Cheap Vintage/Retro Clothes: Is It Worth It? [CC]

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  1. Good advice. I love vintage, and buy some on Etsy. I am only 5'1'' and a size 10 – 12. My height can be a problem .I am in a wheelchair due to two neurological illnesses. As I'm middle aged now, I don't
    like short dresses as they ride up when seated in the wheelchair.The shirt is really fresh looking and a versatile item.

  2. I zoned out a bit and then heard petticoats <3

    I hate fast fashion, and am annoyed with the new things I find, how quickly they deteriorate, and the despicable annoying lint that sheds from it all! I do love your style, one of several reasons I watch 🙂

    I've lost weight and need smaller dresses, I really will look into the 100% cotton ones… care is easy as I prefer hand-washing.

  3. Just discovered your channel! I adore it! Thank you for this. I've also bought some belle-poque and Grace Karin dresses. Very lovely, good quality… some I have to adapt a little because the waist is too high (I seem to be too long ;)) I recently bought one from Acevog and that was a little dissapointing …
    Thank you for all the good advice!
    You're absolutely stunning!

  4. Hello! I just found your channel, I completely agree — no judging! Minimalist, environmentalism, slow fashion, etc. have all been slammed for being movements of (mostly white) privilege. Warmart isn't my first choice, but I recently purchased two bras there. I wanted no-wire and no foam-molded cups, which can be difficult to find.

    Each of us has to find the proper point where what we buy is fun and beautiful but also supports our desires to find a bargain, save for the future, stick to a budget, etc.

    I recently re-converted to wearing more vintage, and it's a process to build a wardrobe that strikes the right blend (for me) of vintage and modern. I wish I sewed. I feel that refashioning could be a big bonus.

  5. As a guy, I have occasional success in thrift stores. Not every visit by far, but if you have a thift store or two within walking distance, just drop in occasionally, and you might be surprised.

  6. When it comes to style, I am strange. I love vintage and Lolita clothing but I also love dressing in platform combat boots and fandom shirts. This also applies to just about everything else I like. I confuse humanity.

  7. Honey, if you can make money, do it. I would click on links that make you money. So long as the opinion is yours and it’s genuine, I would not care. If anything, I would be happy to contribute to your channel.

  8. I love vintage clothing in 1940-1960's which I make myself. I made my first Vintage 1941 blouse out of crepe back satin, Vintage dress 1943 out of knit rayon of spring colorful flowers which everyone was a surprise of me being able to sew due to me starting sewing in last week of November 2017. Now, I am sewing a sheer paisley with different colors silk voile 1940's blouse., I will be adding Soutache trim at the neckline and sleeves. I also love British fabric which I have two monthly subscriptions of receiving fabric to make a garment, quarter pieces, thread, buttons and a surprise. I would like to visit England just to visit the fabric shops all day long and having a proper afternoon tea everyday.

  9. On this topic I would like to say I’m a bit disappointed in Hell Bunny as of late. I used to really LOVE them! It seems they have outsourced to China and India (they used to have many items MADE IN ENGLAND). Their Spring 2018 collection seems to have cheap looking cuts and cheesy fabric prints. Very sad the quality has gone down.

  10. Hello, can you tell me how you made that hairstyle. I love your channel.Greetings, Fleur

  11. There's an American website called Modcloth that sells vintage-inspired clothes. They sell brands such as Hell Bunny, Lindy Bop and others. I'm not sure if they send overseas though. 🙁

  12. I love the more tomboyish/androgynous vintage wear like one pieces or jumpsuits and leather jackets

  13. Have you looked into My experience with them is delightful!

  14. Saw an ad… liked the dress… googled company… this video came up… you're not talking about the brand… stayed anyway… fell in love… subscribed ❤🐦

  15. I love collecting vintage and vintage reproduction clothes. I have loved old things and antiques for my whole life, my papa used to always go to auctions and take me with him so I appreciated older things from an early age. On my channel lately I have began making outfit videos and I love it!

  16. I wonder about the site retrostage. The clothes are all the same designs as Grace Karin. Are they somehow the same?

  17. Do you have any control over the ads that play before your videos? I was just forced to watch a horror movie trailer and it really put a damper on your lovely video 🙁

  18. if you want to donate some unused your vintage dress,contact me(;

  19. lol!! I have that exact same dress you are wearing!!! the lovely lemon dress!!

  20. you are such a lovely person AND you are very beautiful. i could watch you for hours and wouldn't get bored. i simply just adore you. greetings from austria. my name is karin (53 years old)

  21. I bought a Belle Pogue gothic gown and it's gorgeous so I'm getting a few of their vintage style pieces ordered and I'll be wearing my first dress tomorrow… the key to buying on Amazon is REALLY REALLY looking at the customer posted images. There's usually someone with my measurements who's giving a review and posting a photo. I've never had to send anything back… but I may spend an hour researching and comparing. I'm a 34DD so it's hard to find tops and dresses that fit properly

  22. I'm a seamstress and I love you so much for even just reminding people, if they can afford it, to support small business and their local seamstress! So important 🤗😗

  23. Grace Karin is fantastic for plus size, both skirts and dresses. I can get a fabulous plus size vintage appearing dress for $30 delivered to my door within 3 days. It doesn't get much better than that!

