92 thoughts on “Do you need SketchUp Pro? (SketchUp Pro 2018 vs SketchUp Free)

  1. I’ve used AutoCAD for 26 years to produce construction documents for custom homes. I’m going on 5 years producing 3D models with SketchUp Pro and have done a few renderings with V-ray and Thea Render. I have resisted migrating away from AutoCAD and using Layout to this point because AutoCAD has become second nature in my creative workflow. I’m not really excited about it, but to answer your question at the end of the video, my next move would be to become proficient with Layout. My workflow includes producing structural framing plans, which are not normally built into a SketchUp model of a complex custom built home. It all comes down to time efficiency and drafting quality for me to justify a complete transition to the Trimble system.

  2. Dude you got me loving your course. Im still in my trial period but do not expect to leave anytime soon. You are making me love Sketchup all over again.

  3. Used to be able to use plugins with free versions. It seems like su has locked it down. Really lame. I only use su pro for geolocation and obj export. Most of my models are created in Blender these days. The lack of regard for modern modeling technology is where sketchup really lags. Even with plugins that can mimic results aren't actually true quads. AND the lack of native UV support all these years later is astounding.

  4. Also note that the EULA for free version, does not allow commercial work. Though probably a good chunk of the user base disregards it.

  5. Maybe point out that the free version really has no printing capability included, and for sure no scaled printing. Need the Layout program included with PRO (or some other method) to see the output on paper.

    Thanks Alex! I never tried the advanced camera features….. 🙂

  7. Do us a favor and let us know: Which feature of SketchUp Pro are you most excited to use on the job? Let us know here in the comments.

    Oh, one more thing: Do you have any advice on how we can improve our YouTube channel and videos? Leave a comment and let us know!

  8. Loved your tutorials/videos….Just need a little help.. can you please make a tutorial on statue/skulpture 3d modelling from a CAD File. Thanks in advance

  9. I am interested in getting SketchUp . You information has made it very clear on which one I need. Thanks very much. It's Pro for me.

  10. Most of outstanding features mentioned in this video just disapperared from free version of SketchUp. SketchUp Make is capable of almost anything mentioned (excluding AutoCAD export-import, dynamic components, and layout). But Make for non-commercial use though and you still need Pro.

  11. When you go to point, just roughly point and quickly bring your hand back to the original position. Will look better. Also do this with your looking direction. Great video presentation. Finally someone is making great informative videos that take the mystery and confusion out of their products 🙂

  12. Great presentation. As a commercial photographer I am always on the lookout to enhance my images. It would be nice if it were possible to integrate my images with a sketchUp drawing.

  13. Excellent presentation Alex!!!!
    I am using SU free for a few years and afraid to go to SU pro for all the new features to learn.
    I am interesting in Layout and putting together a set of construction documents. Can we make the skp file into a dwg file to send it to the consultants? Most of them use ACAD.

  14. have always used Sketchup.. have always wanted Pro.. but after watching this simple video, I now know I need Pro!!!

  15. Excellent presentation. I use SketchUp Pro daily, and the only item on this list I haven't really used is Advanced Camera.

    I wouldn't be able to get much done without the drawing import functionality. Also, Layout has made huge leaps in the last couple releases. If Layout were a little more friendly I would be using it for all my projects, and I design 180,000 sf buildings on 5 acre sites!

  16. No, I need SU Make 2018. Free is a waste of my time and Pro doesn't have anything I need. Make was perfect for me.

  17. Thanks, Alex! Your video is very useful for the community!

  18. Thank you for the video i really enjoyed it, i liked the dynamic component feature because i am interested in the interior design (kitchens, offices , bathrooms…).
    I am a beginner with Sketchup and i'd like to learn in it and go in depth in it, i am looking forward to receiving your help or just guide me to start well.
    Thannk you

  19. I've used sketchup make on a 90 dollar pc and now a 1600 dollar gaming rig. Why does sketchup still have problems with making a vase? Same problem in two different machines. Sketchup not responding. Operations that slow down or stop the software entirely. Any ideas?

  20. Hi I have a question about some weird problem with my sketchup make 2017 and I'm hoping someone has an answer for me. I am woeking on a big assignment for my finals to become an interior adviser, I am currently working on the Vitra Haus Loft! the problem is not only with this document but with all of my latest designs. When I have worked in the model for like a few hours and I save it to my laptop, and I try to open it again later that day, I get some weird error that says it is locked by another user, while I am the only one using this computer and I save it to the same folder.. Is there a solution for this? do more people have this problem?

