Black Man Completely Shocks Asian Woman At Hollister Clothing Store! ((LEVEL UP))

((ARABIC)) How are you? ((ARABIC)) I’m OK, thanks to God ((ARABIC)) I’m good, thanks to God ((ARABIC)) good ((ARABIC)) I’m from America ((ARABIC)) But I learn Arabic and some other languages ((ARABIC)) Good ((ARABIC)) A little bit ((ARABIC)) You speak Arabic, English and…what? ((ARABIC)) Good ((ARABIC)) Nice to meet you ((NEPALI)) Hello ((NEPALI)) How are you? ((NEPALI)) I’m good ((NEPALI)) I’m learning Nepali now ((NEPALI)) So, I know a little bit ((NEPALI)) What’s your name? ((NEPALI)) OK ((NEPALI)) How are you? ((NEPALI)) OK ((NEPALI)) I like practicing with Nepali people ((NEPALI)) It’s very interesting **time to get paid** ((HINDI)) Hello ((NEPALI)) How are you? ((NEPALI)) How are you? ((HINDI)) Where are you from? ((HINDI)) Where? ((GUJARATI)) Hello ((GUJARATI)) Goodbye ((HINDI)) See you ((JAPANESE)) Are you Japanese? ((JAPANESE)) Are you Japanese? ((JAPANESE)) Yes, I am ((JAPANESE)) That’s good ((JAPANESE)) Nah, not really ((JAPANESE)) Surprised ((JAPANESE)) Surprised! ((JAPANESE)) Where did you learn? ((JAPANESE)) I’ve just been learning by myself ((JAPANESE)) But lately I don’t really practice ((JAPANESE)) Skilled ((JAPANESE)) Skilled? really? ((JAPANESE)) Really ((JAPANESE)) You’re being too nice ((JAPANESE)) You can speak ((JAPANESE)) There’s people in Japan that can’t even speak ((JAPANESE)) Oh yea? ((JAPANESE)) Maybe they don’t have an interest in Japanese ((JAPANESE)) Have you been there before? ((JAPANESE)) 2 times ((JAPANESE)) A long time ago. ”Once upon a time” ((JAPANESE)) Which part of Japan are you from? ((JAPANESE)) What are you doing? ((JAPANESE)) What’s your reason for coming to America? ((JAPANESE)) Work ((JAPANESE)) Oh work? Maybe Honda? ((JAPANESE)) Yes ((JAPANESE)) I have to practice more ((JAPANESE)) I don’t have that many Japanese friends that can speak Japanese so….. ((JAPANESE)) It’s quite difficult to practice ((JAPANESE)) You are the first person in this country I’ve met that can speak Japanese. ((JAPANESE)) Really? ((JAPANESE)) But lately there’s a lot of Americans interested in Japanese ((JAPANESE)) Because of Anime, video games etc.. ((JAPANESE)) Besides English and Japanese what other languages can you speak? ((JAPANESE)) English and Japanese… ((JAPANESE)) Do you know how to speak any other languages? ((JAPANESE)) Just Japanese ((JAPANESE)) What’s your name? ((JAPANESE)) My American name is Moses, but my Japanese name is Rat ((JAPANESE)) Rat???!! ((JAPANESE)) Nickname ((JAPANESE)) But why it’s rat is a long story ((JAPANESE)) Nice to meet you ((JAPANESE)) A friend bought this for me ((JAPANESE)) ”Don’t think…feeel” ((JAPANESE)) Do you know? ((JAPANESE)) Nice to meet you ((JAPANESE)) I’m happy ((JAPANESE)) You’re happy? ((JAPANESE)) Take care, Ok? ((JAPANESE)) Tiger! ((JAPANESE)) Tiger ((THAI)) Hello ((THAI)) How are you? ((THAI)) I’m good ((THAI)) I speak other languages ((THAI)) Thai, Chinese, Cambodian… ((THAI)) I practice Thai with Thai people and…. ((SPANISH)) I speak Spanish as well ((THAI)) It’s very interesting ((THAI)) I think it’s very interesting to learn other languages ((THAI)) No, I haven’t ((THAI)) But I’ve been to Taiwan, Japan and Korea ((THAI)) We always eat there ((THAI)) What’s your name? ((THAI)) Nice to meet you ((THAI)) Nice to meet you ((THAI)) Very beautiful ((THAI)) I think you are very beautiful ((LAO)) Thanks a lot ((LAO)) Can I get your telephone number? ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((TWI)) Welcome. How are you? ((TWI)) Smooth ((GEORGIAN)) Beautiful ((GEORGIAN)) Very beautiful ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello ((VIETNAMESE)) Because I can speak Vietnamese ((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) Welcome ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) I know a little Somali ((SOMALI)) English ((SOMALI)) I’m American ((SOMALI)) I was born in America ((SOMALI)) But I like learning other languages ((SOMALI)) I’m self-taught ((SOMALI)) It’s good to learn language ((SOMALI)) No, I don’t have a religion ((SOMALI))Goodbye ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) OK ((SOMALI)) Take care YOUTUBE CHANNEL: DECEPTIONSTOPPERS

