DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing – 5 Things You Should Know

Hi guys I’m Summer from BELLA CANVAS and
today’s video is all about DTG printing with DTG or direct-to-garment the
printer directly applies ink to the fabric of a t-shirt kind of like your
printer at home except it’s printing on a garment instead of paper today we’re
in downtown Los Angeles at family industries to cover the most frequently
asked questions about DTG there’s any questions that we didn’t cover in this
video let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to get back to you
okay let’s jump in my name is Nick Lorenzo I run sales here at family
industries family industries is a multi-faceted screening shop we do
in-house screen printing live screen printing and events digital printing
embroidery and we do promotional items as well we recommend DTG to our
customers over screen printing when they have a small quantity run that they like
to do if they’re looking to do somewhere under 24 pieces if you’re looking to
start a brand and you have an e-commerce platform and you’re not looking to spend
any money upfront we would have you go into our on-demand fulfillment program
where we would print as the orders come in for you another great time these DTG
would be if you are have a photo that you’ve taken you know maybe you’ve taken
something with your iPhone and you’d like to translate that onto a t-shirt
it’s gonna come out very well if you go that route with it there are a lot of
multicolor jobs that if you were to screen print would be very expensive
there could be a 12 color print that would be out of your price range and
your screen printer might not even be able to handle that they could run on a
DTG printer and potentially come out great there is a little bit more per
unit cost for you but it’s still at the point where you can resell it for double
what we charge you so for an example if we had someone working with a Bella
canvas 3000 one we would be somewhere probably in the $12 to $14 per range for
them to monster on their e-commerce platform that way they can resell it in
the $25 to $30 dollar range make their money and not
any inventory a good rule of thumb would be to double your margin on all t-shirts
and we have the ability to make that happen the best fabric to print on
easily on for DTG printing is %100 percent cotton we like to stay away from
polyesters or tri-blends we will print them but we do very much suggest to stay
with a hundred percent cotton it just retains the ink much better
we’ve tested certain things and it just we’ve definitely come to that
you know clarity when we bring in a customer that wants to set up a store
with us the three main garments that we work
with with them are the bella canvas 3001 the bella canvas 6004 and
the bella canvas 3483 tank top those are the three that we try to steer our
clients towards the 3001 works well for everybody it is a unisex piece it’s a
great cut it’s 100% cotton because 6004 is a great cut for women that and if
they want something that’s a little more boxy we just shoot them over to 3001 and
the 3483 tank top works well for men and women and
it is also 100 percent cotton so we try to steer our clients towards those three
garments to start if they’re starting a store the main thing they’d keep in mind
with DDG printing with your colors is just be aware that it may not come out
exactly the same way you expect it to be with a Pantone system like with plastisol ink but if you work with your DTG printer whoever that may be they can
test and figure out the right ways to hit that color it just might take a
little bit more time on the front end if a DTG print is not holding up after
washing then it most likely wasn’t pre treated correctly or it wasn’t cured
correctly it’d be something where you could bring it up to your DTG printer to
see what sort of solutions they can have on their end it should hold up
exactly the same my advice for people starting a brand from what we’ve seen
here is start small start with DTG don’t go ahead and you know spend a thousand
dollars with a screen print run you know test the waters with great garments like
Bella Canvas has where you can really kind of see your dreams kind of reality
with your store but also not pay inventory and not pay for any overhead
that’d be my advice and that gives you much more creativity to do the things
that you want to do and not have to worry about paying your bills we hope
you guys enjoyed this video again if there’s any question that we didn’t
cover let us know in the comments below we will link family industries info into the
description make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe and we’ll see
you next week

41 thoughts on “DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing – 5 Things You Should Know

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