Champion: How a 100 Year Old Brand Became Cool Again

100 thoughts on “Champion: How a 100 Year Old Brand Became Cool Again

  1. Call me when Shaqs become popular. I still have the pair that I bought at payless in middle school.

  2. In my senior year of high school now and all the freshman have champion shirts and bags. TIME TO SELL ALL STOCK IN CHAMPION

  3. Champion looks hella ugly, only SOME outfits made by champion looks nice. The logo looks like a egg that has a mouth. Mostly asshole who want attention wear it at school but that’s not everyone

  4. As a brand with a stand out logo I love watching videos on how other brands maintained through the years, very few brands have been around for such a long time.

  5. I always rocked champion even when my boys were in volcom, vans, skater shit, still rockn champion

  6. Bro for some reason this year of school everyone was wearing champs. Even me I didn’t even think about the brand and when I FaceTimed my friend before the first day of school and we was wearing the same champion long sleeve shirt😂

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if sketchers are known as a fashion style in the future

  8. When if you wore Fila from target or polos or champion you would immediately get clowned so badly in elementary what’s a fila smh now hoes wear fila brick shoes and hoodies

  9. bruh…i used to wear champion clothes all the time and used to get bullied because it wasnt cool…

  10. i like he design of the man running inside the C on the champion its like a Polo mix with Champion

  11. Lmao Fila got clowned hard back then but i feel like they still do cause their shoes look like ass, like a knock off yeezy 🤣🤣

  12. Had some of my old Champion shirts from about 6 years ago, finessed a guy and said these are vintage and he bought them for $300.

  13. Filas, champion??? I deadass own 3 vintage champion sweaters! And filas? I own a shit ton of filas stuff I own a fila bike, it's rlly old but still

  14. I remember Champion was just your average brand. I had tons of Champion clothes lmao

  15. They patented it for sure but not so sure about inventing it…🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. It’s still fuck champion shits trash af will never pay $40 for a shirt that was being sold at Walmart that’ll just be stupidity

  17. So many people just go with a trend rather than just actually liking the clothing or it being comfortable.

  18. Champion is so big now.. Love it. Im 34 . when I started dressing hip hop . I remember I bought a champion hoodie for cheap. I forget where. I bought it because it was bagggy. That was in 1997. In the early 2000s I was always in Tall Tees. Pants really low. And Im white. The black guy in the start of the vdieo is right . most of the younger guys now are in fitted clothing in hip hop. You would never see me in tight clothing.. We all wore big and bagggy clothing.Now Im wearing more fitted too. Not too tight. I still look young . no one has ever told im too old to dress hip hop. Besides. Ive been into hip hop since I was 12. No one can say Im trying to look like a kid. We made this what is today.

  19. I had a few champion hoodies in highschool in different colors but growing up champion wasn't a popin brand now that shit done blown up, wat a way to rebrand itself

  20. 90s style is in now?

    Im gunna stock up on cargo shorts, yellow hurley tees and blink 182 albums… any day im gunna strike it rich

  21. Shit you could be wearing some off brand shit and still look clean now and honestly it’s good. People who still make fun of others wearing off brand shit be corny asf. It’s 2019 we rocking Hanes and Fruit of the Loom baby

  22. I remember when that shit was nothing. I would get them for the colors. They would rip so easily. No one had them. And then,*boom*, it blew up again.

  23. This makes me wanna buy every cheap brand that is out here

  24. Your voice is so fucking boring, sound a but more exciting you miserable freak

  25. No cap, it became hot when
    g herbo put that shit in his
    'yea I know' video.. real mf go just keep it a hundred Grand! 💯

  26. I got Champions at a Payless yearsss ago when I was in middle school. I was jealous of other kids in Converse and Vans and Nikes and all else. My parents thought my shoes were awesome though cuz they grew up with Champion being the shit. Trends are weird like that

  27. i got burned for wearing dickies skate shoes once,but i bought them for work and the only reason i was wearing them was cause i just got done working

  28. yes sir 4th grade flexer already got 15 hoodies and 4 shirts🔥 we eating good no🧢

  29. i swear eveything is spying on me i crack my phone and dont even google it and i get videos reccomended about phones i google champion on incognito signed out of my account and i get champion videos reccomended. and alot more stuff to

  30. To me the champion brand was popularized by the NY hiphop artists. FILA, FUBU, WUWear, RL Polo, Champion is and was an east coast culture thing. In the west we had Chuck Taylor's, plain tees, Pendleton's, and dickies. But now every one rockin that fly style. And I'm happy with that. I rather buy champion over nike. The logo is just dope wit it. Plus it warms me up seeing kids sport it with joy instead of being embarrassed.

  31. Ayyyyyyyyyyy man i was born in the year 2006 i didn't know that #CHAMPION was sold at walmat god damn i should have been born in 1999

  32. Bought really fitted Champion joggers 1 year back.

    People just be hating cause I'm flexing both a good brand and my thicc fuccing thighs

  33. They're attempting to break into the sneaker game but so far the attempt has been underwhelming. The hoodies on the other hand, some of the best made, most comfortable on the market. ♥️

  34. isn't it because it says Champion on it and Rappers all think they're champions

  35. Champion is like that fake friend. After it gets helped when it was at its worst then it gets popular and leaves. But what can I say you gotta do what you gotta do.

  36. I love champion but I feel like it's going to be those things were it gets too popular that people are going to hate it

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