Dating As An Indian Woman

– So you’re not coming to
your own niece’s wedding? There are simple answers to this, Mom. I’m focused on work, I just
started Game of Thrones, I’m an independent woman. Well, when they see my poorly tied sari, I won’t be able to defend you. Oh, right here’s perfect, thank you. This isn’t over, I gotta go. I have a date. – What? A date? Is he Indian? – So, I’m a douchebag
if I over-pronounce it, but if I mispronounce it, I’m ignorant, so I’m just gonna meet in
the middle and mumble it. Coka vin, cooka vin, coocoka vin? – Cooko zin,
– Cow, caoco, – Caco en.
– Choco dins. – Two coq au vin? – Yes, thank you. – Merci. – Ah, no, Josh. – I’m sorry, I’m better than that. How cool would it be if I actually spoke French, though? – Pretty cool. That accent, though. – Right? So do you speak any Hindu? – Um, well, I’m not a practicing Hindu. – Right, of course. I mean, I stopped speaking Spanish when I graduated high school, so I get it. My parents don’t speak Spanish. I’m not of Spanish he- Do your parents speak Hindu? Like, when me and my friends go to Cabo, like, I hold my, well,
we stay in a resort, they speak mostly English. (message tones) (surreal music) Wait, how many fucking weddings
are we going to this year? – Well, I have three. Plus a lingerie party, plus
I’m planning my own wedding. – Well, I’ve got four big weddings, including um, my first big family wedding, since I was a huge
disappointment last year. – Cara, you came out. It’s not like you murdered someone. – Well, three weddings, four for me. Are you gonna bring us
into the double digits? – Yup. Five. And three of them are
Indian, five days apiece, so that’s 15 days. Do you know how many dance numbers I’m gonna have to do? – ‘Nother round? – Oh, sure. By the way, I’m gonna be DJ’ing
tonight over at Loud Bar. You should swing by, it’s gonna be lit. – That’s actually, we should go. – No, really?
– I could bring my date. Come on, he said it’s gonna be lit. – Oh, my gosh. (camera clicks) – Can you turn around, look back? Awesome. Can I get an outfit change, please? – Thank you, Maya. (lighthearted music) (message tone) – Where does she find these guys? (scoffs) – Hey Maya, I think this is a little big. – What? – The shirt’s too big. – Oh, dude, I just take the pictures. She’s your stylist. – Oh, shit, I’m sorry. You guys could be sisters. – Mhmm. (club music) Ugh, it’s so loud in here. – Ugh, the worst. – Have we really have nothing
better to do tonight, guys? – Apparently not. – So how did you guys meet? – Oh, we met in yoga. – Today. – She’s got a great shavasana. – Wait, isn’t that just lying down? – Yeah, but I’ve been doing
it since I was a baby, so. (all chuckle) Anyway, Maya, where do you practice? – Oh, I don’t do yoga. – I, oh, of course. Yeah, no, I just figured
because you’re Indian. Uh, not that, not that all
Indians do yoga, you know. I am Asian and I don’t like rice. Is it hot in here? Actually, I’m gonna get a drink. – She just looks so terrified
by her own casual racism. – Kinda makes you feel bad for her. – Does it? Next time, slugger. – ‘Suuup? (calm acoustic music) (message tones) (message tone) (message tone)

100 thoughts on “Dating As An Indian Woman

  1. I love that she has a shrine. Usually it’s not near the bed , but I’m really happy that showed that .

  2. Indian, Arab are same all religious fanatics that should stay in their countries.

  3. Indians are being manipulated by western media into thinking White men are better than Indian men. Truth is White men are self absorbed dopes. No culture no family values shallow minded. These stupid girls who fall for the propaganda wind up regretting it.

  4. Indian mom that you are portraying are not like that to just bunch of stereotype

  5. What a beta male the first guy was hahah, look at his bad posture

  6. Why she won't date a black guys, like she would date a hispanic guys, Arab guys, asian guys, and mostly a white guys but she not
    dating black guys. for my point
    of view that she's a racist.

    Indian men: I prefer white women!
    Society: Racist bastards, white fetish, idiots!

    Indian women: I prefer White men!
    Society: Awwww! So beautiful, union of two different cultures!

    Don't know why Indian girls hate Indian guys when they say they prefer white girls, Indians girls should look at themselves, correct themselves then criticize Indian guys for choosing outside their race, if you don't like Native men, we don't like you too!


