cabi Clothing Fall 2019 “I am unique” | Angela

I have two children, two girls, and I am Vice President of Operations at a local bank here in Los Angeles. It’s very important, as women, to encourage and empower each other, to lift each other up,
to support each other, to go through it together and help each other. To be unique is to be your own self, to not try and pattern yourself off of someone else, to not be a follower but a leader, and even if you’re just leading yourself. That makes you different from next person. I think that just encourages our daughters, our granddaughters, our grandsons, our sons, to be themselves, and to like
themselves, to love themselves, and not try to measure themselves against someone else. When I have on a great outfit I feel empowered, I feel really good. I feel like the real me just comes out. And it took me a while to
break through of what I used to look like, and how I felt like I needed to look in
order to move up in the corporate world. And now I feel this freedom to be myself
and to throw on some color or some funky shoes, and actually show the artistic
side of myself. I am unique. I am cabi.

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