Compras em Portugal: as melhores fast fashion! 🛍 Shopping in Portugal!

Hi! I’m Luli Monteleone and today I’m going to take you to see the best fast fashion stores in Portugal! I’m at Colombo mall, one of the largest in Lisbon, iI came here often because it has the best shops, all the shops I like, have supermarket, services, it is really practical! On top of everything it is easy to get here because it has subway that leaves direct here at the mall! I will also take advantage of the fact that we are at the end of June, so some stores have already entered into clearance, that is, in the summer sales … So I’ll see if I make good finds to show you! Obviously the first store I go to
show is Primark! It is a fast fashion that is very cheap and I always make good finds there! The tip here at Primark is to always look for these discount cards, so you find pieces with great discounts! This blouse is not very cool, but it was € 4 and now stands for € 2: 50% off! Primark is huge and always has several licensed collections. This time has Pokemon and has Mickey too. These pieces are usually a bit more expensive, but nothing nonsense! This sweatshirt costs 12 €! Has Toy Story too, so cute !!! Here at Primark you can find absolutely everything: women’s fashion, men’s fashion, children’s fashion, shoes, accessories, handbags … It has the beauty part that is full of makeup and other great products! The home decor area also has some really amazing things! Pajamas and lingerie are also great! You can solve all your life here at Primark and all at very low prices! For now it is not on sales yet, so I did not find any big bargains, but when it gets on sales, it’s crazy! Primark is a lot of fun but it’s a
lucky matter… There are times when I come here and I do not find anything that I like! Today I only bought hair clips and a pack of 8 bracelets for only 3 €! Now let’s go to the next store! This corner of the mall here brings together three stores that I really like: Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull & Bear. And all are already on sales, will I find something cheap? I got some pieces to try on, look at this beautiful shirt! From Disney villains, from € 13 for € 6, I’ll take it! I loved this shirt, is basic but has a discreet brightness, I do not know if you can see … It’s also for € 6, I’ll take it! I’m looking for a white dress, I found this one that is midi and has an opening in the back … I liked it, it’s costing € 15 … I’ve already looked at Bershka and Pull & Bear and found nothing interesting … So I only bought at Stradivarius the white dress and the two t-shirts which I think I’m going to use a lot in the summer! It was impossible to resist the t-shirt with the Disney’s villains! Now let’s go bc I have more 2 or 3 shops that I want to show for you guys! Pimkie is another store that I like a lot, is also a fast fashion, with that fashion fun and young, Although this store is small, it has lots of cool things and is worth going through! Here in Portugal also has C & A, but C & A here in Europe is very different from C & A in Brazil, It do not have a fashion appeal so great, the pieces are not that cool … Here is another corner of the mall that has a shop that I love! This is Forever 21, it’s not the one I like, it’s in Brazil too … I think the clothes here are expensive and not with a very good quality… The store that I really like is this: Lefties! Lefties emerged as the Zara outlet, but for some years now it’s a brand … There are a lot of cool and very cheap stuff! Come on! Right at my favorite store they would not let me film inside! I bought these glasses to take to the beach for € 1.99. I bought a beautiful Mickey knit from € 20 for € 4! That’s good part at clearances: it does not matter if it’s summer or winter sales, you can always find pieces for every season! Now are the summer balances, but I bought a mesh that is from the winter collection! There are several jackets too, several other things … This mall is huge, besides the stores that I showed there are many others! There’s H & M, Zara, Mango … Those I did not show now because they’re a little more expensive! So I’d rather buy it when you they are at the second sales! Because now we are at the beginning of the balances, so the rebates are not so aggressive! Probably at the end of July, the discounts will get much bigger and then it will be worth going to Zara, which is a bit more expensive! An interesting thing about shopping in Portugal is that most stores accept returns! Obviously they only accept returns if you have the invoice, if the piece is labeled and has not been used! For example, if the store is too crowded, queued at the dresser, you buy, take you home or to the hotel, try it, see if you like it, If you do not like it, just give it back! They return the money either on your credit or debit card. That’s a good tip! I hope you enjoyed this day of shopping in Lisbon! To get to know a little better all about the fast fashion stores that we have here in Portugal! On my blog I’ll put more information and more photos, just go there: Follow me on Instagram: @LuliMonteleone that there I always put my daily outfits, so you can see how I use these pieces and also put everything I’m buying throughout the year! Sign up here at my channel that has new video every week!

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