Earn $300 By Typing Names Online (Fast Paypal Money)

$are you searching around on YouTube
looking for ways to make money online that works worldwide in this video I’m
going to show you how to earn $300 dollars by simply typing names online
right now you don’t need any special skills and yes it’s available worldwide
make sure you stay all the way to the end so you can fully understand exactly
how these people are making this money every single day before we get started
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this website is called squad help so this is where companies or businesses
they can come over here to get help from the community to come up with a name for
their company okay so they will basically launch naming contest and then
from there they can pay you that’s how we can make money by simply finding the
perfect name for a brand or for a company alright so now let’s check out
how it actually works and by the way this website has been featured on Forbes
okay and measurable and all these all right so this is a legit website and now
let’s go over to how it works under the contest so we can find out more so how
does squat help work so there are three different ways but in this video we are
focused on the naming contest okay that is how you can actually make money by
giving name ideas and also for any company to host a naming contest the
process is such that they have to pay squat help first the entropy squad have
the money first before they can hold the contest alright so this is definitely
legit alright if you are the winner you’re going to get paid now let’s
actually check out some of the current contests okay let’s click on active
contest and let’s find out all right here you can see for ourself currently
right now there is 423 contests going on right now and you can see for myself the
prizes is pretty good right look a guaranteed price and award is guaranteed
for this contest 500 dollars k you are going to have to create a brand name for
an e-commerce and Jean the next one is $320 come on in Fanny for a business to
business enterprise tag product reviews sites okay so these are all the examples
I cannot have a name for a fitness equipment brand the price is $300 name
for a hotel or travel brand $300 name for a smart mattress $300 name for a
home and garden $300 online medical outsourcing so
that’s a lot ok real estate business all of this name for a new model apartment
$200 so you can see there’s over four hundred twenty three contests and all
you have to do is type out names come up with creative names for this different
industry all of these are the naming contest which are just covered earlier
so they have different prices of then they pay a lot like five hundred dollars
then some of them paid three hundred some page two hundred all right so now
let me let’s go through some of the previous winners okay so if I go over to
contest and click on winners okay so over here we can see all the recent
contest winners and this is proof that people are actually getting paid so here
you can see this person received hundred dollars for coming up with a brand name
for an automotive business so this person came up this name car CD which is
pretty clever because of the word car in front the other one is person I got
three hundred dollars for coming out with little luxe designs Kay an
inference online from their car in accessories then onyx and then different
all the different ones right like um a name for a salad or ball restaurant is
present came out of the word the name Shopsmith then if person gets three
hundred dollars and there’s tons and tons of them and look in just one day
alone on 15 April just one day that’s like one two three four five six seven
eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen again so look
just April 15 alone there’s like 16 winners okay and all of them are getting
paid all of this amount hundred dollars two hundred dollars okay and you can see
first of these are the names that come up with it’s not like crazy names right
now look if you want to get some inspiration of course can come over to
name ideas they do have some name ideas they can go through like for example if
I join the contest to help someone create a name for like maybe a fashion
and clothing business they can click over here get nice get some kind of name
ideas get some inspiration like this but obviously you can’t really copy them
because these are name ideas provided by squad help right so you can check out
all this to get some form of inspiration case some of them the AG’s is basically
they just combined two words together right urban trend Daisy and better and
it’s something they kind of like invent new words like this this sounds like a
person’s name like this some of them you just combine words like urban and pieces
they combine style and revolver the combined pepper and Street so are you
guys getting this a lot of them they are just combining two words together and
then it just sounds pretty ramp and streetwear stash and stole okay
so a lot of these are good inspiration for you when you are actually joining
this name contest alright so it can come up with name ideas and check them out
now let’s actually check out some of the top leader box okay so I’m gonna show
you some proof so here you can see for ourselves the top performers for squat
help right so this person actually earned $36,000 okay and then this person
actually won 51 thousand dollars okay so let me show you one Golden Nugget if I
click into this user okay so when we click into any of the users on the
leader board we can actually find out a lot of valuable information now first
here you can see that this person has won 154 contests and that is how she
actually earned this $38,000 all right and what’s really cool is here you can
see she was a member since May 25th 2018 okay so here you can tell that she has
been on this platform for less than a year okay it’s not like she has been
here and grind grinded for like five years seven years ten years okay she’s
only been on squat hell for less than a year okay and what’s really cool is that
if we scroll down we can actually see their winning portfolio so these are the
names that she came up with and she won all right so of course I can view the
entire winning portfolio so you can basically kind of like understand what
type of names she came up with all right so here you can see this is her winning
portfolio and basically these are the names that she came up with and she won
the contest so these are the names that basically allowed her to earn the thirty
eight thousand and if you actually look through that’s a common pattern a lot of
these are just two words joining together right like disaster Hawk
charmed heart spark up inner work life armor right so a lot of these are just
two words joined together but once they try together it sounds kind of cool it’s
really feels like a brand like spark up okay so you can just scroll through you
can get a pretty good idea and kind of like reverse engineer how is she winning
so many different contests alright so you can scroll through and can check it
out on your own all right coming back over here there are something very
important that I want to share with you so if you look at the key stats right in
the last six months she participated in 2,350 contests and su won 97
all right so this is kind of like a numbers game you have to compete and
participate in as many contests as you can alright this is why she’s in the
leaderboard and this is why she’s earned over $38,000 even though she only joined
for less than a year all right I’m sure by now a lot of you are curious on how
do you actually get paid so look I’ve really done the work for you I’m not
looking at the FAQ and now let’s go through together okay so how do I get
paid so listen after you win your first contest the award amount will be
automatically credited to your account immediately immediately okay now the
next thing is you have to request a payout then you can just click request
payment and then from there after you click you’ll be asked to connect your
PayPal or Payoneer so that’s basically it alright guys so this is exactly how
you can earn up to three hundred dollars every single day by simply typing names
all right so for you to join you just go to a squat help website obviously to
sign up for an account and then from there participate in the contest and I
just showed you just now the statistics it’s kind of like a numbers game right
you want to join as many contests as possible and then from there it
increases your chances of winning okay and I’ve already showed you some of the
tricks right a lot of them are basically joining two words together to form a
name otherwise they are just creating or modifying a certain name like for
example the word car they kind of modify a little bit so it’s like car CD does
that make sense like some of the words like shop they modify it to be Shopify
does that make sense like Netflix is basically the word net and the word fix
joined together okay hey listen don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube
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watching my videos and by the way leave a comment down below let me know where
you are from okay let me know what country you are from so that when I
create new videos I can actually focus on methods that would be available for
most of you does that make sense so leave a comment down below let me know
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alright now thank you very much for staying to the end with me I appreciate
it anything if you’re still watching at this point please let me know that yeah
let me know that you are one of the special ones who actually watch this
video all the way till the end alright so that’s it for this video once again
thank you so much I want to thank you for watching and I can’t wait to see you
again in my next video have a great day

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