  21. What are your thoughts on Sketchup VR? Using applications like Enscape to dive into the file? Workflow, peripherals, comparability.

  22. I learned quickly that I just need the free version for right now. I was investigating the course and it did say if you're a hobbyist this course is overkill. I don't need to know the rendering and what not nor am I using this to get a job for architecture and other things. I'm just a comic artist who needs easy backgrounds that I can get multiple perspective points and lighting to make it look good. Yeah I can draw it up and draw the lighting myself but that's just way to much time! Maybe in the future when my bank account is more steady I'd take the course to just learn properly.

  23. Can you assign a specific color to lines in layers in SketchUp. For example: Layer "A" to be red. Layer "B" to be green

  24. Iam an interior designer. Iam using sketch2015 version. But my out put quality is low. How i can improve my rendering quality.

  25. thanks for the video, it is amazing
    I am a Revit user and i'm interested in expanding my knowledge.

    it seems that layout mimics what Revit does. Where can I learn more?

  26. love Sketchup Make. I would like to start with your courses from Step 1 to see if I missed anything. The capacity to import contoured surfaces is very exciting and will save me a lot of time, because I have drawn these by hand.

  27. Another very exciting topic is pre-made objects. I normally draw from scratch that is laborious. I would be interested in finishing tools for skirting, cornices and architraves.

  28. Why resolve the stickiness problem with 'make group' and not 'make component'.?

  29. How do I find the 2D template on the free version? I can't find temple selections.

  30. Excellent presentation, Alex. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will look into the differences to make the best decision for my current needs. The Pro version has so many options that I can imagine people wanting to move to this version simply for more pleasure – as well as for better tools. Thanks so much!

  31. I only need sketchup make tools. I dont even need to render things and for example make a presentation of my product. What i do need to have is to export my building from sketchup make to another program.. I would like to see that this problem soon is fixed for people like me. I dont even make houses hahah. Just for fun decoration in my no limits park

  32. Flipping amazing tutorial – didn't think I needed SketchUp Pro until I saw it – thanks

  33. I have a question. I want to make buildings for Cities Skylines 8with lights in the windows at nighs and so on…) Do I need some other softwares instead of SketchUp Pro? Blender is too complicated to me and programs like 3D Max are ways to expensive for me. I am a poor man…
    If only SketchUp Pro is needed, can you make a tutorial about it? It wuld help some of us a lot!

  34. i am working on models that are all under 6 inches and i am keeping running into issues where i am working too small. some are less than 4 cm.

  35. This does not help the new learner at all! You have a preconceived conclusion that no one needs basic free sketchup. If I could learn to use free then I might see a need to upgrade, but until I can do the basics I'm certainly not going to fork out hundreds of dollars for a program that I can't make do hardly anything. I wish that I could find a series of videos that address the version of free that is current on the web. Every video I have found so far starts out with Pro, so most of the things that are demonstrated do not apply to web version free SU. Oh how I wish I had never gotten rid of AutoCad!!!!

  36. can sketch up pro do what revit can do in the means of defining material. I mean lets take a floor as an example. The floor is made of four layers (concrete – slab, filling,cement mortar and tiles) – each layer can be quantified (area, or volume), and then to be calculated for bill of quantities?

  37. GM, I am new to sketchup, I need to a tutorial as to how to explore an object.

  38. I don't know why, but the layout is so frustrating. Wish it was as friendly as AutoCAD.

  39. Iv seen a lot of sketchup tutorials but you the best man, hands down. Two thumbs up.

  40. I need a simpler way to print woodworking plans using windows. I need to be able to draw a plan and print it to paper as it appears on my screen. make is too complicated.

  41. For a small business I would prefer to split the cost of Sketch Up Pro into 2 or 3 payments, could that be an option? I'm not an architect or designer, but I make some presentation for selling shade sails (sailmaker is my craft)

  42. Kudos for this presentation. Of late, I did not notice, how Sketchup has grown over years. Obviously, the Pro version is excellent. But how much would the Pro version cost in India, IN₹ vis-a-vis US$?

  43. Extension function of it or or their physics chemical geography or Rotherham science thing 👌👍👍👍👍

  44. I think you said on beginning that you would speak about the free version on the end. But basically this video is about what you can do with the paid version but almost nothing about what you can do with the free version.

