CLOTHING HAUL with Marla Catherine! Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, Brandy Melville, and more!

So we have just We just finished shopping, so I thought I would do we thought that we would do a little haul for you guys we went to urban and pacsun and um a shoe store that I can’t remember the name of so… foot locker Sure, that one we are going to do a little haul so would you like to start us off? Yes, I would Nice okay. I’m trying to as you could tell I’m having a bad hair day. It’s cute. Let me see wait look at me Cute no it looks good. Is it though like no. Marla, would tell you it looked weird. okay thank you. I don’t know. It’s just ponytails I feel like sometimes they’re my friend. I’m not gonna line. Sometimes they look like I have two hairs they’re like sprung up like a little sprout like a little carrot. you look cute. start us off with your haul. Okay. I only got- I got a total of 3- that’s six- I got a total of three items From the cumulative shopping we did oh is that all you got? i got three items But that’s not bad because we’re about to go thrift shopping Oh true yeah i kinda forgot About that, but the first item I got was this it’s a stussy shirt And if you guys don’t know what stussy is i’m pretty sure it’s a shurf a shurf. it’s a surf shop brand based out of huntington beach california. it’s nice, it’s cute And it’s gray and it’s black and white. Thank you Okay your turn okay first thing I got Is this yeah, I should go to blanket no, I did it I have so many of these you can’t even see because it’s so bright, but this is like a light pink It’s like one of those fluffy jackets. So, you know, and I think it’s reversible. This side is gray I would have bought one except that I have one kind of looks like it and that’s not a good enough reason You know, by the way, this is my sweatshirt. I think it’s cute. Oh, you also bought that huh? Anyways, that’s from PacSun. aka also brandy melville. So yeah not relevant right now. I just got this It’s just like a jacket, you know, it’s really big. I can’t believe you guys could feel this through the camera It feels like a cute little puppy oh it feels like eevee awwww you can like take it on trips now and be like “this is eevee” Anyway, i got this because i wanted it. i know it’s like a hundred degrees outside, but it actually is it’s ninety five degrees I don’t care. and i’m wearing a sweatshirt. You would never know Ok, maybe like I mean, you look like you’re dressed for summer. But from watching my videos, you’d never know It’s actually summer cause I’m always just like it’s winter. Yeah, you’re wearing a denim jacket today Yeah, like I don’t know but the thing is that I don’t know I think I’d overheat sometimes but like at the same time I don’t but then sometimes I do no one cared Okay. Okay your turn. Oh, okay. So then after that this is probably the gem Oh, I’ll just do this first then i- wait but we’re doing urban right now Wait, I lied. I got three nail polishes – oh, so I got a total of three four five six. I got a total of six items So your six fingers were right! dang, that should be the conspiracy theory Kind of like EB – I Got this cat pillow I’ve seen online since the end of time I’ve seen this online so many times at urban and I think I actually did a DIY pillow way back when I don’t know if I put it in a video but I did a DIY pillow of this I painted it onto like this ugly pillow. Was it ugly? It was but it was like kind of sentimental so like it was cute to me Despite what my sister Evelyn says I like cats. I like cats too- I think they’re cute It depends on the cat. I’m a dog person like I love cats they’re so nice. There’s so much in common this is why we’re good friends like Cats are just so nice and so cute. I want just like a big fluffy white cat or even like a black and white cat Next i got, i didn’t know you bought it, It’s a really pretty like blue color It says you can’t really tell but it says Arizona there’s two a’s and sleeves made west Anyway, I don’t know I just think this would be a really it was also in the sale section I just think it would be cute to just fold this section Yeah, it was a good time in there. So I don’t know I thought it was fancy Good stuff so I got these ones pretty it’s like a cucumber color and that’s what I liked it It’s like not exactly mint green, but it’s cucumber. So I Was planning are only getting this one You can’t really like wait. There we go You kind of can it’s a pretty blue you can’t really tell but it’s blue that is pink shimmer and it’s called a Neptune and it’s it’s Cucumber that one’s Neptune Anyway, very pretty very cute. It’s very cute And then the cashier lady hooked me up and she’s like it’s three for 10 and this one’s like, and you had to, And it was one for five. So I’m like mmm, so it’s like buy one get one free. I don’t know I I don’t think that’s enough. Um, but then this was just like a pretty rose gold. I don’t really… it’s buy two get one free That’s what it is, that’s what it is Did you show the colors? Yeah, this one’s rose gold. You can’t really see it. But you guys know what rose gold looks like so It’s too bright, but this one’s so pretty. It’s kind of more like