Dose – Micro Projects

Before the war I used to work as an accountant for a clothing company prior to that I worked in bars, hotels… then the war happened, I had to cope with the new reality and take any opportunity available started working in food and beverages. I worked as an accountant to an electricity generator for three years
I worked 12-13 hours a day. He was more than an accountant, he took care of everything related to it.
The salary was very modest but I had no choice. The war had its effects on each one of us, in a different way I always tell Joseph that none of us is really normal anymore
thankfully we weren’t injured or distorted although we weren’t physically damaged, but emotionally and psychologically
we’re surely affected When the first bombed car explosion took place next
to “Al-Ram “church near my house my mother and I were home alone and my sister was at school in Al-Midan I rushed to get her I still suffer from ear injuries caused by the explosion of that day… we laugh now because it’s in the past and we don’t feel anything anymore. Every one of us was impacted by the vicious war. Everyone has lost a family or a friend… or even feels estranged in his own community… We often feel lonely… or helpless in our own country whether your family is away from you or when you are unable to support your family so there’s always hardships I left my own house in Al-Hamidiah after we were displaced from it  when the area became under the fire lines between the two conflicting forces I left the country after I lost my job, I didn’t want to be a burden on my parents then my parents had the chance to travel and I came back here Joseph and I were thinking about a new concept of business
the idea was to serve coffee related beverages and desserts like crepe, waffles, Fondant, brownies, and many various kinds We did a complete feasibility study for the project and applied at the Hope Center When we were funded, we invested in a crepe and waffle
maker machines, two refrigerators, a freezer mixers and other equipment This was the most suitable place since there aren’t similar shops in the area the local community welcomed the idea some people didn’t know all these kinds there are even some kinds we wanted to print a poster of but we
couldn’t because of the cost we want to feel settled for a year or two before thinking about expanding It’s a journey we started together and we hope to continue It’s true that the war ended, but life didn’t go back to normal and job
opportunities were not recreated immediately It is still hard we are working with what was left It’s not enough to have a dream, you also need to believe in it and
in yourself and your project It requires a lot of patience and strength On certain days I feel overwhelmed but Joseph is always there to support me
Step by step It’s our first time working on our own project independently
and that’s what condolence our hearts for all the time, taste, experience and hard work that we put in this to
have the wanted result and to reach all people which I think will take time in our community We had an opportunity and we took it and hopefully one day we will
get the success we aspire to

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