repair
cream to fill in the crack. Be sure to get it in a color that matches your shoe. Gently
dab the repair cream into the cracks making sure you leave a smooth even surface. Let
it dry for fifteen minutes. Next up, you want to apply cream polish to
get a uniform color which I will cover in the next step.
If you wear your dress shoes, you’re going to accumulate scuffs and marks over time.
But, how to get rid of all of the scuffs and annoying marks on your footwear?
So, one option is to use saddle soap to clean the shoes. This step will remove most superficial
scuffs. You don’t have saddle soap handy? You can
actually use toothpaste to clean scuffs off of the leather. Using a toothbrush preferably
not the one you use in your mouth and a dab of toothpaste, scrub the scuff marks. Apply
a little bit of water to help the toothpaste foam up and then scrub in circular movements.
Wipe off and then let the shoe dry. Viola! Scuff marks removed.
Remember, after you clean your leather like this, you want to condition the leather. You
want to remoisturize it. After doing that, apply a wax polish to protect the shoes.
Now, what about for stubborn scuffs, marks, and discoloration? The key here, gentlemen,
is to use a cream polish. These are very effective at restoring a uniform color to your shoes
and providing valuable moisture to the leather. [0:05:05]
To get started. Take an applicator brush and apply a layer of shoe cream to the entire
shoe. Make sure to get even coverage over the shoe upper. Let it sit for about five
minutes, then buff your shoe with a horse hairbrush.
Now, you want to inspect your footwear. Examine the shoe checking for any remaining scuffs
or marks you might have missed. If you missed any, then all you have to do is apply a second
coat of shoe cream to get the job done. And, of course, after this, don’t forget
to apply a wax polish. Wax polishes are great for not only giving a shine, but protecting
your shoes from the elements. [Music]
So, what video to watch next? How about how to spit-shine your shoes like a marine? Now,
the tips and tricks in this video, I took from my time in the Marine Corps, so hopefully
you enjoy it, guys. Go check it out. It’s a complete tutorial.
I know that you’re going to love it. [0:05:58] End of audio

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