orangey, but it’s so pretty It’s like an orange rose gold And then this one reminds me of the color of a cucumber Even though despite the fact that it says cilantro reminds me of cucumbers. And, so it’s like kind of a minty green I’m like not even showing them and they’re probably so confused. It’s hard to describe a color describe a color without saying a color it’s a Blue but more what happens if they don’t know blue is like describing color to a blind person Like it’s like envious It’s like well, I guess because colors can be like described by words So like purple is like royalty like Oh think of like royalty I think it’s thinkin if you think of the word royalty What color do you think I think of purple but that’s only because I’ve seen like purple attached to royalty But if someone isn’t blind and they never knew what like, I don’t know. I don’t know It’s like, you know, like it’s hard stuff. Next thing I got this is also from urban. Dang you got a lot I really did I freaking scored blush like pink shirt I have this in white and this looks white it’s I actually tried on the black one of it and I liked it but I Was like wait, I were to have a black shirt at home, so I didn’t get it though Yeah I don’t really have a shirt this color and with me I don’t know I did this in white and I think it is very Pretty and I really liked it. So I don’t eat that. Yeah. I was just putting my cat away Okay. I just have a few more things. So next thing I got. Oh That’s backwards If you guys don’t know I’m a freaking Girl I love Nintendo lower case Anyway minecraft I used to him phone I actually know like I’d be out deny it that I played Minecraft whatever cuz like minecraft is like yeah Do you don’t like Justin Bieber like it’s embarrassing to like Justin Bieber back in the day Yeah, but like people still secretly did like oh, yeah someone like it was embarrassing to play minecraft back in the day But I played it so I’d really yeah, I don’t I don’t play minecraft with I secretly I had like mansions built like yeah I would search up YouTube tutorials and fall in like my I was like, okay, I See I’m an uppercase G gamer. I’m working I’m working and getting there. I love Nintendo I grew up with Nintendo And so I saw this shirt and it just really touched home so touched home Yoshi in bullet bills and all that other stuff on it But anyways, I think I’ve told you three times now that this is from Pakistan, but actually from brandy melville, but by PacSun, yeah Yeah, you know how there’s like brainy Melville’s impacts on just like mini wants about this. I feel like evil. It’s like a charter school Bullying story. Yes, everything is red white and blue. I mean like I’m not against it. Yeah Yeah, but like these type of things like if I went to a charter school I could wear this technically to like defense a color guide like see I don’t know anything about charter schools Anyways, I got two things also from PacSun I got this can’t even freaking see the colors wait maybe It’s a light blue. It’s Cinderella blue imagine Cinderella and then imagine blue and that’s what it looks like I don’t now describe that to a blind person Cinderella is a Bond girl But what’s blonde next thing I got I feel like I literally could have got this alike justice or something But their injustice is right across Like taking off like the little monkey rhinestones Um, I just brought this like white It’s a very basic or Andy thing like a white zip up by the cropped but everyone needs a good basic Exactly, and I don’t know. I just thought it was cute and fun and then wait I have one more thing No, honestly Avery, you’ve got like a lot. Are you freaking you they? Scored today ladies. I’m excited. I think I’m more excited for these about about these shoes I got the Nike Air Force Ones. Look how cute they are. I mean like everyone’s trying to own them, but they’re so cute They just I know they really like okay. See here’s the thing last time I was at this mall I looked so hard for just a pair of like I just wanted like white tennis shoes. Just but like A superstar together all the time. Yeah, and I’m just like I just need to switch it up a little you know And so I was with Cooper and he’s like don’t get those they’re basic and I was like, right. Yeah, and now he’s not here I’m the bad influence. Y’all get the negative 14. No, they I have them and I think they’re cute. There is a nice Why don’t you just a basic like a but son? No, I mean like basically this is really bad Yeah, it kind of has a bad connotation. But like honestly, it’s not Well, it’s kids. I’m a kid, too well, I put it on that was our Hall we might be continuing this because we were going through shopping for Marley’s channel because We all know how much you guys love when Marla goes to thrift stores Get like my screensaver Its Billy I know she is there now I thought it was you you would think would be a picture of Cooper but now What what was it now was a picture my dog picture of Billy. I eleisha probably can’t even see I honestly thought that was you I was like Anyway, so come Thanks for watching peace and kisses Ciaran next one, thank you so much for watching. Bye

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