Career Fair: Candid Conversations (Professional Dress)

With the word ‘professional’ we would like to see professional dress. Typically a suit is nice, a clean shave if you’re a guy. You know, very presentable. We want to be comfortable at the same time as well. I would say for men, a lot of guys had ties that were perfectly set up on their neck. Their shirts were tucked in, their pants weren’t too lose. So if you just look tight, you look nice – that always is a plus. I’ve actually seen pretty good professional dress today. You know, the best thing you can do is go out and buy an interview suit and tie. We also understand that these are college students and they may not have the budget to do that, so I’ve seen some shoes that may not be a hundred percent professional, that’s okay. Whenever you are at a career fair, you want to come with the best that you have. So you want to dress professionally. For ladies, I would recommend skirt suits or slacks and blouses. I’m pretty high on professional dress and the reason being it’s always better to be over-dressed rather than under-dressed. You can’t wear a tie that you didn’t bring. It’s a cliché but people need to dress for the job they want, not the job they have. We want clean cut and a professional appearance. It doesn’t have to be a coat and tie but clean, well-kept and well-groomed.

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