  24. I love wearing vintage and always get so many compliments when I wear that type of clothing, but struggle finding affordable shops where I can trust what I'm buying, so to discover these review videos feels like hitting jackpot; especially with Grace Karin which is definitely in my price range and free shipping on Amazon – I'm definitely going to indulge in some new outfits

  25. This comment is late, but I just want it noted that I found your dress in my size, and I wear kids sizes (dwarfism) which made me smile. I can't buy it since I'm a broke college student, but still…

  26. I would turn the blue "sweetheart" neckline dress into an apron. Love it.

  27. I have two from grace karen and one is more black and the other is more white like the Lemon one you are wearing and I was wondering if yours is a little shear like mine is

  28. your voice is absolutely b e a u t i f u l. it's so Smooth! i love it! aaaaaa what accent is this im sold

  29. Don't buy from China if you're over size L either. I got a 3XL (should fit according to the size chart) when I'm normally an L/XL and it was really small

  30. Buying from a low income country can be great if you support a local company etc. Sweatshops is a different story 🙂 Just saying because I’m from a low income country and support for our ethical businesses are great!

  31. I don't think cheap necessarily means fast fashion. I like thrift stores/charity stores. I have found a dress that is my absolute favourite and cost me 4€. I have worn this dress all summer. It was not made (or at least I didn't support it) by an underpaid child, and the money went to charity. So ethical. I also stopped it being thrown away and have worn it many, many times, so it was pretty sustainable. I would not call that fast fashion. In that same shopping trip, I also bought a dress for one euro (I have never worn it because it is thick and woolly and I would die of heat if I wore it during the Spanish summer, but one day winter will come. Winter is coming, and so are we. No, I do not watch Game of Trones. I never have).

  32. When I’m older, I want to dress like a 50s housewife, it’s my favorite style in the whole wide world!

  33. Although my mom has never had much money, she rather saves some money and buys clothes which are a bit pricier than buying those cheap, ugly-looking shreds which can't even survive 1 washing. I should do her way too!

  34. Thank you so much! A much needed video specially for me, a broke high school student that wants to buy vintage but not break the bank. Wonderful videos! 🤗

  35. every you post is a cavalcade of knowledge and fun. Do you find that horrid tight pants trend good?

  36. I love your vintage style and want to dress like that and have for a while. How do I go about that? Especially with short hair…

  37. Hi how was the process for Grace karin like how long did the order take and have you ever returned anything if so how was that. Any information would be good I'm looking at buying a few colours to see how they look then choosing just one. Thanks xx

  38. UK and Irish Vintage/Retro folk could do worse than Carousel for ethically made vintage clothing: I looked up SEDEX and it appears to me to be a legitimate resource for the shop to use in order to provide ethical and safe employment. I wore Walsh's clothing prior to the changeover. They were a mix of vintage and modern back then and I was less curvy. But they were great quality, and pretty brilliant. The clothes in the shop currently cater for larger ladies but I'm very short so I do have trouble with that. But I also have amazing alternations places near me that are still run by the same families that have been altering clothes for generations.

  39. Is it just me or does her in the romwe shirt picture look a lot like agent peggy carter.

  40. The best thing about vintage is that your new dress will not go out of fashion next year. You can spend more on each item, as it will last for years.

  41. Ich bin deutsch und verstehe auch englisch. Aber wieso mischst du deine Videobeschreibung, den Titel und die Sprache im Video zusammen?

  42. i'm having a rough time buying genuine vintage clothing, it's always the measurements that kill me TT im thin but my bust is very large so finding things that match both my waist and on top is impossible, and almost everything has a zipper or buttons so i feel so screwed haha

  43. Growing up in my home country my grandparents would always take me charity shopping. In Eastern Europe most clothes (even the ones sold as new) tended to be pretty poor quality, but in charity shops we'd find German and British clothes (vintage mostly) in pristine condition and of stupidly good quality (my nan's sister was a tailor and she was very impressed with the quality). I am lucky that when I arrived in the UK to go to uni I found so many charity shops around my area, and some of them are exclusively vintage :D. I got the long wool coat I always wanted for 15 quid, and it looked like it was never worn (found the brand on etsy for over £90!). Vintage tapestry bags in pristine condition for 3 quid. A fur shawl like I've never seen before for a tenner. My small room is filled with vintage clothes and I have no idea how I'm going to carry everything with me when I'll have to move out, but I am not giving up on any of them. I am a very sharp hourglass and vintage just suits me perfectly; I can't wear anything modern, not necessarily because I don't like it, but because it does not fit me. I can't even wear most branded retro adaptations because the waist still tends to be too high or too low even then, and I'd be stuck between unflattering and uncomfortable :(. The only disadvantage you get from wearing vintage often is the odd looks you get on the streets

  44. Which decade is your favorite? I really love the old london style, is super cute and misterious

  45. Hi Jessica

    I don't know if you'll read this but.. Yeah.

