Cake Bliss

Right next door to the “Artisan Bakery” in
Windermere Road, you’ll find “Cake Bliss” the home of Jasmin Essop, otherwise
affectionately known as “Yaz E” If you like your cakes moist, light and fluffy, then this is a good place to look for them The butter icing is not overly sweet and the overall result is a sublime, gastronomic experience. Yaz E, what is the key to running a successful cake bakery? We try to use the best ingredients. I get farm fresh eggs. I get them directly delivered to me from the farms. Here, everything is made from scratch and everything is proper ingredients, proper chocolate, the Cadbury chocolate. The majority of cakes baked here go to cake outlets throughout Durban. So. if
you’re fortunate enough to know about this bakery you can get your cakes
directly from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Cake Bliss produce between 400
and 600 mini cakes per day, so one of the challenges is keeping that fresh
home-cooked feel to their product, I have a wonderful team of girls that help me. Although I’m based here on our kitchen is here, all our recipes are home-made because it started from a home industry so we try not to get too commercialized. In an industry where competition is
plentiful, it’s vital to deliver on time and a consistently high quality product So reputation’s huge? Reputation is, its major in fact. A the major source of business is
through word of mouth, and taste of mouth. Quite a lot of referrals from, you know, by word of mouth. I’ve done functions where people tasted the stuff at the function and then asked for my number So a lot of referrals that way. So if you’re looking for a cake for an
event like a birthday or a wedding or anniversary, Yaz E is versatile enough to
produce something that not only looks fantastic and the part, but retains that
home-cooked moist fluffy taste. And a last word from Yaz E on how she keeps such a high quality standard.. I think it’s mainly just love that’s put into it.

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  1. I'm glad your easel doesn't get tired of showing us those Durban spots. Thank you Steve!

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