California – The bankrupt State – VPRO documentary – 2010

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  2. California.. Once ran on race gas, now can't make it on fumes.

    Third world countries step around human feces.

  3. Property tax is way too high, that is why we can't afford housing. Just as it was when Surfs worked for the land owners, history repeating itself. Grow your vegetables and pay the state it's share.

  4. We will never get back to core services when the Democrats put blocks, curtains and greed on the people. We are being screwed by greed, political bullshit and I for one are tired of seeing this shit. Its time for we the people to take back our country and get rid of the scourge that is a shadow over the people. I'm tired of seeing high rent, high fuel prices, high food prices and high taxes that pays for all the homeless drug addicts that dont work and pay taxes. We are at a breaking point where we the people need to do something.

  5. Do this family have family lives outside the state of California .? Maybe can help them. It's not going to get better in California. This is what happens when you had support a Democratic Party

  6. Let's bring in more illiterate unskilled people from anywhere across the globe. That should help.

  7. This is an old documentary.. California in 2019 is doing great.. California has created more jobs than Texas and Florida combined. CA is the biggest state economy in the country and its economy is the worlds 5 largest.. Its the technology center of the world.. If anything California has become a victim of its own success because property price has soured

  8. People blaming democrats for this? The poorest state in the union is Mississippi and some parts of Mississippi has poverty worst than Africa according to the UN.. And Mississippi is controlled 100% by Republicans

  9. Democrats bankrupt Illinois now they bankrupt California. No federal money for these 2 states when it comes time to pay the bills. Let the taxpayers of Each state pay for it, they get what they have sown.

  10. Internet for jobs has been the worst thing to have happened in job searches. Unemployment lasts longer due to this change alone.

  11. so L.A has turned into New Venezuela
    people need to band together and fire all the reps

  12. Since i was a kid i always said that the rich were a parasite onto humanity. And my dad was rich when i was a child so i had every material garbage you can think of. Now that i'm poor i feel better because money was a crutch to me. And it is to everybody. Most people may think that money will unburden you of all your troubles but its the opposite. Money makes people into soft, whining, insecure, crybabies that wouldn't survive a day in the jungle without bringing resources; and today i am proud to say that i am an expert survivalist, marksman, hand to hand combat fighter. And i'm proficient in so many ways. But the best of all that the taking away of that golden spoon i had when i was young gave me is that i came to know God. And not just God in the sence that most people know him from a human standpoint but i know him in the supernatural sence. Like i really spoke to my Lord face to face and there's not enough money in the universe that can buy the security comes with knowing the creator of the universe. Amen to that.

  13. The reason why ca and la are bankrupt is because of who thay elect as a governor thay failed . You want better STOP PUTTING DEMOCRATS IN POWER .


  15. Im from New Zealand.
    The comment section buzzes me out..

    Democrats are not to blame republicans are not to blame..

    Its the 1 % owning 90% of the worlds resources which is the issue.

    Unregulated captilism is the issue.

    Even if your house only increases at 7% value a year withen 10years the next person to buy it will need to loan more money from the bank your rent will go up astronomically but your wages will stay the same..

    Wake up America stop fighting amoungst your selves

  16. I'ts so sad !!! USA never change anny more😓to much corruption
    sorry the family lost jobs and there houses😣

  17. If he is an electrician, he needs to move to Southeast Texas–plenty of work in the plants and LNG terminals.

  18. need to make your tax money be appropriated correctly. Get rid of your government and start over.

  19. The guy's an electrician… He has MANY more options than most people who fall on hard times. You've got a family to support, man. MOVE!

  20. This is very controversial we are told that the country has a strong economic growth. WHERE ARE THESES FACTS COMING FROM???

  21. What relay happened to America. Homeless people are growing and church are declining I think Trump and his gang should do something about it

  22. @8:40 You can thank the failed Democratic policies for that. This is what happens when Democrats run a state.

  23. In California, if you're white and not giving to everyone, you are not wanted. Whites lose theirs jobs and are replaced by people of color or gay, do to state requirements. It's pathetic!

  24. This guy is lucky he has parents to help him Admittedly he likes having nice things for the first time.But save some money

  25. California wants to be their own country and not support the president because they don't like him. I say they are on there own. The people who live there are rude and entitled so they fix there own problems. I could care less about CA. That place is full of needy criminals.

  26. An electrician – move to Canada my buddy did and they pay him $50 an hour up there!
    If you can get Canadian Citizenship you get free health care too!

