Best Portable Closet Review

There are many reasons you may be in need
of a portable closet or a garment rack. If you’re having your closet redone by a
professional, it can be a great temporary solution out in your bedroom for clothing
storage. Or, you can keep a portable closet in the
basement year round for your out of season garments. They are also great to display clothing at
art fairs or garage or yard sales, or as a temporary closet for out of town guests in
your home. Portable closets come in two varieties: plain
garment racks that have no cover and simply offer a place to hang clothing, and racks
that are enclosed, offering a semi-permanent solution to clothing storage needs. Many of these products fold up when not in
use, so you can store them away in the basement, garage, or attic. has several very ingenious covered
wardrobes that are multifunctional as portable closets. They are covered in canvas and come with a
variety of additional functions. One has an extra set of shelves for shoes
or folded garments. Other have hooks on the outside, or pouches
in which you can put shoes. Some have zippered closure, and others have
ties, so you can roll the canvas flaps up and to the side, for easy access. Their uncovered garment racks are also very
nice. Some have adjustable shelving, and some no shelving at all. One is made with wicker for a very pretty
look that won’t have to be hidden away. This piece would be particularly nice in a
mudroom as coat storage. Some of the racks even have double bars – hanging
rods that come out of both sides, to hold double the clothing in not much more room. For a laundry room solution (for items that
need to drip dry or that have been ironed), a very simple garment rack on casters may
be the way to go. An extendable garment rack holds a lot of
items, while a quick stand rack or a folding garment rack makes for quick and easy setup
of your portable closet.

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