Elemental Joy Pocket Cloth Diapers New Cloth Diaper Brand By Cotton Babies Makers of Bumgenius

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel
Today I am going to be talking about The brand new
Elemental Joy cloth diapering brand That was just recently released earlier this
week Today is November 10, 2017 and Elemental Joy
is part of The Cottonbabies brand. Cottonbabies are the maker of The Flip,
Econobum, and Bumgenius. In this video what I am going to touch on
are some of the Questions and comments that Jenifer, the creator
of Cottonbabies, mentioned in a video that she made and posted in The Mob. Which is a Facebook chat group. And I think that, there’s certain questions
and answers that She gave that a lot of people will probably
keep on asking because she was asked more than once. So I want to reiterate that and also she made
a couple of statements regarding the brand… I am also going to explore the website with
you guys. So we’re just going to take a lot at the website
and the diaper here on the site. So let’s start off with what she said. She said she created this brand because she
wants to meet The needs of people that want to cloth diaper
at a lower price while manufacturing in the U.S.A. And I think that is pretty cool because, I
see the diapers. Hold on let me click here on pocket diapers. One diaper is going to cost $ 8.55 so this
is a one sized pocket diaper and it comes with one insert. One size is 8-35 pounds and of course that’s
approximate depending on your child. And the insert is not going to be
Your microfiber insert that you’re used to with Bumgenius pocket diapers. It’s actually going to be a flat. It’s going to be a flat and its 27″ x 27″
inches and 100% cotton. The flat is going to come from 2 sources,
Pakistan and From the U.S.A too. But the diaper itself is going to be 100%
made in the U.S.A. and that’s pretty cool for $8.55. So she said that the diaper is not made from
cheaper materials or inferior. They are made with the same materials like
Bumgenius. It’s the same quality PUL, same suede cloth
stay dry material and same elastics. The main difference is that it doesn’t have
those stretchy tabs like the Bumgenius pocket diapers have. Also it’s made with fewer steps to make the
diaper faster and it’s a result of a thoughtful design and manufacturing process. So how does the Elemental Joy compare to the
Bumgenius 5.0? This is a question she was asked. She said the Bumgenius 5.0 is “turn and top
stich” I am not sure really what that means I think
that is like the way it is sowed or made. And also the Elemental Joy doesn’t have the
same stretchy tabs like the flip and because of that the fit is not going to be the same. She said that Elemental Joy pocket diaper
fits better than the Econobum (what do you call it) cover. I never had an Econobum, but those of you
that have this is going to fit better. She said she is going to introduce Newborn
diapers for this brand but she was asked about the Big and Bigger size. My soon is creeping on the door. So you know Bumgenius has Big and Bigger pocket
diapers. These sizes she does not have on the table
right now for the Elemental Joy brand. She was also asked if she has any special
prints for this brand in mind and she said no, there is no special prints. She just released these car prints here this
red one, yellow and green one for the launch. So you can see that, there is like solids
which were seen before with the Bumgenius pocket diapers. What else? Oh! These are not going to be sold on Cottonbabies.com
So you know cottonbabies.com has like all their brands of diapers and they also have
other type of baby gear and products. And on Cottonbabies.com you get free shipping. So because the diaper is priced at such a
low price $ 8.55 she said it is not sustainable for her to offer free shipping with these
products but she is going to give like affordable not expensive shipping. Personally I like placed my order, I got this
one the Stop (print) and I also got a wetbag. And when I checked out the shipping was $3.05
for both products (together) so that is pretty cool. Oh I had this twice here (items in the cart)
I mean I already checked out I was just trying to show you guys. You see $14.54 plus the $3.05 for shipping
so yea it was under $20. Like $17.50 whatever, sorry my son is like
distracting me. And I chose the color dazzle, it is not showing
here but it is that purple color the wetbags have Noodle and Dazzle colors. This is the Noodle. The wetbags are $5.99
And she said that the wetbags are comparable to the Econobum wetbags. Like I said I never had anything Econobum