  27. in the 1970's the US goes to China and set up some deals to get cheap labor to make stuff, initially all in Hong Kong but later spreading all across China,
    Back in the US consumers could buy stuff cheap and feel well off even as their own wages didn't seem to go up much, not even keep up with inflation,
    Decades go by and the middle class jobs have fewer and fewer unions, wages continue to stagnate – not keep up with inflation., and cheap goods keep coming in from China so even though your wage was not going up, you could buy a lot of cheap stuff at Walmart, so standard of living didn't seem so bad.
    But fewer and few of us had good paying secure jobs, soon we saw our friends neighbors and coworkers all taking about the part time work their spouse was doing to help with the bills. then later full time, now we hear them talking about the two jobs they Each have all at low low hourly pay, and still not having enough, even with the cheap stuff at walmart. we see that with loss of the middle class we have fewer people making our own stuff, and they cut back the manufacturing jobs that used to be common, and when you lose a job like that maybe you don't buy a new car, so the factory that makes cars cut back a shift at the plant.
    then one of your friends tells you their kid is sick and the hosptial bill is going up over 40 000 and they are adding another mortgage to their house, but they get laid off from their job and lose the house, and move back with their elderly parents.
    We see this leads to reductions in local taxes paid and smaller towns struggle and lay off staff,
    meanwhile when the wall-street crooks are in financial trouble our government barrows (and we are the ones that owe the repayment by the way) and they give away 800 billion to the super rich, who use it for a bonus.
    We see more and more people living in their car,
    we see the tiny house movement – a way to get around the expensive building code requirements,
    we see people walking or riding bicycles that used to drive,
    we see tarps on the sidewalks with people living under them.
    This is not the result of Democrats this is the result of Republican policies and zero taxes on super rich

  28. Ask.Obama.for.a.donation.he'

  29. Recall Newsome and VOTE OUT THESE DEMONIC Demoncrats. Where are all these Hollywood Assholes oh ya they are locked behind the walls to keep you deplorables out. Better yet wall off California from the rest of the U.S. If you have the funds available get out of California. The plan is to bankrupt people and take over their real estate! Cant cry any tears for those that voted in the Demoncrats. Sanctuary State.

  30. This was planned and still is the plan to take down the middle class through stagnation of wages , blocking any unions and too much money going into to little pockets .
    If you notice, most of the people living on the streets are in cities and states that claim to be so called sanctuaries for people from other countries who make claims of being in danger if they stayed in their home lands .
    Plus with the millions that are here that have used false documents to obtain employment from employers who are not required to use E verify , have undermined and displaced the citizens and people who have (through much effort ) come here legally, by using these people who for the most part have little rights, cannot unionize and work for substandard wages .

  31. Get rid of the democratic leaders & you will see a turn around in your economy

  32. Totally agreed! If we don't buy the rotten system that had been failed us , we should have creating the system that make everyone could have better and comfortable lives ??? WAKE UP !!! It's time for us to change and Rise again!!!!

  33. The social worker lady seem parasitic…bring these people some change instead of just feeding on their helplessness.

  34. you need to change the way you vote,dont vote for liers ,you need mayors and congress people who love america period.I never want to go to CA.

  35. no wrong info,there are only a couple states living in cars,most states it is ms social worker its your commy state

  36. Take away all their vehicles for just one day and it would be panic and chaos. Only bicycles allowed. Can you imagine how long it would take for them to get to work, shop and get their children to school?

  37. Ca. Will not recover until they change their leadership ! Democrats are like third world countries, they are socialist ,and steal all the money

  38. Yeah that model is now known as NIMROD which teaches nothing but slavery lies. You will never hear the name Yahweh at any university because all they do is blot him out in every way possible, but now you girls know what it feels like to be under the beast instead of riding on top. Yahweh's people don't have any of the problems in this film because they were warned and hedged in and protected as it will always be. Now the world falls down and it will not get up again…Praise Yahweh, love them kids and you won't have time to miss anything.

  39. Let thier shit burn , Everytime I go to southern Cali all I see are people living inside circles of trash . They want to set a example they could start by picking up the trash along thier freeways and highways .

  40. I'm from Texas and I promise if you come here you will be welcomed and will be working within the month. I hope they make it.

  41. See a state run by demorats vote them out honest people that knows the need of the state not to fill their pockets

  42. And the stupid retarded, snowflakes-democrats want to open the borders!?
    With their stupid laws brought California to its knees!

  43. Land of the free? American dream? Well these people appear to have both those things in abundance.

  44. Stop allowing illegals from coming here because it only destroys the infrastructure. These democrats is not going to tell you this

  45. California politicians have been raping the coffers for too long. Failed state is correct and donations are just a Band-Aid. I suggest find to a healthier state to live in, good luck because I don't see any hope for California.

