Eco Friendly Clothing Brands: Where to Find Them

Today I am going to be talking about my favorite eco friendly clothing brands.
I am going to be talking about 5 eco-friendly clothing brands including Boden, Zuri, AMUR, Amour Vert and LACAUSA. I recently learned a lot about sustainable fashion and the harms of fast fashion on the environment. In fact, learning that fast fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry. Eco friendly clothing brands are working to create a healthier environment while also remaining stylish. Fast fashion is the main contributor to clothing waste and has a harmful impact on the environment. Dressing sustainably doesn’t need to be a change in style just a change in purchasing decisions. Now lets get started on looking at my favorite eco friendly clothing brands. First I am going to be talking about a brand named Boden. Boden is working on traceability tractability and transparency so they
work really hard to make sure that they know where the products going where it’s
been and where everything’s coming from and so that’s one of their main goals
and they were doing really great on helping create a healthier impact on the environment. Amour Vert is another brand I am going to be talking about today. They have a really cool mission where they plant a tree every single time someone buys one of their t-shirts so they are not only creating a product that’s kind to the environment but also planting a tree every time someone is purchase it so it helps the
environment in that way too. AMUR is another branding I am going to be talking about today and
their name stands for A Mindful Use of Resources A M U R so their mission is directly in their name. and they are working towards using less resources and mindful resources. This really cute bright colored dress is a brand from Kenya named Zuri working on create a sustainable economy
in Kenya while also sourcing their fabrics locally and making environmentally friendly clothing. The last brand I am going to be talking about today is LACAUSA and they are a Los Angeles based clothing company and they are working to create a thoughtful manufacturing process where the clothes are created in the United States and also using fabrics healthy to the environment and sourced eco friendly. Buying smarter and buying less is the key to reducing clothing waste. You can shop all of these brands and more at Armoire. And Armoire is a clothing rental service so you can have an unlimited wardrobe while also feeling good about being kind to the environment and reducing your clothing waste. Thanks for watching I hope you liked learning about all my favorite eco friendly clothing brands.

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