    I live in Cumbria, UK and I'm a big girl. I struggle finding dresses that suit my body type and are cheapish. I have only 4 dresses, 2 light, 2 darkish – depends on my mood. ( I have my petticoats too)

    Just so just wondering if you have any advice or know any were I can go for my dresses or a skirt as I love retro and vintage soooo much and would love to wear them more often


  46. I have my great-grandma's old shoes and even though they hurt my feet really bad, they're so beautiful.

  47. this is pretty late… but what lipstick shade are you wearing? it looks gorgeous

  48. You seem to know a lot about vintage fashion, do you think you could make a video eventually about maybe the best different vitage styles for different body types. Because I would love to get into vintage fashion but my body shape is very very different than what the styles were originally made for, in fact, I have a hard time with fashion nowadays and finding styles that look good on me. I'm 5'1 and thicker than average but I'm very hourglass and always have been. I just think it would be interesting to get opinions from you on just different styles of vintage clothing for different body types.

  49. so at first i was impressed bc i thought she was doing asl, but then i couldnt understand what the hand flapping was.

  50. I love vintage clothes benches furniture all things vintage and retro

  51. @Jessica Kellgren-Fozart Thanks for the guide! I just wanna ask if maybe you ever buy to the online shop called RETRO VINTAGE? Cause they have pretty 20's and 50's dresses not that expensive, but I'm not sure about the quality of the dresses? I've seen bad comments on their instagram saying they're using false photos from other people and their dresses are different in reality, so I'm not sure….
    (Sorry for my broken english, it's not my language…=P)

  52. When I studied abroad in London I bought a beautiful vintage dress. It was my favorite article of clothing and only cost 20 pounds because it was on a sale rack at a vintage show. Since then I've gained about 50 pounds (I think because of medications) and it no longer fits, but I just can't bear to let it go. Thank you for this video, because now I may be able to afford some things that remind me of my lovely dress and fit my new size!

  53. I cannot figure out if grace Karin costumer support comment you made was sarcastic or not lol

  54. Thank you, thank you! This was exactly the kind of review that I was looking for!

  55. Making ethical choices is a luxury afforded to the rich, and hoisting that responsibility onto consumers who can't afford to make that change ensures that the market doesn't have to respond to things ethically unless their hands are forced. Which is great for them, because they can just keep practicing status quo. It makes me so upset when people guilt others for not being able to afford "ethically sourced" options! 🙁

    Anyways, yes, great video. I'm having a hard time and your videos have been very helpful all of today.

  56. It's 8am here in Florida and I'm watching a beautiful young woman explaining petticoats and vintage dresses, how blessed I am, said the old hard Butch that's been up all night in pain. Jessica you're better then pain killers. Thank you for all your hard work you put into your videos. 💐👍🙉🙈🙊☕️☺️

  57. I was send two dresses to review (one by Grace Karin and one by Belle Poque) and I was happy with them, but I wanted to check the brands and see what other customers had to say. I'm so happy you reviewed them because you're my hero (I have a chronic illness too and I've been watching your video for ages, I just didn't comment before). You look absolutely beautiful in all of these dresses!!!! You're so inspiring and amazing.

  58. When life gives you lemons, make a cute dress from it!

  59. I’m fine with everything, like I’m poor. I don’t care what the fabrics are, as long as it’s pretty. Beggars can’t be choosers.

  60. well, you totally vibe Katherine Hepburn, so consider that goal accomplished!

  61. I once bought this vintage dress you're wearing on, yellow lemon print

  62. Just a thing about Romwe: You got really lucky with a nice shirt. A lot of Romwe stuff on the cheaper end is like the dress, poor quality and doesn't match the photograph. Just be careful with that site.

  63. Another really good quality brand for vintage-style clothing is Hellbunny. Also, Collectif Vintage London. I can’t confirm the price (or availability) in the UK for Hellbunny but the dresses I do own are FANTASTIC quality

  64. I am wearing a Grace Karin dress right now actually. I bought it on Amazon and it was kind of a "well, let's see how this goes" experiment. My clothing style has changed over the past year and I'm trying new things. I am so, so surprised by the quality and I love it. ♥️

  65. Nice relaxing video. Thank you. I sometimes am unsure on clothes shopping like dresses in terms of which to get.

  66. Have you ever been to Goodwood Revival? I was working there today and the commitment to their gorgeous vintage theme was so cool, so many of the women reminded me of you 😂 honestly I kinda felt like I had accidentally timetraveled all day haha

  67. I’m not meant to wear heels (EDS and ankle instability) and technically I’m meant to always wear a lace up boot. Can you recommend a style of flat shoe or boot that would work with your gorgeous vintage style?

  68. Something you didn’t bring up, another option is to look for local thrift stores, or consignment shops. I grew up shopping places that resold everything from clothing to furniture. You’d be surprised how many items either are vintage or can look vintage At thrift stores!

  69. I shop at Wal-Mart but not for fast fashion. It better last! But I have been wearing a true vintage dress.

  70. I'm lucky that I like 60's-90's vintage as I can get it both from family wardrobe chuckouts and my local vintage store. (Support local small businesses!)

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