Clothes Shaver Fabric Lint Remover- USB Rechargeable Lint Remover

clothes shaver fabric lint remover USB rechargeable lint remover fabric pill remover defuzzer fabric shaver smoother hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper sweater season is here it’s time to get your sweaters out get them freshened up and ready for a
long cold winter that’s coming up ahead I recently got a new fabric shaving lint
remover fabric clothes pill remover defuzzer it’s like an electric razor for your clothes that takes off the lint
balls pills fuzz balls lint balls can be a real problem on your sweaters as you wear things clothing especially like under the arms and down the sleeves they tend to get those
little pills the fabric gets those little pills and they sweaters clothes just don’t look smooth very attractive I recently got this new clothes shaver fabric lint remover defuzzer pill cutter from Gemoor I think it’s how you pronounce it I’m excited to use this one because it has a USB rechargeable
battery in it it’s always nice to have something that you can charge it up and
the charge will last for a long long time it’s also more powerful than ones
I’ve had in the past you can see when you open the box the fabric shaver lint
remover pill defuzzer comes with a carrying bag that’s made of a very nice fabric comes with an
extra blade 2 little brushes to remove the lint and the USB cord what’s not
included is the plug that goes into your wall outlet so you might want to use one
that you have on hand or purchase one to go with your clothes shaver it’s very
lightweight it has a sturdy handle it has a nice large area for removing the
lint and the pill balls on your fabric you can adjust it to low medium or high
according to how thick the pile of your fabric some fabrics like a t-shirt would be low
and a loopy sweater would be high it comes apart you twist and remove the cap
and then you can twist off and remove the cover that goes over the shaver blade cutter you can see that it has multiple blades a large cutting surface and there’s a little fan in there when you
turn it on the fan sort of draws in the little balls pills of fabric and blow them
down into the container on the back the container for holding the lint
and the fabric balls and the pills is big it’s not going to get plugged up or
full before you’re done using it on one sweater very strong motor large cutting surface safe to your skin run my hand over it it does take two to three hours to
charge but it comes already pre charged in the box it’s ready to go right out of
the box you can see there’s a button on the back push the button and you don’t
have to hold it it stays on I don’t have a very strong hand and I like that this
is very lightweight easy to turn on and comfortable to hold but how does it work
here we go look at this sweater I’ve had it for years I like to wear it a lot but
you can see the starts to get those little pills on the sweater spread your
sweater out on a flat hard surface like a counter a table or even an ironing
board turn on your fabric lint remover shaver and just go back and forth gently
over the sweater don’t press down hard you don’t want to make holes in your
clothes you’re trying to remove the excess pill balls that are gathered on
top of the fabric this Gemoor fabric lint remover to shave
off the little pills on your sweaters fabric defuzzer works great you can see you can keep
going over the same spot until you get the parts off you want but it doesn’t
take very long to go over an entire sweater
each sweater only takes a few minutes to get it looking in tip-top shape when
you’re done using the clothes shaver lint remover turn it off you can open up
the lint trap box on the underneath and look at all that comes off take one of
the little lint brushes and brush out any excess that might have caught up
behind the blade and the fan another tip is to remove the front cap and wipe
it off to make sure any lint that is collected on to the screen is not going
to block the airflow or the holes I like doing things like weeding the garden
because it’s one of those things you just keep going and going and looks
better and better and this is the same thing it’s really kind of fun it only
takes a few minutes and you can really see the results of your effort if you
don’t have one of these fabric lint remover sweater clothes shavers get one they really help your sweaters and clothes look better and help keep you feeling good about your appearance and help your clothes last longer look on the handle for where you
plug it in charge it up store it back with the accessories in the Handy
drawstring bag and your fabric lint remover sweater shaver will be ready the
next time you need one I’m really pleased with the Gemoor fabric lint
remover clothes defuzzer pill remover sweaters shaver and I’m really glad that I got this one I’m very
pleased with it it works great it’s helping me keep my clothes looking
better longer learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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