  46. Such a lovely and loving family , together forever , YAHWEH bless this families .

  47. Man,… I loved living in California, lived in a small house on the outskirts of Huntington beach, rent was $475.oo PER MONTH ! Of course, that was 25 years ago, drove a delivery truck 5 days a week anyone that wanted to work could have a menial job and have a great time doing it AND have a little cash left over for fun,savings, etc, as an older guy now the RV life sounds great ! Almost tempted to cash out and park at the beach for the rest of my days, sounds like a great way to live ! Those kids are lucky to be kinda like gypsies. I don't see what is so shameful about living in an old bus ……sounds great to me !

  48. Maybe people should think about voting Republican. Sanctuary cities are the problems.

  49. Politicians and greed is distroying California. I grew up there in the 1960s until 1995. I went to Junior college and paid $50.00 a simester and then graduated Junior college then went to San Diego State University and graduated in 1991 with a BA in history with no student debt. I went to trade school and finished with a certificate in HVAC. Stop raising the cost of living. High taxes and a high cost of living. Vote out the current politicians and change the social structure for people. Lower the rents and make it affordable to live.

  50. Really good diet these parents are feeding their homeless kids. Those chips are one of the most expensive so-called foods on the market, and the male dude didn't get all those tats for free. These parents need to learn how to budget &/or handle what little money they might have. There are ways to improve their current situation, but they don't know what those ways really are. Go to school and learn how to handle your money.

  51. This is why Trump won in 2016. People are waking up. I hope it’s not too late.

  52. They way California is going to fix the problem is to tax you more. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. What are you talking about, we are a third world country now. When more than half the state are illegal aliens, what do you call that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. the end result of the LUNITICS on the left on full display… LA keep voting for dems and get more of the same…ask Detroit they have'rnt had a republican since mitts dad….not that" repubicans".. are much better..but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…TRUMP 2020…MAGA and CAL too WWG1WGA…kick gavin to the curb in a pile of needles and fecis that he put there to begin with…

  55. ide imagine that once congress catches wind to this and realizes they are growing so much fruit and vegetables organically, Next thing to expect is a large tax or it being banned all together..Cronies are RUTHLESS!

  56. That camper is better than a lot of other people have.. can you imagine being in a tent during the winter?

  57. You can thank the politicians you voted for!! They have decided to give your money away to people that are not from here they are bringing those people in and giving them your housing your benefits your everything!! And now you're homeless!!- well the immigrants are enjoying your home

  58. No high school education? Blaming immigrants and the government? No saving when things were OK? C'mon, really?

  59. Very problematic . . . to such extreme, that each and everyone of us . . . are only a few paychecks, from being homeless. I was once amongst those ranks . . . however, complements of a housing voucher, I now live a normal, uneventful existance !

  60. You can thank democrats for this. California is the next 3rd world state of the Union and a great example of socialist policies.

  61. To the dude grilling burgers, bring you and your family to Georgia,y'all will find work here, we got plenty of room for the Champion too,

  62. If you think food stamps only buy food; you need to come to the hood.

  63. Why does everyone blame "immigration" for every bad thing. Its not there fault that they can work Better Faster And Harder then most off you lazy bumbs. Get 2 jobs like me i work 17+ house a day 5 days a week i can aford my necessities in the Silicon Valley. P.s im an "immigrant"

  64. Homes you did your crimes like i did. but your dad says someone owes you. REALLY

  65. Did I really hear dad say someone owes him. Glad he reads a bible but NO ONE ABSOLUTELY NO ONE OWNS HIM SHIT.,
    I did 5 years, no on was hurt and I didn't take some womans pussy, and I learned nothing in prison. I got and did it on my own, the 08 down turn did wipe out half of my assets and my wife's cancer took the rest, but I still have a home and a 03 truck, and I didn't do it by set on a corner with a sign asking for your change. at least when j went to college there were no safe space, snowflakes, my student loans ARE PAID OFF.
    I did it with a hammer and a tool belt,

  66. They're so damn greedy I don't feel sorry for any of them they did it to themselves

  67. fuck the socialist and communist governments. People need to be libertarians, provide for themselves and live off the land. If you can't do this bare minimum, you shouldn't be alive


  69. Hows socialism working for you? problem with i is your running out of other folks money.

  70. It is so sad and unfortunate that these sweet people live in a democrat run slum. This is what happens when the rich are taxed to death. states with the lowest tax have the lowest poverty rate. "Vote republican" and good luck

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