BULQ Cases vs Pallets – BULQ Reselling Basics

Hey resellers, my name is Colleen and
I’ll be your guide to all things BULQ. In this video, we’re going to talk about the
differences between cases and pallets when sourcing your merchandise with BULQ.
One of the great things about using BULQ is your ability to choose between a ton
of options when sourcing inventory, so it’s really important to understand what
those options are. In addition to picking the category or condition of inventory,
one of the biggest choices to make is which type of package you’re buying- a
case or pallet. In short, cases from BULQ are smaller and more manageable
wholesale lots compared to pallets, which are much larger shipments. Cases are a
convenient way to source smaller amounts of inventory and open up new
opportunities for those who are just getting started with reselling. By
sourcing cases, you can move inventory and sell items faster which means you’ll
also profit sooner. With cases, it’s also likely that you’ll get a more varied
selection of items which makes it easier to test different categories and decide
what you like better. Sourcing pallets, on the other hand, can offer a lot more
inventory at a cost-effective price. Pallets can also contain larger quantity
items like furniture and home appliances that would otherwise be too large to fit
in a case. A pallet can be especially useful for a reseller who specialized
their business and is looking for a reliable source of inventory. It’s a
bigger investment up front, but pallets offer you the opportunity to develop and
streamline a process and potentially turn a larger profit. Other important
factors to consider when choosing between BULQ cases and pallets are
shipping and where to unbox your order once it arrives. BULQ cases are shipped
in reusable boxes and delivered right to your door for a flat $30 shipping fee
per case. Since pallets are much larger, they require freight shipping for a flat
fee of $200 per pallet. Because of the smaller size, cases are much easier to
handle, especially for a newer casual reseller. With pallets, you’ll need to
coordinate your delivery and have a fair amount of storage space cleared out
for you to unbox in, as the usual size of a pallet measures approximately 4 feet
by 4 feet. You can find the exact dimensions for cases and pallets in the
FAQs on BULQ.com. Now, if you want to learn more about
cases and pallets, check out the link to our full blog post in the description,
and let us know how you source from BULQ in the comments below. Keep an eye out
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I’m your BULQ guide Colleen, and we’ll catch you on the next one.

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