DIY – HANGER OF TREE BRANCHES (English subtitles) Room Decor Ideas

Welcome to another DIY video! Ι believe it’s nice to make good use of various “materials” given us by nature. So, I’ve decided to build a decorative coat rack using branches we’ ve gathered at our last trip! For this project we’ ll need: a saw -some wood screws a screwdriver -a drill -4 pallet sticks, 2 of them length 60 cm and 2 20cm -our branches with a bifurcation (“fork”) Using the pallet sticks we’ll make a frame. For this purpose, we ‘ll join the long with the short sticks by opening two holes in each edge of the first ones Now we will screwing the short sticks. Next, we place the branches inside the frame and with a pencil we’ ll mark the points to cut off them in such a way to fix them precisely in the “box”! after that, we should tight the branches into the frame using our drill and the wood screws. Pay attention: we have to open holes both in the top and bottom of the branches! In that way our project is ready! It’s a unique wall mounted coat rack for home, easy-made, economic and impressive, as usually! I hope you liked that! Do not forget to click “ like” and subscribe! Also click on the bell icon for being updated about our new videos! Find me on facebook and instagram. See you next Friday with a new video. Bye!

13 thoughts on “DIY – HANGER OF TREE BRANCHES (English subtitles) Room Decor Ideas

  1. Μπράβο. Η μια ιδέα σου καλύτερη απο την άλλη !

  2. τελεια δουλεια κανατε μπραβο σας πολύ ωραιο

  3. Οταν σταματας να μιλας μην βαζεις τοσο δυνατα την μουσικη.
    ειναι υπερβολικα δυνατα 🙂

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