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DIANA RINGO: I get into my corset everyday,
part of my beauty routine and it just makes me feel gorgeous. DIANA RINGO: Well, I started corset training
after having twins and I became a little bit unhappy because I didn’t have the curves
that I thought I used to have. So, I started with the waist trainers. Once I got a little
bit of a good result, I fell in love with them and I just kept reducing my waist size. COMM: This is 39-year-old Diana Ringo. This
veteran mother of three has a waist that measures a minuscule 18 inches when she’s wearing her
corset. DIANA RINGO: I wear my corsets around twenty
three to twenty three and a half hours unless I go to the gym or taking a shower, obviously.
If you put it on to too tight you can experience a little bit of numbing.You can experience
some nerves telling you, ‘Hey! You gotta get it off or you gotta loosen it.’ I come
from a very poor background. I would say, you know, I lived in the ghetto. And it was
difficult making ends meet and the military helped me take care of my son. It gave me
a lot of benefits. I travelled a lot. You know, I experienced different things. DIANA RINGO: When I have my corset on, it
makes me feel so sexy. I naturally felt sexy but it just boosted my self-esteem a lot more.
It just makes me feel good. DIANA RINGO: My family is torn between it’s
okay and some think I am going to die today, maybe tomorrow. I do value their opinion but
I ultimately have to live with myself and the decisions I make are to make myself happy. BRETT RINGO: First I was very sceptical, very
nervous, concerned but gotten used to it over the last couple of years and with the reassurance
from her doctor, I am, I am okay with it. DIANA RINGO: Some parents think I am a bad
example. But my job isn’t to take care of their children. My job is to take care of
mine. DIANA RINGO: I don’t think my kids think
anything of it. I think they don’t care. I am not worried at all about giving my boys
negative self-image. I think that they are going to grow up like manly men. They have
their father to look up to. I am just their mom. CARMEN WINCHESTER: I am going to grab here
like this, like a cup. CARMEN WINCHESTER: I was clinching. I was
like, ‘This is too much.’ But it looks like you can breathe and you can handle it.
Can you dance with it? DIANA RINGO: I can do it. CARMEN WINCHESTER: You can do it? Then it’s
okay. DIANA RINGO: This is Carmen. She is one of my best friends. I know her from my navy days. I got her to try one. CARMEN WINCHESTER: Yeah! And I felt pretty
and I felt tall and I felt, I felt like I had a waistline. I only wear it occasionally.
Like, if I have a dress that I want to fit in, then I do it. But she does it 24/7 honestly.
It’s something that you have to get used to doing it. It changes the way that you sit,
the way that you bend down to pick up something. It’s kind of, like constantly having somebody
hug you. DIANA RINGO: Yeah. It’s restrictive. DIANA RINGO: I like this. Like, I love this. CARMEN WINCHESTER: If it makes you feel like,
powered. More power to you. DIANA RINGO: On the street I get things like,
‘What the fudge?’ or, ‘Oh my god!’ And then I get some people that are like,
‘Oh my god! How did you do that? I want to do that.’ I am used to it now though. WOMAN: I think it’s somewhat bad, not completely
bad. But I do think it’s somewhat bad because you know, you are tightening all your insides,
not letting the regular, normal flow of your intestines, all your intestines to work the
way they should. MAN: So, I think she is sexy. DIANA RINGO: Or crazy. MAN: Or crazy. I would side with sexy over
crazy. I think that would probably be the thinnest waist I have ever seen. WOMAN: Does it hurt? It’s the only thing
I would wonder. DIANA RINGO: No. After a while, my body just
got used to it. WOMAN: I think it’s different. But I don’t
think, I don’t know. I just feel like people should do whatever they want to, no matter
what. DIANA RINGO: Do you want to touch it? WOMAN: Yeah! DIANA RINGO: I don’t only get hate when
I wear corsets out. DIANA RINGO: I can breathe properly in my
corset. I just can’t take tremendous full breaths while I am wearing it and nobody lives
their lives taking tremendous full breaths. BRETT RINGO: I don’t think she has taken
it too far because we have an agreement that she is not going to go any smaller. The training
has increased her self-confidence and that’s you know, that’s okay. BRETT RINGO: I would say, ‘A happy wife,
a happy life.’ So, this makes her happy. DIANA RINGO: This is important to me because
it makes me feel good. It makes me feel sexy and if I feel good and I am happy I, I go
with that.