100 thoughts on “Black Man Completely Shocks Asian Woman At Hollister Clothing Store! ((LEVEL UP))

  1. so funny when you get an extra looking asian and he dont speak nothing but proper english

  2. You said koon chue arai to a Lao girl, remember these newer generation Lao are American and they can barely speak Lao so Thai is really off for them. In Lao it's Jow Sue e-yung.. the CH sound in Thai is the S sound in Lao, and the rolling the R sound in Arai is the L sound in Lao Like Alai. Lao use have the R sound like thai but some Lao professor decided to nationally change it so the Lao language wouldn't sound like Thai or Khmer, For example the city in Laos called Saravan, we use to roll the R sound now it's Salavan with the L. Hope that helps bro..

  3. I don’t understand how your Japanese name is rat… I wonder if they laugh at you or with you. I remember hearing, studying the Bible, that Moses in Japanese was musa…

  4. Hahaha he said Somali maa tahay which means are you Somali. This dude is a Allein to speak that many languages

  5. Very Impressed . When you speak other languages people start smiling, comfortable with you. Please Learn Mongolian.

  6. I just started watching your videos a week ago. I've been watching them every night before bed. I'v always wanted to speak Spanish. I think I might order your FLR course to start.

  7. I really enjoy how you’re stumping people left & right with many languages… but since we the viewers don’t know what’s being said, can you please provide subtitles?

  8. Wow! The way you can make them laugh… I wish to learn enough to share emotional conversations and understand their culture enough to make them laugh, like you do.
    What is the first language that your brother is learning?
    It’ll help if you have your full story in the “about” section of your channel.
    Thanks again!

  9. I know when I was learning Spanish with my brother, we disciplined ourselves to only converse in Spanish; especially when out shopping & eating… and to look it up when we didn’t know the word. It helped break down the timid feeling we would get when talking to someone fluent. It also naturally helped our tongues become well practiced in uses the language.

  10. I don’t think you’re supposed use yoroshiku when you leave; it seems awkward to me but I’m not sure.

  11. thai game looked a bit weak right there bruh, no offence man. I love your vids

  12. I know the dude in the shades in this video! He used to live in Columbus, that was my dude. I forgot his name now… Wow that's so cool.

  13. I can speak English, watashi wa nihongo o hanashimasu, saya berbicara sedikit bahasa Indonesia. I swear I didn't use an online translator right there.

