Dress for your dream life | Personal style and success

Did you know that how you dress yourself
can help you to achieve the life you’re dreaming of? Are you dreaming of living a chic and confident life? Are you aware of the message that you are sending by the way you are dressing yourself? If you want to know what your clothing style tells other people about you and how you can improve your life by
improving your style game, then stay tuned! Hi, welcome back, nice to have you here! And of course: welcome, if you’re new to my channel! I am Thea and you’ve come to the right place if you want to create a chic, confident and charming life. If you are interested in topics like style, confidence, self-care, self-esteem and how to live a positive life and embrace it, then consider subscribing to my channel
if you haven’t done that yet – I upload a new video once a week about one of these topics. Alright, let’s get started! In today’s video I want to talk with you
about signature style and the message that you’re sending by what you are
wearing and the way you dress. If you know me and my channel you know that I talk a lot about the psychological power of style and what it does to yourself and to others. And I have a little series about it – if you haven’t seen it yet I would really recommend you to do so, I will link it for you up there and
down below in the description box. So, you want to live a chic and confident life with less self-doubt and less self-consciousness? Then you can use your personal style as a tool to create your dream life. What did you say? You don’t have a personal style? Oh, I think you have one. maybe you are not aware of it but the way you dress at the moment in your life is the style you have. Maybe you are not aware of it, but you have a special way to style yourself at the moment – even if you don’t know it. And the way you dress and the clothing you wear has actually an impact on other people. It sends a message out to others and
this can be a good message or a bad message. And you can be aware of it or not. You may think: Thea, don’t be silly! Style is not important! Maybe you’re one of the women who think that styling yourself and dressing chic is just shallow and superficial. Or you want to tell me that you’re busy
with your work or your real problems and that there are so many things that are more urgent than style. I want to tell you: that’s not true! Taking care of your style means that you take care of yourself! If you think style and dressing well is not important, then other people can see that. The message you’re sending is “I don’t care about myself” or it can be worse – you can send
the message “I don’t care about my work, about the people around me, I don’t care
about my life…” whatever. Maybe you’re someone who says “I don’t care about style! I have a great personality and people will find that out sooner or later!” But you start doubting yourself, because you have a hard time making new friends or to get in contact with other people because you’re not dressing the part. Guess what: yes, you may have a wonderful, loveable, fun, inspiring personality. But no one can see your personality from the outside! They can’t see it if they just walk by on the street or if they meet you at the first time. And if you’re dressed sloppy or frumpy or
unapproachable, because you just don’t care about what you wear, then you raise the stakes higher for other people to get to know you better. If you dress in a way, that’s putting others off, then you put yourself in the position where you make it very hard for you to find new friends, get in contact with people, find your dream job, find the love of your life… whatever you want in your life. You can’t not communicate! You’re always communicating with others, even if you don’t speak. You’re telling something about you by the way you dress and people are making assumptions – if you like it or not. This is just human nature – it is nothing that people do out of a mean motivation or out of negativity. Be honest: how often have you seen somebody on the street and made assumptions about him or her just by him or her walking by? Our brain is programmed to make a first assumption and a first judgment about others we are seeing on the streets or somewhere else in the first few seconds. You may not like it, but this is how it works: people see you, they see how you’re dressed, your dress is telling a story and the people make assumptions. If you want to have any kind of success in life – whatever success means to you – if you want to find a partner or if you want to get the promotion or make friends in a new city or if you want to build a thriving business – realize that you are sending a message with the clothing you are wearing and understand the message that you send by the things you wear. Okay, at the moment you are having a kind of personal style and this style is telling a message about you, may it be good or bad. The good news is: you have it all in your own hands! If you want to you can change the message your style is sending to the outside world. You can change your style at any given time, so you can change the message you’re sending, if you want to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams. Let me give you some actionable steps. First, ask yourself: do the things that I am wearing at the moment, do they match my personality? Does the story your clothing is telling about you at the moment, does it match the goals you have in life? Ask yourself: what do I want to tell others about me by the way I dress? You have to understand what is helpful for you, when it comes to achieving your goals and going after the life that you’re dreaming of – even in terms of style. Having a personal style and a signature style that is aligned with your personality and your goals – this can be a really great tool! Improving your style can be such a helpful tool if you want to grow as a person and become the best version of yourself. It can help you to live the chic and
confident life that you’re dreaming of. But you have some serious work to do! As I said before: first you have to ask yourself: is my style expressing my personality and is it aligned with my goals? Is your style in line with your needs and what you do at the moment and what you want to become? Answer these questions and then develop a chic personal style that tells other people who you are and who you want to become in life. Find out what colors work best
for you. I have a video on that topic, I will link it for you up here and down below in the description. Find out what kind of cuts fit your proportions and your body type and also be playful and find out, which kind of accessories really match your personality. Then you can go one step further and ask how you can adapt your style for different occasions. So maybe the jumpsuit that I’m wearing at the moment is great for everyday, when I dress it up with a blazer it’s also nice for business, but it’s not good for going into the Opera, for example. If you understand your style personality and if you develop a signature style, then shopping will be more easy and it will also feel more effortless to dress chic every morning – whether you go to the beach, or to work or have a business meeting, or just go out with your friends. When you know your style and you know what kind of clothing works for you, you will end up with a perfect wardrobe, because everything goes together. As a personal stylist, I know it can be a lot of work but I can assure you: if you want to live a more chic and confident life and if you want to go and achieve your goals and if you want to create the life you’re dreaming of at the moment, then it’s absolutely worth the effort! In case you need some help or you have any more questions about developing your personal style, then you’re very welcome to leave me a comment down in the comment section below or to write me a PM on my Facebook page, or write me on my website – you will find all the contact data down below in the description box – don’t be shy! If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to share it with others who are interested in this topic. That’s it for today, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done it yet, and don’t forget to click the little bell button if you want to get notifications from YouTube when I upload a new video. Thank you so much for watching to the very end, I really appreciate that and I see you next time, until then: embrace your life and be your
unique beautiful self! Bye!

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  1. Thanks for showing love on my latest video, I really appreciate it. I think your tips on defining a personal style are helpful. When I shop I find a few staple pieces & buy multiples of them so it's easy to mix & match & look professional at the same time. I also think your background is cute & love your piercing. Thanks for sharing.

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