but those of you who had you know I guess kind of the similarities, so it’s like same. And it says here that you can store 3-5 cloth
diapers inside. And you can fold it of course like any other
wetbag. It has a zipper and it has a snap handle. Let’s go here. So yeah, I talked about that one. They also have sets here you see
A set of 6 with 6 inserts for $35.94 But they do have a subscribe and save option. Let’s check that out. I don’t know if you can hear the wind,
But it is so so windy, I feel like this window in front of me
Is about to crack on top of me. Anyways. I hope you can’t hear the wind it’s really
annoying me I hope it doesn’t annoy you and mess up my video. Alright, the subscribe and save. You get 6 diapers for $28.75 and they’re delivered
Every 30 days. What do you call, I saw here before
You can cancel at any time. So this is a great way to start building your
stash. At a great price. $28.75 for 6 diapers that is pretty good. And what else did I want to talk about. Oh yeah. So the inserts like I said are 27″ x 27″ inches
100% cotton From Pakistan and from the U.S.A flats that
you can fold to meet your absorbency needs. Or you can even stack them with other inserts
that you prefer. You also don’t have to use that flat
I know with some of my diapers I don’t use The inserts that come with it. I just put something I prefer. And you get a 12 pack for $19.00 of those
flats Accessories, they have the wetbag for $5.99
that I ordered And up here I see some like wool dryer balls,
I see this stain and odor remover spray, I see a laundry detergent,
I see wipes and I see a wipes solution that it says Bottom Cleaner spray. So coming soon for right now they just have
the wetbag. And here they have some reasons like why you
should cloth diaper, why choose to cloth diaper? Of course you probably have your own reasons
but one of the main ones is to save money, Save time, not having to run out and go get
your diapers you just have the always at home with you,
Save the planet not create more waste, Also you know that this diaper doesn’t have
any Harmful levels of weird substances and it
meets Certain guidelines and certifications you
can look them here because I can’t… I am not going to read this lol
And also cloth diapers are really good with blowouts. I’ve had blowouts with disposable diapers
but with cloth diapers I think maybe once and that’s because my son had diarrhea like
a lot. And you have your own personal reasons of
course why choose cloth diapers they are cute, whatever, they’re trendy that is also a reason
why not? We saw the subscribe and save, yeah I talked
about that. Here is their phone number up here you can
call them anytime (not literally) and they will answer your questions they are really
nice, really really nice and They also have a 30 day money back guarantee
So if you don’t like it you can always just return it
There is some certain I think requirements like
Not have stains or whatever but you will read that
If that applies to you. I am just telling you that it is there. Yep, I am so excited to try it I think this
is going to help out a lot of people who really want to get something that is
good for their babies, I know a lot of people are big on the whole getting from U.S.A something
domestic, so that is pretty cool that this is going to meet your needs. And I ordered one diaper and one wetbag don’t
know when I am going to get it. I ordered it yesterday before 4:30
If you order before 4:30 EST Then it is going to get shipped the same day
So hopefully mine is shipped I am hoping (haha)
And when I get that shipment I am definitely going to do a first impressions
video So I will take it out of the package with
you guys and Then you know tell you how it feels and all
that. Afterwards, on a separate video I am going
to Compare after using it on my son, not me,
I am going to Tell you how it compares to the Bumgenius
pocket diapers And possibly other brands that are around
the same range, price range. I hope I did not bore you and I did not say
“um” too much Or other type of words because I am known
for that So yeah, thank you so much for watching please
Like this video if you did like it if it helped you and subscribe, I love making new friends
I have no life outside of the internet so I like virtual friends
I don’t have to keep up that much (haha) Anyways my son is like throwing something
on the floor over there I have to go see what he is doing. I hope you will watch my next videos because
I am really excited to see how these compare. This is going to really be good for a lot
of people. [My son] Say bye bye! [Me] say bye bye
haha he knows now.

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