Buboy suggests Starla to change clothes | Starla (With Eng Subs)

Did our wish come true? I don’t know. Is the electricity back on? Hold on, I’ll check. It’s still dark out there. So I don’t think it’s back on. So our wish wasn’t granted. Could it be because
you’re in human form? Maybe you should
turn back into a wishing star to grant our wish. You’re right, Buboy. Maybe that’s what I need to do. I’ll try turning back
into a wishing star. Okay. Right now! Oh my! Ouch! What happened, Starla? Are you okay? It didn’t work, Buboy. Try it again. Right now! – Ouch!
– Are you okay, Starla? Oh no, Buboy! I didn’t
turn back into a star. But I am seeing
a lot of them. You better stop turning, then. What do we do now? Pandesals are really delicious. You’ve already eaten
more than I have. You’re overreacting. I’m just enjoying this bread.
It’s really delicious. Oh! I almost forgot. Here. You can change into these. Why? This dress is fine. These will look good
on you too. There are a lot of dresses
you can choose from. But I like this one. Starla, your dress is
too striking and uncommon. People here might start to
get suspicious. You have to dress like
everyone else here. And your dress already
needs some washing because it smells. No, it doesn’t. But you’re right. I have been
wearing this for days. Who owns these anyway? Teresa owned them
when she was still a kid. Oh. Okay. Oh! I like this one!
It looks good! I’ll get changed now. Wait, Starla.
I’ll go out first. Oh. Okay.
You can go now. I’ll wait for you outside. Be careful going out. Don’t let Daddy Greggy see you. Okay. Thanks for this. No problem. Please stop bugging me
about it, George. Lena, what do I have to do
for you to be my girlfriend? I already told you, we can’t
be in a relationship now. My sister would get mad. Besides, we’re too young
for that. Age doesn’t matter, Lena. Tell me what I have to do
to prove that I’m serious? You’re making this
hard for me, George.

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