Black Friday Sale on Starting a Bookkeeping Business

hi everyone Steve Crisler are here from
bookkeeping life today I’m going to talk to you about our Black Friday sale 30%
off of all programs so one of the biggest questions I get all the time or
concerns I get all the times that you don’t have experience how can you start
something that you don’t have experience and it’s the very short answer to that
is the only way to get experience as a bookkeeper doing bookkeeping having your
own bookkeeping business is to actually do it you can’t have experience or gain
experience talking to clients until you talk to clients you can’t gain
experience doing bookkeeping until you do bookkeeping you can learn the
software yes you can read a lot of things you can plan a lot of things and
all that takes time but the quickest way to gain experience in bookkeeping and
having your own bookkeeping business is to actually do it and my programs are
step by step programs on how to do that I take you through everything from how
to brand yourself how to pick a good name how to get the name we have logo
services we have website services those are all optional options in the programs
so check out the program check out the links below it’s 30% off for Black
Friday sale and you always get me that’s that that’s the thing we have an
excellent bookkeeping life community that comes with all of the programs and
you always get me I’m always available I’m in the group it’s a private Facebook
group and I’m always in that group helping as much as I can and I’m always
just an email away and we can always just jump on a call as well so all my
programs come with that now so let’s get let’s run that back the sale is 30% off
of everything all the programs you can check them out if from the link below
and you can compare them because some of them come with logos some don’t some
with come with logo and website some don’t so it’s whatever you need and then
if you need to learn QuickBooks there’s the there’s the ones that start with
learn and those have an excellent QuickBooks course in them that is seven
hours of really good training with exercises and it gets you totally up to
speed and with and with confidence that you
can take on your first bookkeeping clients so check that out check the
links below you can again the community you get the you can learn QuickBooks if
you need to get logos of website if you need to all that is in the programs
below 30% off for Black Friday all right you don’t need extra plastic laying
around your house I don’t we buy too much crap don’t we buy something that is
going that is an investment in yourself this is something that really can turn
into providing you with freedoms in your life so don’t buy more crap that you
don’t need buy something that’s an investment in yourself that pays
dividends over time anyways let me know if you have any questions Steve at I’m happy to answer them and I hope you have an
excellent week and day take care bye

3 thoughts on “Black Friday Sale on Starting a Bookkeeping Business

  1. I didn't realize there was an additional monthly fee on this. Has that always been the case? It's not listed anywhere on your pricing page, so I wondered why that is.

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