  14. Finally someone with a camera looking for good and fun stuff instead of confrontation.

  15. Dafuq you a wierd nigga man , so you see a chinese man lookin for eggs and you go start doing like you lookin for sum eggs to hope to make a connextion with the chinese man LOL you a nuthead bruv

  16. Am African and my first language is Arabic, when am at a beauty supply store. And am sure the owners were Arabian, I spoke Arabic to them but my African American sisters be so shocked like do speak Arabic. Am like huh it's my language, to make this story short Idk you but am very proud of you ❤🙏👐

  17. تتحدث العربية جيدا
    انا من السودان ايضا 😊
    All love from sudan 😊

  18. Her palms weren't sweaty because it was hot in there. Something else was getting a little sweaty too.

  19. Lao Shu San, Sensei, you need a wing man (or wing woman) so you can approach near to people and just start speaking in …whatever … language … and then watch LOL and then start talking with them

  20. This video:
    Two men whisper to each other in Arabic at a post office. They want to send a "priority" package as fast as possible. It has a happy ending filled with xp and level ups.

  21. See he be doing the "mouse" impressions with the asian folks he knows Somali folk gone roast him

  22. “Oh wow… so where you from?…. Canada! Ohhh, ok… Hot, eh?” (Love these vids)

  23. Its funny how that guy touched every single egg in the 18-pack. I haven't opened an egg carton in YEARS, and I might find a single cracked egg once a year, so I'm out about 8 cents a year because I don't waste my time checking them. Good trade off. What's funny is that everyone that is super concerned looks for cracked eggs, but no one ever checks the expiration date on the outside of the carton.

  24. Why does he need all these people with him, does he not ever work alone I mean he’s usually the only one speaking languages engaging with people to speak their language so why are the others needed with him

  25. The fact you speak just a little bit of arabic I subscribed. – from Jeddah Saudi Arabia

  26. Completely serious comment, be careful with recording inside public bathrooms as it's against YouTube and Twitch rules, and against the law. I really enjoy your channel and would hate something stupid like that rock your boat.

  27. i cant really enjoy these video without the subtitles please have them next time

  28. GOD bless YOU ALL may Jesus save us ALL AMEN I can do ALL things THROUGH Christ who strengthens me seek the lord and his strength seeks his face continuously AMEN

  29. 17:25 "You doin ok?"
    "I'm fine"
    "Oh I know 😏😏"
    Mark is so smooth! 😂😂👍

  30. 17:22 Damn that's the most attentive I've seen your brother in your videos! He better learn THAI! lol!

  31. You are my YouTube addiction since almost 4 days! I'm watching everything, and u are so cool! I come from la France et peut-être qu'un jour on se parlera 🙂

  32. I was just wondering, is it a US thing to have unrounded prices like $6.44? Like is that the price before sales tax or something?

  33. Moses: "what are those?"
    Nepali dude:
    Moses: "oh. Potatoes?"
    Nepali dude: "yeah"
    Moses: "oh. Are those good? Have you tried them?"
    Nepali dude:

  34. Ur amazing with all these languages u speak wow love ur video clips

  35. Laoshu put the hashtag polyglot in your videos so that others can find you more easily.

  36. Yeah I told you not to talk to woman with a hijab on bc some idiots place the honor of the family between tue legs of their female relatives. That can start with talking to a man the male relatives don't know. Namus is some they don't play with. There are many stuck in stone age of Islam. I was just worried you getting into trouble. I saw that a few times

  37. Marvell Mark Eric and laoshu in the same video is like the avengers.

  38. Come to the uk a day in central London you will of level up to a new level completely

  39. Be careful about filming in bathrooms, I've seen people get suspended for that.

  40. What were you guys listening to in the car? Bout cast off that N/mindset. I like that.

  41. a black man has to learn every language in the world to be respected, profound

  42. Bro I just happen to come across your channel since then I’ve been watching your videos.
    Your Nepali is good it’s one of the easiest languages. There are lot of Nepali speaking people in Columbus and also lot of Nepali stores & restaurants. You can go out there to practice!! And if you go New York City go to Jackson Heights

  43. I gotta say Mark, you're hella good looking. I know you guys are talking about serious stuff at the end of the video but Mark looks fine as hell.

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