Disney Princess Rapunzel Cinderella Ariel Play Doh Wedding DIY Dresses

Hello guys AmuzingToys here and today, we gonna be opening our Disney
Princess Fairytale Wedding Collection Here is the back of the box Time to open it.. This Fairytale Wedding Collection comes with Ariel and Prince Eric Cinderella and Prince Charming Rapunzel with Eugene Eric! You stay there for a while Ariel needs to get ready for Valentine’s Day Ariel has a beautiful veil on and she is looking
so pretty in her wedding dress. Ok, we gonna make a new dress, made out completely
with PlayDoh for Valentine’s Day So, this is just a little base. And we gonna give her a white dress We will add some nice decoration to her dress
using red feathers Ariel is looking so pretty. Do you think she’s got a pretty dress on her? Let me know in the comment’s section below! Cinderella! It’s your turn now! Ok Prince Charming, you need to wait for your
princess to get ready for Valentine’s Day Cinderella is looking so pretty in her white
wedding dress, with her veil Let’s make a beautiful play doh dress for
you. I hope you gonna like it Cinderella! Some red play doh for her dress. And your red dress Cinderella Some tiny miny little hearts to decorate her dress. Lovely white hearts. Hihihi! Yay, she is looking so pretty. Let me know how you find Cinderella’s dress
in the comment’s section below. Rapunzel! Your turn now! Rapunzel is looking so pretty in her white
and purple wedding dress. Let’s remove her veil. Her golden long hair is looking so beautiful Time to give her a nice Valentine’s Day dress So I am using a heart shape mould to make
some designs on her dress Let’s now place it on the white base to get two big white hearts on her dress She is already looking so pretty And some play doh heart shapes to make the dress prettier Rapunzel is looking so pretty She is looking stunning Do let me know if you like it I really love this dress So sparking, shinning.. Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel.. they are all looking so beautiful Let me know which one is your favorite friends Do tell me in the comment’s section below
which one is your favorite Thanks for watching guys Hope you enjoy this video If you like it, please leave me a comment
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