Copper Ladder | DIY Tuturial copper pipe ladder | Towel rack quick and easy

Ladders have many uses. They can also be a decorative piece— and are perfect as a towel rack. I’ll show you how to make one out of copper plumbers pipe. But careful–this ladder is not meant for climbing!
To make the ladder I buy copper pipes and so-called T-joints to connect them in my local hardware store. I take two copper pipes, each 18 millimeters in
diameter and two meters 50 in length. The T’s to join them and the end caps are
right next to them. And this is what you’ll need in detail: two copper pipes
eighteen millimeters in diameter and two meters 50 in length. 10 copper tees to
join the pipes. 4 copper end caps for a nice clean finish and no sharp edges; a
pipe cutter, which you will also get from the DIY store. A tape measure, a pen. All-purpose glue and spray paint in the color of your choice. I chose gray. Time
to get to work: Measure and mark the position that you’re going to cut. We
start by measuring 25 centimeters. Now for the pipe cutter. Place the pipe
inside, screw the handle tight and then turn the cutter around the pipe until it
is completely severed. Repeat this process until you’ve cut all the pieces
you need. We need two 40 centimeter long pieces of pipe, five 35 centimeter long bits,
eight 25 and two 15 centimeter lengths of pipe. Then you can start
assembling the ladder. The 40 centimeter long bits are at the base of the ladder.
The rungs are 35 centimeters long. The interconnecting side pieces are 25
centimeters long. Use the all-purpose glue to attach the copper caps to the
ends. Then join the pipes together using the tees. Repeat the process until you
just have two 15 centimeter long pipes and two end caps left for the top of the
ladder. Also attach these. And let the whole thing dry. Once
everything is dry, spray the ladder with paint, outside if possible.
I’m using little blocks of wood to support it. Then do the same thing on the
other side of the ladder and let it dry again. Then your ladder is ready for use –
for example in the lounge or in the bathroom.
I used grey spray paint on my ladder. But you can keep the original copper
color too. Keep in mind the copper changes color and turns green as it ages and
fingerprints leave dark spots. Use toothpaste or citric acidt to scrub
off the stains, then rinse well. Your copper ladder will
shine like new!

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