Dryer Sheets Are TERRIBLE For Your Clothes! | Dryer Sheet Alternative

What’s going on I’m SD and as you know on
this channel I talk a lot about affordable style tips of not only how to
make your clothes fit better and look better,
but I also like to talk about how to make your clothes last. Now there are a
lot of different ways to make your clothes last longer and there are also a
lot of ways that make your clothes deteriorate faster too. One of those ways
that a lot of people don’t think about are actually dryer sheets. We have all
used them forever. I’ve used them forever you’ve used them forever. And it’s
because our mom’s told us to. But these are one thing that our moms were actually
wrong about. They’re actually really bad for your clothes. They’re bad for your
clothes because when you wash your clothes and when you dry your clothes it
makes them really kind of rough and not very comfortable. So what they did is
they invented fabric softener. They invented fabric softener because not
only were people actually complaining that their clothes were really rough, but
let’s say like a woman’s skirt for instance would end up sticking to her
legs in public and she was embarrassed. And then same with guys pants, they’d be
in a board meeting and be like “hey what’s going on with my pants why are
they all sticky”. Laundry industry came in and said okay,
here we’re gonna fix the problem for you use this. And it works it really did it
worked for the job that it was for but the thing about early fabric softeners
is they weren’t convenient at all. You had to get the timing just right when
you opened up the washing machine to put it in and as you know we don’t like
inconvenient things at all right? I don’t like inconvenient things. So they heard
that and they said okay cool here’s a dryer sheet instead we’re gonna take all
those chemicals that were in this fabric softener here before and we’re gonna put
them in this sheet. Put it in the dryer then you don’t got to think about it
again. And people said awesome cool and then they moved on with their lives.
Now dryer sheets they do three things they get rid of static build-up they
also soften your clothes and they make your clothes smell really good. And you
might be thinking well all those things are good right? Yeah they are good but
they come at a cost and that cost is this,.what dryer sheets do is they kind
of coat your clothes in this overall film and that film it it just it adds up
over time. Have you ever noticed that your towels don’t really dry very well
after a couple of months it ends up kind of feeling like you’re just moving water
around instead of actually absorbing water like it’s supposed to? That’s
because you’re using dryer sheets when you dry your towels and like I said that
film it gets all over everything so it ends up losing its absorbent power. So if
you actually want your towels to last and not only last but actually do the
job of drying you off when you get out of the shower ditch the dryer sheets.
Another problem that this film can actually cause is once it gets all over
your clothes what it does is it locks in all that detergent residue that’s left
over. And you might be thinking wait hold on detergent residue, hold on what are
you talking about? You’re probably using way too much laundry detergent. And if
you have soft water wherever you live then you’re definitely using way too
much laundry detergent. Like I said all that extra detergent it stays on your
clothes and the dryer sheet just locks it in. That’s why when you wash your gym
clothes they can still smell. You usually don’t notice it at first do you? And you
especially don’t notice it right when you take it out of the dryer because it
smells good but then you put it on and then you get to the gym and you start
doing your thing and you’re like hang on I smell like sweat I’m not even sweating
yet. But not only does it smell like sweat it smells like old sweat. I made
another video on how you can get rid of that so go check out the card up there
but long story short you’re using the wrong laundry detergent for your gym
clothes. So ditch those dryer sheets and make your clothes last longer. A good
alternative? Aluminum foil! All you do is you crumple it up into a little
ball and you toss it in the dryer with your clothes. That is if you actually use
a dryer for your clothes which I’ve mentioned before you probably shouldn’t
do go hang dry it will make them last longer.
Aluminum foil has two really awesome benefits it gets rid of all of that
static build-up that gets on your clothes and it also ends up kind of
separating your clothes when they’re in the dryer so they actually dry a lot
faster too. I’ve been using the same one personally for like like six months to
be honest and if I need a new one you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna throw
it in the garbage then I’m gonna go in the kitchen crumple up a new ball and
toss that in the dryer. So for like three dollars at Target for some aluminum foil
you know have a dryer sheet that’s gonna last you for mmm till like 2047
probably something like that. And I hope those tips were helpful for you, thanks
for watching!

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  1. If it's a shirt I really like that has printed designs on it, I hand wash it and hang dry it. But with just regular clothes I would just spray a fabric softener solution onto a cloth/rag and throw that in the dryer

  2. I have dryer sheets that softened my fabric and make it smell good so I disagree on what you say but we all have oppini

  3. Hey YOU! Thank you SO MUCH for watching! I honestly really appreciate it! I remember my friends and family all thought these videos were stupid (and they still do) but I kept pushing through and starting on this channel was one of the BEST things that has ever happened to me! The number of people that I've met from around the world who are just like me is MIND BOGGLING!

    This video is so funny to me because it was such a "I have no idea what I want to do with this channel" video. I put some links to similar videos that you will like. Go check them out!

    Commence BINGE SESSION!

    See all those hearts and replies? It's because I respond to almost every single comment. Don't be freaked out if I reply like 13 seconds after you send it though…
    it's kinda sad now that I think about it.

  4. I love the smell of Bounce. But now I have to get used to the smell of aluminum foil. Oh well..

  5. Lmfao this is the most uninformed BS I've ever heard. Take a science class, man.

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