100 thoughts on “Corseter Mum Shrinks Waist To 18 Inches | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. Lady you beautiful regardless of the corset. I pray you stay happy and healthy as you age. 🙏🙏

  2. Girl I know you wanted to be skinny but maybe you exaggerated I mean you were ok when you were fat and skinny at the same time but I don't know if you checked your self at the mirror so if you want to be skinny you can be skinny if you want to be fat you can be fat or if you want to be fat and skinny at the same time that would be great😅

  3. The waist looks fine but the boobs makes it …..
    Just if she shrinks the boobs it'll be better

  4. She’s been like this is life:




    👠 👠

  5. People stop thrwing hate as long as she's a good mother tking care of wht she is suppose 2thn its on her here's mother's out here tht are al holy but can not even treat their households right😒

  6. Well, alright, she likes it and feels good in it thats nice but as a kid i would be scared, and her organs wat? Doesn't this effect her period too???

  7. All that matters is that she loves the way she looks so why all the negative comments?

  8. 1. Organs in the human body are meant to be moved; I.E. Pregnancy
    2. Obviously, that is not healthy. AT ALL
    3. Not a good representation of corset wearers.

  9. I’m sorry that’s disgusting, and unnaturally not to mention unhealthy. All for a look of distortion. Lord help them

  10. In a way… I mean, she seems happy with herself and from what it sound alike their doctor is chill with it too. So I don't think there is anything wrong with it. She is raising her kids well, and just sees the corset as an accessory.

    Idk. That's just my honest opinion.🤷

  11. At least she's happy with it. Stop hating on her, if she feels happy then let her!

  12. At 1:13, “if you put it on to tight you can experience numbing” lol I would if I were you

  13. The reason you feel numb is because it's so tight that it's stopping blood flow

  14. Popularity is like a drug. It doesn't hurts her. She wants to show her sexy body to everyone. Thats all…

  15. “It makes me feel gorgeous”
    ( Except when on the toilet and her intestines are coming out )

  16. God damn where did her organs go? Like where did they move? Did she donate them? Just get them removed? Did they move at her breasts or to her thighs and butt? So many questions.

  17. i don't know that its bad or what but i really liked her attitude and nature….. n if she is happy with it… its completely fine …. after all its not something really bad…there are more bad or even worse things that people do with themselves and others…..and here she is just working on her body the way she likes…..plz ignore the negative comments❤️❤️❤️

  18. how much can she eat and also were is the stomch it is so messedup
    i dont want to look like that but if somone wants that it is fine .

  19. Sorry but… ew.
    She’s just crushing her organs, what the heck is she doing to herself?

  20. Bruh if 18 inches is this thin then imagine empress elisabeth of austria hers is only 16 inches😱😱

  21. I feel bad for this lady. She is so beautiful just as she is. I feel like if she was truly happy she wouldn’t keep making her waist smaller. I hope she learns to love and accept herself and her body just the way she is.

  22. Why does it look like shes breathing in wayyy too tight?

    Nobody else?

    – _- I'll just go..

  23. she looks great and if it makes her happy and confident then that’s all that matters really stand she doesn’t give a f$&k what anyone else thinks and that’s how people should live their lives

  24. Girl, Love How u Look! You Dont Need Waist Trainers! Sure it's pretty, But Your Natural body is Better. <3

  25. Bruh, the comments for the video with the woman who has the largest hips, everyone’s like “you go girl!”, even though she has health problems. But everyone is being toxic in this video. I don’t see a difference.

  26. i think she’s actually really beautiful all of you are hating but she likes it and she thinks that she’s beautiful.

  27. As someone who works with corsets you should NEVER train your waste to this extreme. It crushes and moves your organs around and is VERY dangerous.

  28. I hate to sound negative but to me a little too much. I wonder if she go out without it and let it breath

  29. Her sons will think that every belly from normal or even thin women is just wide and fat… Such a bad "rolemodel"

  30. Im not trying to be mean but what she is doing some how it scares me😧 the weist looks scary because it looks like she is going to breake and just die how can her organs work with such little space.

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