Closet Organization Part One: Clothing and Shoe Organization

here’s a quick sneak peek of what came
of my little sorting out closet organization hi guys welcome back to my
channel today I’m going to be sharing with you guys five tips that I
personally use to organize and clean out my closet we’re gonna start off with tip
number one tip number one is to try to clean out
your closet twice a year you want to do a spring summer clean out just to get
rid of your winter stuff I’m doing it now in June because where I live it is a
little bit chilly yes we still have our nice 80 degree weather but there are
days like today for example where the high is gonna be 60 degrees so you
definitely want to still keep like hoodies and stuff in there so I aim to
clean out my closet more around June because that way I can get rid of more
stuff than I normally would if I was cleaning out my closet like around March
or April this leads me right into tip number two tip number two just do it get up do it
don’t procrastinate don’t think about it too much the more you think about it the
longer you go on waiting because it is time-consuming so that’s why I say just
do it get up take a shower and I say take a shower because you will be trying
on clothes that you want to try on clothes with your body being clean so
get up take a shower and just get right into that closet okay guys so this is
what we’re starting off with it’s very difficult to see what’s going on in my
closet I have a regular closet not this big walk-in closet mine is small
simple and I will be showing you what I do to just you know organize this and
try to use up as much space as efficiently as possible I also think
that I will be making this video a 3-part I’m going to do organizing my closet
then I’m gonna share with you guys things that you should get rid of that’s
in your closet as well as things that you should bring into your closet this
year in 2019 third tip my third tip would be when you’re
removing things out of your closet you want to sort them in categories meaning
if I take my Blazers out I would put all my Blazers in that one category I would
put my sweaters in a category on the floor or on your bed wherever you want
to put it my jeans in a certain section everything in its own little category
what this will do is it will help you when you go to take things out and
decide what you do or do not want because then you’ll realize that maybe
you do have too much of that one item also when you’re sorting here things out
by category you want to grab your shoes and also separate them by boots meals
loafers sandals things like that so that it’s once again easier for you to see
what you have and see if you have too many of that same item you also want to
avoid doing things like this pairing your blazer with your top underneath and
I say that only because as I’m removing my things out of my closet I realized
that I forgot this thing even existed and it’s like a brand new bodysuit that
I could have worn a long time ago but because I had it under the blazer I
didn’t even realize that it existed and of course as you’re cleaning out your
closet you end up trying on clothes just to see if you want to get rid of it and
or stay with it and you just end up looking different as you go along and
Here I am trying different things on and some of the stuff as you’re going
through your closet you’re starting to question why did you even buy it this is
the quote-unquote mess because as you know when you’re organizing things look
messy before they end up looking better yeah let’s continue I’m actually going to show you how jeans so
what I do is I fold them in half take the hanger
put it through make sure it’s folded go down to the ankles grab them and fold
them in you have it so that when I put it in there you go
hi everyone is now the next morning and I wanted to share with you guys what I
did to my closet for some I understand that this may be a bit much because my
closet isn’t really open um so it’s not that everyone seeing what’s going on
with my closet but remember when you’re doing something you’re doing it for
yourself you’re not doing it for everyone else you’re doing it for your
convenience for what it is that you like what works for you etc so yes once again
this may be a lot but it’s what I like and I’m happy with how this turned out
but yeah this was the end result so as you can see this is what came of
my closet organization remodel I guess you can call it a remodel because my
husband ended up adding some shelves for few of my bags and then I don’t know
about you but I take my husband’s stuff so I took his little shoe rack right
here and I placed some of my heels on here you will notice here that I have
tip number 4 as you can see here I have tip number
four going which is to use the same color and style of hanger if you can see
here I do have a few that’s darker when I ordered them they said the same color
but they happen to come in different so I ordered more colors and hopefully I
can just change them out but you do want to have the same color hanger in the
same style of hanger so that it just flows better even with just the metal on
top look how much better that looks just flowing all the way to the back what I find easy is to organize by not
only color but by category I keep my more basic teeth in my drawer so yeah I
have my tank tops organized by color than my dresses organized by color then
I have my long-sleeve dresses organized by color and just everything organized
by color my jeans everything and I did that because once again you do these
things for your convenience not for anyone elses I know when I go in and I
want to wear short sleeve shirt I will go straight here or like a sleeveless
top I would go straight here when organizing issues if you have a
small closet like I do get rid of the boxes do not save them they take up too
much room in your closet another tip when organizing your shoes is to place
them in a heel to toe fashion this will give you room to place at least another
pair of shoes on either your shelf or on your floor hope you found the tips that
I shared with you guys and organizing my closet helpful in part two of this
closet series I will be sharing with you guys some things that you should get rid
of in your closet that I’m sure most of you have in your closet so please stay
tuned to part two if you like this video please don’t forget to give it a thumbs
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