DIY Morning Hacks Every LAZY PERSON Should Know! How to WAKE UP Early For School+ Be Productive!

Hello there I’m Natalie, and I’m lazy pajama lazy raise your hand if you’re lazy, I won’t judge you In this case if that’s you give this video a thumbs up, I’m gonna show you my ride-or-die lazy life hacks for any school mornings Slay those mornings I’m doing huge giveaway where I’m giving one lucky subscriber a canon camera To enter to subscribe to be a part of the family by clicking this button right over here come on don’t be lazy Click it and that’s it. It’s that simple I challenge you guys to get this video took two hundred thousand thumbs up and show with your thumbs Who runs the world lazy people who runs the world these people? I dare you to turn this into this by clicking below the thumbs up I want to give a huge shoutout to Olivia for watching my videos. Thank you so much Here’s a virtual hug girl, so if you want a shout out in my next video just comment below hashtag natification squad And if you’re here in the first 30 minute I will be picking one of you so make sure you have notifications turn on and you are here early I managed to come because I’m currently doing a huge giveaway where I’m giving away my favorite makeup, Polaroid Stationery basically Natalie’s essentials to you and let’s get on to this video What literally just closed my eyes, oh my gosh, okay, oh My gosh it’s cold whoo, okay. You know what let me just curl up for a moment. Well that feels nice and then all For some morning motivations start by turning up the thermostat to a Comfortable temperature your bed is so warm and cozy that you want to try and recreate that same environment in your room If you’re still feeling sleepy and want something to make you feel more awake and refreshed dunk your face and sparkling water Yeah, you heard right not only is this an awesome skincare hack, but it’s gonna help You wash out pores without being harsh Sensation will act like micro brushes to help cleanse your skin all those little bubbles will literally finish waking you up And you can try this once a week But if you do have acne try to avoid this as the carbonated water may irritate your acne If your skin is looking a little dull simply for your face mask in the fridge in the morning They will be cold and act as a deep huffing and brightening face mask so you’ll feel much more awake And your skin will reflect the same thing If you hate brushing your teeth in the morning because well, I mean who really likes to eat breakfast It’s a taste of mint in their mouth. Not me so an awesome morning hack I use every day is to brush my teeth with cinnamon paste the best part is cinnamon won’t take the original taste out of anything You have in the morning So now you can enjoy your breakfast and have squeaky clean teeth Also putting on some happy music specifically movie or gaming music has shown to keep you focused and work at a faster pace I mean you’ll get ready faster without even knowing it and for extra morning motivation keep a dry erase marker at your mirror and write A positive quote for the day have this quo be your focus and motivate you to live it to the fullest But feel good hack is to hydrate yourself This is so important and can be overlooked But if you just make yourself one cup of warm water with lemon it not only makes you feel good But will brighten up your skin it will prevent you from getting acne not to mention it It will help you cleanse your body every morning if you know what I mean sometimes. There’s those constipated minds If you’re in a hurry every morning, and you can’t be bothered with looking for ponytails No worries an easy organizational hack to store them is to use a pill container You can arrange them by colors And if you sleep on the hairstyle the night before when you take them off in the morning you will get the prettiest waves for The day it’s a super simple hair hack especially if you’re always running late for school. Now. You can look and feel pretty And of course not ruin your beautiful wavy hair and use a shower cap like this cute one to prevent any water from going into your beautiful ways Now it’s shower time If you really want to wake up in the mornings take a really cold shower Highschool there are so many benefits to taking full shower like shiny hair and skin, and it will for sure make you wake up The easiest way to have a productive morning is to make less decisions in every morning and one of those starts with what you wear So buy a shoe storage organizer label it by days and pre pick out your outfits You can also label it by the way you want to feel cute comfy casual and I promise you this clothing hat will always make You feeling your best Look more awake store your moisturizer in the fridge that way when you apply it on your eyes and face it will soothe any redness or puffiness Use a foundation stick to a pyre make up on faster put dots all over your face and blend it in to help make your face look more youthful and not caked on with the Remaining product on the brush uses as primer for your eyelids eyebrows can take Forever so a quick makeup hack is to use the spoolie of the eyebrow pencil you use every day the chances are there was already a ton of product on spoolie so if you brush it in it will create a full graph without so much precision your eyebrows will Look effortless and natural a two-in-one tonight I use too many products and get ready fast as to use your contour powder as a very subtle eyeshadow on your eyes it will Complement your entire makeup look because the color is literally the same So you’ll look much more balanced if you want to spice up your makeup look a little bit and make it more glam the easiest Way to create a smoky eye is to use a cream shadow it takes no effort to blend the sides And you don’t even need brushes. Talk about it simple get ready with you apply your mascara and bam your eye. Look is complete for the face another makeup product You can double on is a lip balm use a not so pigmented one and put a little dots all over your face then with The warmth of your fingers rub it in this will give your face some color and make you look more blushed with the same lip Balm use it on your lips and smudge it on with your fingers for a very natural school For a little dazzle put highlighter on your brow bone at the tip of your nose the inner corner of your eyes and your Cupid’s Bow and Pat some highlighter onto your cheeks and for fuller looking lips apply some highlighter to your bottom middle lip and you’re ready for breakfast a Quick food hack for one minute oats is to pour some oatmeal into a mug add some almond milk and microwave for two minutes Then top it off with some of your favorite berries for delicious to go breakfast Another quick one-minute breakfast idea is to toast and bread add some avocado and a pinch of salt both of these options are quick healthy And will make you feel full unto a lunchtime and right before you head out to school Here’s a quick do I have to always help you remember everything glue pictures of words to a magnet and hang on a board Right beside your door before you head out Double-check and move everything you completed from the – dues to the Dunn’s that way you’ll never forget your lunge homework project or any important thing – ever again heroes Lena Yeah, sorry. No. I can’t go. I’m just really busy. Okay. Call me later. Bye Okay, I’m just lazy and so are you so if you want to continue being lazy check out my last video right over here by? Clicking it where I show you some amazing DIY school hacks that honestly will help you ace your exam also subscribe right over here by clicking on wat face so that you can See some other amazing life hack videos thumbs up this video if you enjoyed and like I said I’m very busy, so uh food awaits. I gotta go go for it slippery or die normal. Bye

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    me :mmmmmmmmmmm NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    me: WOOP IM UP

  4. Btw no one needs make-up you'll look beautiful nomader what. Dont ever think different.bc you are you be the best you can be don't change,someone on earth will always love you no matter what and help people eventually you''ll get something out of it. Just don't don't be someone or something your not.

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