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It’s Steve and Maggie – WOW English TV. What? Oh no. Hey. Oh. Oh. Hey. Hello. Hi. Look, it’s cold and snowing outside today. So. I’m wearing warm clothes. Like this. Woolly jumper. These trousers and oh. Hey! Wait a minute. I’m not wearing any socks. I need warm woolly socks. There must be some in my wardrobe. Woolly socks. I need a pair of woolly socks. Where are my woolly socks? Hey. Look. I’ve found a woolly sock. So, what is it? Say it with me. It’s a woolly sock. It’s a woolly sock. It’s a woolly sock. Yeah. But it’s only one woolly sock. And I’ve got two feet. Where is that other woolly sock? No, no, no, no. Oh. Where is that other woolly sock? Oh no, no. Oh. Hey. Oh. I can’t find the other woolly sock. Oh. Hey! Who made this mess? Oh. It was me, wasn’t it? Oh. Sorry. Hey Steve! Steve! Let’s play! Let’s play! Not now Maggie. I’m looking for my other woolly sock. Oh Steve. It’s on your… not now Maggie. I’m looking for my other woolly sock. Silly Steve. Can you see my other woolly sock? Yeah! Yes? Really? Where? Hihihi. Is it under the table? Is it the other woolly sock? No. It’s a woolly hat. Look. What is it? It’s a woolly hat? Auuu. Hey. I’m going to need a woolly hat. Great. Hey. Look. I’m wearing a woolly hat. Oh. What’s that? Over there. What is it? Is it the other woolly sock? No. So what is it? Aha. Look. It’s a scarf. I’m going to need a scarf. Oh great. Look. I’m wearing a red scarf. Oh, but where is the other woolly sock? Can you see the other woolly sock. Yeah! Yes? Where? There? Yeah. Under the bed? Aha. No! So, what’s under the bed? Well, it’s not my other woolly sock. Is it? No! Oh, look. They’re my white gloves. I’m going to need my white gloves. Okay. Where is the other sock? Okay. I’m wearing white gloves. But I still can’t find my other woolly sock. Hihi. Oh. Can you see my other woolly sock? Yes, I can. You can. Where? There! Where? There! Where? On your shoulder! I know Maggie. I need two woolly socks. Your other shoulder. Oh. Hahaha. It’s here. Hehey. I’ve found my other woolly sock. Thanks Maggie. So what are they? They are woolly socks. They are woolly socks. They are woolly socks. Great. Time to put on my woolly socks. Okay. Hey look. I’m wearing woolly socks. I’m wearing a woolly hat. I’m wearing white gloves and I’m wearing a
red scarf. I’m ready to go and play in the snow. Come on, Maggie. Let’s go! Hey Steve! Wait! Wait! Hahaha. He’s not wearing boots. Haha. Steve! Hey. Oh no! I’m not wearing any boots. Oh. Three, two, one…. hello Steve! Hahaha. Cold, cold, cold. What’s the matter Steve? Well Maggie. I’m not wearing boots. Oh. Where are my boots? There. Yeah, there are. Look. Hey! Time to put on my black boots. Come on and let’s go! Hey. That’s better. Look. I’m wearing black boots. Yeah. See you next time. Bye, bye everybody. Bye, bye. Come on Maggie! Let’s play! Yeah. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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  2. My 2 y/o and I love your vids. He is learning so many words from you. He is always saying "it's a ..truck, it's a car, …" lol. Thank you for the funny cheery videos you post. Very educational. Thank you for your love of teaching. Maggie is awesome too btw

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  7. Thank you,Steve. Everything you do for children is great.It' s really fantastic lessons of english. Iwish i had such teacher when i was much younger

  8. Steve is awesome… and without music. This is what we need !

  9. My baby little cousin really love this so I put it for her and she was laughing and so happy πŸ˜€

  10. How are you hello 😁😁😁😁😁😁steve and maggi

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