  8. Did she just decide someone wasn’t self aware for saying lit?

    This is why I don’t date Indian or Asian women lol

  9. If we are showing an Indian girl dating outside her race then why cant it be a Korean dude, or a black dude, or an arab dude, why does it always have to be a white dude?

  10. Even after reading all these comments, I didn't got my answer. Can somebody girl or boy can you please answer my question. I am an Indian guy, and I want you to ask that do Indian women like Indian men or not?

  11. 3:03 That's the dude from BuzzFeed Unsolved Network. Lmao 😂😆😁

  12. My wife's Indian and I'm white in the UK, caused alot of sh1t but the world is changing. 12 years 5 kids and still going strong 🙂 love is love

  13. nahhhh this is white worshipping and i aint like that… i prefer asians, brown people or blacks🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. What utter piece of nonsense is this! So untrue and full of stereotypes.

  15. 2:14 brutal blackpill. oNLy white guys are considered attractive, and when the Indian guy is shown he's not described as being handsome.

  16. Umm just putting this out there but like I’m Indian and like I feel like she worships white men or something and treat them like god idk, don’t wanna be rude but I prefer my own Indian desi girls but when I see the hate that indian girls plus other girls from outside the country have starts to really get me like not wanting to date an indian women or any girl in general not gay tho lmao why does there have to be a preference can’t we just learn to love each other not for our race but for our qualities instead

  17. When a man or woman do not end up married, they are called hams

  18. U know what’s tragic indians worship of white women and men. Most White women and men don’t have Indians us their pick for mates. But almost all Indian guys have white women as number 1 and same for Indian women. Is sad really

  19. I m indian . And tbh these stereotypes are not true . Totally wrong.!
    Sorry BuzzFeed

  20. Indian parents are the most narcissist, hypocrite, selfish, and mean parents in the universe

  21. Between this and the Mindy project I’m tired of the narrative of a liberated Indian girl being only attracted to white men. None of those guys were even nearly as attractive as the Indian guys her mom sent

  22. indian women stop being racist agianst dark skinned men !
    BUT THEIR ARE OTHER OPTIONS ?……like being alone with your pet cats lol

  23. OMG How horrible! Being an indian chick with lots of guys to pick but can't choose any of them. Just imagine how easy an Indian guys has it, approaching a women with his 110% percent confidence, trying to impress her or make her laugh, and then getting turned down by almost all of them until one of them says yes. Just like many other guys

  24. Is it weird that being an Indian, sometimes I find racism little funny. Just a little. 😂

  25. SO innocent, SO like a child, SO guileless, SO virginal – moves One to shed His crocodile tears

    Abysmally low-level in contrast to infinitely high level of God. – G

  26. Am I the only one wondering where the credits for the actors/film staff are?? Who is that purple haired actress btw??

  27. Can anyone tell me that
    Is Ashly Lesbian or straight?

    ..just curious:)

  28. White guys can date anyone, when you black Jesus it difficult your thug or cause of slavery asians look down on you

  29. This is BS. Most of us aren't self hating and whitewashed like shown in this video. Indian men might be, but we're not. But don't drag us down with Indian men who hate their own skin color cos us Indian women aren't like that.

  30. Actually there is a flaw in the video assuming this took place in LA and her mom is in India, due to the time difference they both wouldn’t be going to sleep at the same time. Her mom would be going to sleep when it’s morning here and vice versus

  31. Sorry, but no one would give this girl a second look back in her home country 🤪 sookhi haddi..plain Jane

  32. "generalizing" and "stereotyping" are two different things. And I guess we all know what this video did. 🤦

  33. The only white guys that date Indian or Asian women are nothing but the chubby unattractive and the nerds.

  34. the guys her mom picked were much hotter and more qualified than the guys she picked, you need to work on your judgement girl. if my mom gets me introduced to these guys i would have definitely checked them out

  35. I'm an Indian and I don't get offended if people think I do yoga…. How is it racism i don't understand?

  36. Idian women be looking good. I've meet some when I was in college they can be very gordgious

  37. White Man to Indian Women: " You're a very beautiful Hindu temptress, I would love to elevate your caste", Indian Woman to White Man: "I'm already a Brahman, when would you like make arrange for some practice?"

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