Chicago Fire – A Fed in Fire’s Clothing (Episode Highlight)

– Drop that stuff! – Easy. [tense music] Easy. [metallic clang] We’re just looking for fire. – Let the place burn! We’re leaving. Go to your mama. – Guys, we’re just firefighters. All right?
– You don’t have to do this. – Shut up
and get to moving. Come on, man.
– All right, all right. – Stay back! – You heard him. ♪ – You better
stay back too, buddy. Get back! Watch you, boy.
– Don’t even! ♪ Get back! Get back! ♪ – Hands in the air! ♪ – Drop your weapon!
Drop your weapon! – I ain’t going!
Get back! Get back! ♪ [agents yelling] ♪

100 thoughts on “Chicago Fire – A Fed in Fire’s Clothing (Episode Highlight)

  1. Where can i watch full episode if someone knows can they pleas tell me I’ve spent month looking but cant find because in my country its blocked so if someone knows pleas pleas pleas pleas i would be so great full

  2. Fight fire with gunfire. American problems require American solutions.

  3. I mean to be honest one of the didn't shoot so they just committed a crime by killing both of them

  4. When walking the hallwaythey sounded like gta 5 npc's that had 3 programmed lines

  5. Great sence nothing wrong with it bad guys got what they needed

  6. How dare they shoot these unarmed black men!? Omg the racism in this fuckin country. #BLM #IMNOTSERIOUS

  7. For a sec I thought that in Chicago firefighters have guns but then I saw a comment saying they were FBI agents

  8. Black people thinking they are hard because they have a gun😂

  9. Needed a few more bullet holes in the wall you know some missed them

  10. Lol the thumbnail of the firemen with guns they are gonna shoot out the fire

  11. The two groups of agents shot directly at each other how did nobody get hit

  12. “Alright, time for truck check!”

    Halligan: ☑️
    Pike pole: ☑️
    AR: ☑️
    5,000 rounds of 5.56: ☑️
    Hydrant wrench: ☑️

  13. Joe, when you said you were going to learn how to be a firefighter, this isn't exactly what we all thought you meant.

  14. This is so stupid Chicago PD is 10× better than this fire fighters really with guns

  15. Casey and Severide at the end Casey and Severide look at eachother saying silently "What just happened"

  16. Hi my name is Ava and my uncle and aunt kind of my whole family is firefighters and when I grow up I want to be a firefighter just like you are because I want to I’m already three and my uncle taught me how to be strong so firefighters you are the best people in the world❤️❤️😊😊😜😜

  17. Some fire fighters actually carry guns for arsonelists or criminal related fires

  18. I know this is a TV show but if you and another guy are staring down the barrels of six semi automatic weapons and you guys each have semi auto pistols, those agents have more bullets than you do. Smart move would be to just put the damned guns down.

    Too bad some people are just not smart.

  19. And they wonder why they have to keep these shows on….What garbage.

  20. Firefighters are not your friends. They will f*** your wife when you are dead.
    #9/11✊ #bostonstrong✊

  21. Y’all walked in without gloves masks cylinders or a halligan bar? Idk but to me your clover is blownnnnn

  22. How much of an idiot do you have to be to try and fight a veritable firing squad with a simple handgun?

  23. Are we gonna ignore that the FBI agents were shooting at towards each other?

  24. Is anyone gonna mention what happen to the women who has shot at but doge (I think) at 1:07

  25. Here in Canada, police would have attempted to deescalate the situation to take them under arrest

  26. Don’t think it’s just a show That’s how they have to fight fires in Chicago.

  27. Ahhh no that’s not right I didn’t see one officer there and fire fighters do not have the authorities to do that

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