Dr. Bruce H. Lipton Explains How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

reprogramming the subconscious means conscious mind wishes and desires subconscious mind program well what if you took the wishes and desires and made those programs ah then guess what you don’t even have to think about it you will automatically 95% of the day be playing behaviors to manifest those wishes and desires if you put a pair of earphones on at night with a program of what you would like to be true in your life as soon as your conscious mind disconnects that program is playing it’s not playing into your conscious mind that’s shut off it’s now going straight into the subconscious mind having a positive thought does not in any way necessitate that those positive thoughts actually manifest themselves and there’s a piece that was left out and if you don’t understand the piece then you’re shouting into the wind with your positive thoughts nothing’s going to happen and the fact is this when you’re having positive thoughts you’re using your mind the mind influences biology but there are two parts to the mind that are completely different than one another yet they work together we confuse them we tie them together and yet they represent two entities working in two different fashions there’s the conscious mind and what is called the subconscious mind now here’s what they’re very important people have to know this okay and here’s what it is the conscious mind is our creative mind that is connected to our personal identity and our spiritual selves that’s that makes us all unique are each of us has our own personal conscious mind but what becomes very significant is this is the subconscious mind is equivalent to a tape player it’s exactly what it is it records experiences and then plays them back and and so now let’s take a look and say well wait there’s a thinking mind and then there’s a tape player mind and what’s different about them is very profound when you look at the power between the conscious and subconscious subconscious a million times more powerful the subconscious mind runs our biology about 95 to 99 percent of the time so while you’re having all these wonderful thoughts that’s not the content is the conscious Minds not running the shower it’s a subconscious mind so blaming the subconscious mind as a negative thing is that’s the first mistake it’s a tape player the programs that we got that’s the source of the problems that most of us face and these programs could limit our abilities and take away our powers which essentially they do now the relevance about positive thinking is this positive thinking is a creative thought that comes from the conscious mind okay so I sit here and I’m gonna have all these wonderful thoughts I’m gonna close my eyes and visualize all these wonderful things they’ll stop and go back to the mechanical character of an a I’m having these thoughts with a little tiny processor called the conscious mind and I’m competing with the programs that are in the subconscious mind so if I have a thought for being being healthy or being in a good relationship and I’m doing positive thinking and at the same time I have acquired programs in my development that said you’re not as healthy as you think you are and you you’re not that good a person to have those kind of relationships then look I’m now pitting my positive thoughts against my programs and they’re in their opposite but this one works out I’ll tell a little tiny processor in this process there’s a million times more powerful so right away it’s like who’s gonna win in that challenge answer of course it’s subconscious gonna win okay but here comes the other part while I can try to maintain positive thoughts in my life using my conscious mind this conscious mind only operates less than 5% of the day that says 95 percent or more of the day I’m operating from the other belief system the point is do the math how powerful are positive thoughts of the answer is unless the subconscious has the same programs and agreement as the conscious mind power of positive thinking will not work it will not work because you’re competing against a much more powerful processor so the idea is when life doesn’t work when you don’t find that relationship that your positive thinking was looking for when you don’t get that health that you were looking for because your positive thinking was go for it we have a tendency therefore to blame the outside world because as far as I know my intention was for all these wonderful things and when I don’t get it it can’t be me because I have all these wonderful positive intentions what we didn’t see was while we were having those positive intentions using our conscious mind for those positive intentions the subconscious was running the show and we didn’t see that we generally sabotage and destroy or limit our own lives with behaviors that are not supporting us every night when you go to bed just when you’re just falling off into sleep consciousness is disconnecting the next period of your brain operation while your consciousness is disconnected is theta which is the same brain function as in the first seven years so if you put a pair of earphones on at night with a program of what you would like to be true in your life as soon as your conscious mind disconnects that program is playing it’s not playing into your conscious mind that’s shut off it’s now going straight into the subconscious mind so it’s called Auto hypnosis you don’t need to go see a hypnotherapist you you just have to pick out what program would you like to have that you don’t have and they sell these programs that all kinds of so reprogramming the subconscious with wishes and desires means you didn’t have to think about it you will be successful because 95% of the day your program automatically will be seeking your wishes [Music]

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