Chuck Popovich: BULQ Reseller Spotlight

There’s only so many years in our life that you can pursue your dream. Trying to juggle full-time as a store manager in a big box and reselling- trying to build a business, AND the family life- missing everything I was missing with the kids, I did that for a few years. When I left my retail company, my boss had run a lot of companies, but I had told him, “This ain’t no franchise, I’m gonna build this company from scratch.” I’m Chuck Popovich, and I resell merchandise. Reselling started for me about a decade ago. I got hooked on it going through garage selling and flea markets. That’s always stayed with me, just for some extra income throughout the years, and it’s absolutely amazing to me how much merchandise is out there. You take something that you pay a couple hundred bucks and you turn around you sell it for $1,000. Those are the times you realize it was worth making that jump. When you get that new carton or you get that new pallet, it’s always so fun to go through it. You get all the fruits of your labor. But, there are many times that you will feel defeated, you will feel overwhelmed, it’s not easy. But you got to start somewhere. It’s important that, as I continue to grow, that I share the freedom in the family life. I would love to see other people have more success. Those are the individuals that could be the next CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, but they don’t know until they pursue what their heart’s telling them. There’s absolutely no way I could have done, and continue to do what I’m doing, of enjoying life with the
family, if I was still working my regular job. I have not missed one dance recital, one t-ball game, nothing. It’s an amazing lifestyle to have, as long as you can
still stay true to yourself of what you need to accomplish. Would I have ever
thought two years ago if you would have asked me “Chuck you’re gonna be buying a warehouse two years later,” I would’ve said “You’re out your mind, it’s never gonna happen.” But, you just don’t know, you don’t know. And, I guess a curiosity still
kept me going. I had to go find out for myself could I accomplish what I was setting myself out to do. It’s remarkable what’s out there once you go start searching. [MUSIC]

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