    I'm trying to see if I invest time on Infusion 360 or sketch up or any other that you work for free. I'm an hobbiest and I don't get income from my project or because I'm using an 3d app or software so I would like to have an true idea of what would be my limitations.
    For someone that doesn't dominate the software, watching your video, I can't really see if I can't use sketchup free for what I need.
    Your video is more focuses on what you can do with the paid view.
    I need to create 3d models and then be able to print so I can go to my garage/shop and bring the project to light.
    Can I or not, do that with the free version?

  45. sir in this sketch up can i become draftsman also plzz reply i am your subscriber i do also 3ds max and autocad as well as sketchup

  46. Can you make SKETCHUP for IPAD with can use with pencil PLEASE !!! Thank you 🙏 and anotherwith skup physic and other

  47. Hi
    Can I use 3D sketch up models to cut down by laser the design and build a maquette out of the 3D model ? Like on AutoCAD or 3D Max?

  48. Thanks Alex. One question I have still, though. I am using SketchUp Make 2017 desktop edition to tinker around. I downloaded the program on my home computer, made a file of a shed, emailed it to myself, then opened it up on my work computer where I am also tinkering around with SketchUp Make 2017 desktop edition. When I opened the file at work, I noticed that all my layers were there, but I could not hide/show them, almost as if you guys may have disabled this feature to discourage people from using the free version and being able to collaborate with others. Is this the case, or am I just making some noob mistake of not understanding my layers dialog box? Thank you for your time.

  49. Sorry to hear of the way SketchUp is going. It used to be that SketchUp provided a useful program for free. I can't justify paying $695+$125 yearly for maintenance for SketchUp Pro just as a hobby, and without extensions the other versions are just too limited. The whole reason for my interest would be to make components and write extensions for it.

  50. is sketchup shop a good bridge between free and pro? I can't afford the pro version but like some of the features you've mentioned here

  51. I am an interior designer and decorator, one of my friends advised me to learn SketchUp, I am new to it, I wish you can advise me of which program I can get , I
    thank you

  52. Thank you for detailing the ten reasons to chose Sketch up Pro. I am an Architect and I am interested in Layout. I will be using your Sketch up school. Thank up.


  53. Once I saved my work to SketUp free, Can I export working file that saved on SketchUp Free and open file in SketchUp pro? if so, How? Thanks

  54. Too bad they are dropping Make. I think it will be a hard blow to the Sketchup spirit.

  55. can we still use geo-location (add location) feature in Sketchup-pro 2017 or 2018?

  56. Sketchup is the tool I always wished to have to create my dream house, and other plans. Thank you so much for such easy tool.

  57. હા સાહેબ આ skechup pro vray માટે કેવું computer PC version જોવી

  58. What's the difference between SketchUp pro and SketchUp studio for student? (besides the price)

  59. For Beginner, where i should start first. But to be frank i really love watching feature of SketchUp Pro.

  60. Hi i am keen to learn SketchUp personal as i have just retired from my 47 years of working and wanting to start some woodworking can you assist thanks Greg

  61. I am an old SketchupPro customer. The 2019 subscription purchase doesn't come with a key or license. And the link Trimble promised never came. Now, the only thing I have is my payment receipt, this means I am locked out from Sketchup. Also in my Trimble account my subscription doesn't occur. I reinstalled the software, restarted several times. No sketchup. I will no go back to Autodesk and autocad. Lousy customer post service on top of all my license problems.

  62. Thanks.

    Pro also has support for 3d mouse. On the web based version it only zooms in and out, pretty much useless.

  63. My concern is, can you key in the license key of a SketchUp Pro in SketchUp Make and unlock all functionality included in Pro version?

    SketchUp doesnt provide access to older version of the software anymore, and yes I know SketchUp have provided link to donwload older version of SketchUp, but I can only find previous version down to 2017, anything else older are not accessible.

    I need the installer for SketchUp Pro 2016, but I'm only able to get the installer for Make. Which bring me to ask this question

  64. Can you help me to purchase sketch up pro. Tell me the procedure step by step. I am facing problem. And I am from India

  65. I am An interior designer and I specialize in kitchen and bath remodel. this looks great to use. do you know if ProKitchen works with sketchup.

  66. Hi thanks for sharing your important tools but I have one question is recently I updated my windows10 and from then my sketchup2019 software shutdown saying bugs. Please help me on this

  67. Yep, I would love to use SketchUp Pro, but there is no way I'd pay $300 annual to rent it. Adobe's already taking most of my other software rental money. Lesson here folks is, you gotta be rich in order to have access to quality software.

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