Clothing store raising money for business destroyed in fire

AN HISTORIC RESTAURANT THAT SERVED CUSTOMERS FOR DECADES! A FIRE RIPPED THROUGH WEAVER’S HOT DOGS…ON TUESDAY…LEAVING EMPLOYEES WITHOUT A JOB. THAT FIRE ALSO DESTROYED ‘BOB’S READY TO WEAR.’ TONIGHT…A LONDON CLOTHING BOUTIQUE IS HOPING TO RAISE ENOUGH MONEY TO HELP THESE BUSINESSES. VICTOR PUENTE TALKED TO STORE OWNERS ABOUT THEIR GENEROUS DONATION. IT’S OUR TOP STORY AT 5-30. When these businesses burned people lost their jobs. Rebuilding is long way off but in the meantime A london clothing store is hoping to raise money to help the people who used to work here. VO The fire that destroyed weavers hotdogs also left bobs ready to wear too damaged to continue operating. The historic restaurant had served downtown London for decades. it was strange, I went downtown and I just saw Weavers caved in. That strange sight led Allison Stansbury and her mother to try to ease the difficulties the employees of both stores are going through, with a sale at their store, Posh Boutique. we’re donating 20 percent of our sales today to them and tomorrow to try to help them find their bills. But it’s not just a little money they’re trying to replace, it’s also a little bit of history. The walls of weavers were covered with pictures showing scenes of London’s past. you can just walk down through weavers and look at the wall and you can just see the history, the locals that lived there. So they’re also collecting picture frames to replace the ones that burned in the fire. A local printing company, minuteman press, has agreed to fill those frames with pictures for when weavers and their employees are ready to return to work. quite a few have actually messaged us thanking us That sale at posh runs through tomorrow. You can also drop off picture frames at their store. In Laurel county, vp, wkyt. A FUNDRAISER HAS ALSO BEEN SET UP ON GO FUND ME FOR THE EMPLOYEES

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