Diablo 3 Best Farming Monk Build for Season 4 and Patch 2.30 (T6-T10 Fast clears)

The blinding fists and the flying feet
would mark the house where malice does meet a dash of light and choas subsides
such is the might of the monk of with no sight Hello and welcome to my way of playing with
a dashing strike monk in patch 2.3. A question you all desevre to the know the answer to:
why play with this build when new set is being added and existing dashing strike monk works
perfectly fine. Well, the answer is simple, this build is easiest to gear up and deals
more damage than any t10 builds. It needs no special weapon/basic gear and offers a
playstyle that is more involving than any other dashing strike build, such is my promise.
In other words, this is your starting build as monk when the new season dawns in the coming
week. So enough chit chat, let begin As always, we look at the gearset first. You
are required to adorn the six pieces of raiment set, a focus and restraint and reaper’s wraps.
Other gear here includes an optional vigilante belt along with any, and yes i do mean, any
ancient 2 handed weapon. As far as gems go, a gogok of swiftness can be great and the
rest two are entirely upto you. I would advice Bot, wreath of lightning, or the new shiny
gem. basically anything you deem appropriate. You paragon points go into maxing your offensive
stats but primarily buffing crit damage and chance along with coolodwn reduction.
It may sound strange and unconventional,but the reason why this build is great is due
to the flexibility it offers. Any monk can get basic gear on and crit for over 1.3 billion,
dash around the map and farm the items you really want for end game.
Now lets look at the skill selection for this build. Your primary attack comes in form of
deadly reach foresight followed by dashing strike radience as your almighy nuke. next
skill is epiphany with insight for extreme spirit regen along with mystic ally fire ally
for bonus damage. Next skill could be serenity ascension for survivability or breath of heaven
blazing wrath for dps gallore. final skill is a mantra offering a choice between conviction
or salvation. your passives are, beacon of ytar, exalted soul, momentum and a choice
between unity or sixth sense depending on the situation. So here is the build, some
skills can be changed according to the need for survival or damage, but if you are anything
like me, i know you will go for damage! No that all the basics have been covered,
lets talk about the playstyle. Do remember that build offers an extremely fast way to
farm t6 to t10 difficulty. this means that this build allows you to farm items you need
for your end game monk. This build is extremly easy to use and most monks know how to play
with dashing strike but there are some imprtant techniques one must know. The set increases
dashing strike damage for upto 6 seconds after hitting enemies with a generator. Now this
window is your opportunity to deal damage and everything this build covers falls in
this window. allow me to explain further. Your deadly reach buffs your dps by 15% after
finsihng a combo and your focus and restraint too have their buff active for these 5 seconds.
This makes the combination of deadly reachand the two rings best for monks as you get an
extreme buff to your dps. This buff is further complemented by your passive mantra and skills
likes momentum. And this is all you need to be wary of. the true way to play with this
build to hit with dealy reach and dash for 5 seconds to get max damage, stop and hit
again and resume the carnage once the buff is up again.
With all the dashing strike spam, the next issue should be regarding spirit management
but no such issue exists, here is how. You passives, actives and your gear offer you
a cooldown reduction of utp 50 % so try to balance that on your gear. Once this number
is achieved, your uptime of epiphany is respectably high which allows you to dash to your heart’s
content. But the other secret to dash spam comes from picking health globes as your reaper’s
wraps allow you to gain spirit back instantly. Since you crit for atleast 1.3 billion, you
one shot trash mobs and sometimes even 1 shot elite packs which allow you to fill your spirit
pool at regular intervals. This makes the gameplay more interesting as you dash from
pack to pack by collecting health globes and dealing much more damage than a in-geom sowrd
combo. and if you happen to find a good ancient 2 hander, your crits can go upto 2 billion
making this build extremely effective at clearing bounties and farming legendaries and crafting
material. So such is this monk build of eternal raidence,
give it a go and share your thoughts with the rest of us. There are many viable ways
to play with dashing strike and this one happens to be mine. Take care and remember to close
your eyes when dashing through the air, for what is life if not a leap of faith!

15 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Best Farming Monk Build for Season 4 and Patch 2.30 (T6-T10 Fast clears)

  1. At last the Holy Hermit is back! I have been w8ting for your guidance for a long time. I was 1 of your humble follower since your 1000 sided strike video.

  2. Playing dash on t10 (gr45) is a complely different thing. yes ofc you one hit everything on t6, and video looks cool and people will think that dash is fast and powerful, no guys. dash is trash on high difficulties including t10. i had a full anci dash monk. i salvaged all his items and deleted that char.go for sunwuko + inna guys,and get uliana ASAP.

  3. i have the whole gear of the video except for focus
    but my damage doesn't go over 200 million 🙁

  4. Where do you get your quips in the beginning of your videos? I would like to read them :]

  5. look dude just show the screen shot of it that would make it a hell of a lot easier to copy it's simple and easy

  6. what happens when someone doesnt have all these paragon points like you do….every youtuber who shows builds has at least 500 points in paragon….currently i am at 100…so how viable is this build according i have all the gear requirements but not that high in paragon???

  7. started playing again after quite a while of abstinence. i do have to say, your videos are nice to watch, you're explaining in a very thoughtful and unobtrusive way. i'll make sure to try this build, thanks. go monks!

  8. This build isnt working. I play exactly like this but do no dmg. I can dash only 2 Times and the combos arent Even remotely working

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