100 thoughts on “CRAFTING FOR MY PETS

  1. This is the first time I’ve seen pewdiepie do something fresh

  2. Someday people are gonna say, he was most subscribed bc he did a little of everything to appeal to a wider audience!1! But he’s just doing what he wants everyday lol

  3. I've been reading the comments and i still don't have a clue how to spell the hedgehog's name

  4. This was seriously so wholesome and sweet to watch. Felix is such a softie for his pets

  5. PewDiePie: make PewDiePie great again. But your KI is 100000000000 you need to stoop. PewDiePie: My KI is over 30000000000000000000000000000000000 i need more aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The Entire World: Explodes

  6. Pewds:cuz sonic loves rings
    Me:cuz he broke Amy’s heart a lot of times when they are engaged

  7. I'm Sure that are legs of the Hedgehog,And Pewdiepie Use It As His Legs,Pewdiepie Can Change His Legs OMG he's better alien than Zucc

  8. What are those things coming out his torso, I was told they're call legs or low arms

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