Best Friends Style Each Other for the Ultimate Girl’s Weekend!

– [Loryn] I think, it looks to me like you really like this. – Damn! – It’s very windy back here. – I feel like I need to be
like, what’s up, what, what, yo. – Welcome back to Clevver Style. – Hi. – It’s another shopping excursion. – That’s right.
– Today, we are BFFs. Just today though.
– Only today! – And we’re shopping for
a perfect girls weekend. – Weekend. We’ve done this before on the channel. Pure and Sinead did it
shopping for New York. We’ve done it Erin and I style
each other for date night. So this is a whole weekend of outfits. We’re doing brunch, we’re
doing girls night out, we’re doing cozy night in. – This time, there are no rules. – Absolutely none, except for that one. What’s that one rule.
– With the budget. Which is the worst rule.
– It’s so hard! – We can only spend $150 for
all three of these outfits, which is a little bit daunting,
but I think we can do it. We don’t have to pick outfits that we think the other person’s gonna like. – We don’t?
– No. – What are you gonna put?
What are you gonna buy? – We can pick outfits that we think are gonna look the best even if it’s not necessarily your style, but I know that you’re dying
to get me in some color you don’t even lie, and maybe I’m dying to put you in some edgier stuff. – Let’s split up. – Don’t mess this up, I will
try not to mess it up either. – Okay, no pressure, cool, cool, cool. (upbeat pop music) – [Sinead] I know Loryn
gets really freaked out about some of the croppy
type stuff that I wear, but I think I’m gonna change it up, ’cause I think Loryn is so hot, and has such a great body, and I am just excited honestly. – So Sinead has amazing style. She can make anything look good. She tends to like more comfy, so I wanna find her just a hot ass outfit that she’ll actually like, but it’s also something I
really wanna see her in. – Okay, so I found two dresses. This is something I know Loryn will like. She might slap me for this. It’s red and it’s pleather or something. I think she’s gonna look so banging in it. (playful jazz music) – I do know she likes neon. I can just buy this whole outfit, and it would work for her. She likes sparkly joggers. Sparkly joggers, does
that not scream Sinead? It’s a sparkly jogger suit. It’s so Sinead, but also, last year. I think it’s something she also wouldn’t spend money on herself. Maybe without the chain mail. Okay, so that set that I decided to get was actually all-inclusive of price, so I have so much more
money to spend on her. I’m really glad, I thought I
blew the whole budget just now. This is very exciting. – Okay, so we’re in Forever 21. Let’s get accessories for this red dress, and then we know that
the night out is done. And then for brunch, I was thinking the style of Ariana Grande is just the thing that
keeps coming to my mind. Like, mini skirt, pink,
maybe a little bit of fur, some hair accessories, I don’t know. I guess Forever 21 will tell me. I own this choker. It’s my favorite choker. So much so I don’t want
Loryn to own it too. Just kidding. – I don’t think I’ve ever
seen Sinead in a denim dress, I know I’ve seen Drew in it. This could be brunchy but
outside of her comfort zone. That’s a definite maybe. This is cute, but I don’t know if Sinead would actually wear it. I just left a store. I thought for sure that
it was not gonna work out, and then we saw this mannequin. Just put Sinead’s head right there. This is perfect for Sinead. It’s funny, I saw this on the rack, but it wasn’t until I
saw it on a mannequin that I saw its potential. If this isn’t brunchy, I
don’t know what brunch is. – I’m gonna use this as my inspiration behind her brunch outfit. I think I’m gonna go for pinks and purples and really try to channel Ariana Grande. This is the girliest I’ve
ever been in my life, like, “Which shade of pink?” But, real talk, I think
I would wear this too. That works, right? That kind of matches way better. It’s not the shiny classic pink one I saw that was amazing, but– Oh God, they better have the size. (groans) (whining) Jesus. All right, moving on, lets go. – I know Sinead’s in this store. I can see her top knot
peeking out over the racks! – What’re you even doing here, huh? You spying on me? What’re you doing? – I just saw your top knot
peeking out over the racks. Did you see anything that– – We only went in there for 30 seconds. It was kinda boring me in there. I know you love that store. – But that’s the thing, I shop there. If it’s boring you, don’t buy the things that I would buy for myself. – Oh, I didn’t. I’ll see you later? – All right. Don’t worry about this take out bag, it’s definitely not Chinese food. I thought we should go to
Windsor but now that she said she was bored in there,
I don’t think I should get her anything there. Change of plans. I don’t know where to go. – I feel like I could give Loryn a sweater to wear with that skirt, because
she really likes sweaters, and it’s still a little
more closer to home, plus, something fuzzy to kind of offset all the shiny silky, you know? This should be the place for it, Forever 21’s usually really
good with stuff like that, I’m just so excited with
this outfit, honestly, I would wear this. And I don’t wear colors,
so that’s saying a lot. – I’m feeling so confident. I know I was confident in Erin’s episode, and that ended disastrously. (laughing) Man, I really felt good about this one. But I actually feel really,
really good about this. If these things fit Sinead well, I think she’s gonna love them. Now I just need the
girls night out outfit. I know it’s not a competition,
but I’m comin’ for ya. – So we found this. I didnt’ find it, Evie found it. I deserve zero credit, but
I like the snap buttons because it’s really 90’s-esque, which I kind of feel this whole outfit is pretty 90’s, the pink
slipper folds and A-line skirt. So, honestly we’re crushing it, because this is two complete outfits now, with the red dress that we
got for our girls night out, and together, it’s just
slightly over 60 bucks, which honestly, our budget
is $150 for all three, total, that means that all the other money can go towards cozy outfit, and a
bunch of fun accessories. – If there’s any place you can get a dress for $8, it’s here. (upbeat glamorous music) This is so cute, whatever it is. She would hate it! Oh, I’m holding the vagina. What if I just go in a
completely direction for Sinead, and get her something that I would wear that I wanna see her in. In this, and nothing else! Full outfit! It’s very girly. – And another Forever 21 find
is this very simple necklace. I feel like because we got
that red going out dress that all the jewelry and
accessories need to be kind of minimal for that look. So, just a plain, simple necklace, but still super cute, and it adjusts. I actually really, really like it. I think it’s really nice, and girly, simple, kind of elegant. And then, I think I gotta
get this for her cozy, I think it’s so freakin’ cute. – I’m gonna try to put her in something just head to toe girly,
but, maybe if I paired it with something edgy like
this, it’d be very Sinead-y. Five minutes ago, I was very confident. I actually feel really,
really good about this. And now, I think I’m going
in a different direction, and I don’t know if it’s the right one, but I feel very tickled by it. – These are some hair clips. Which do you think, these? – [Woman] I kind of like these. – Yeah, it’s nicer, right? Oh, these are so Ariana
Grande, too, right? – This might be an outfit that only I wanna see her in, and she won’t like. I feel like all the
others I wanna see her in, but I also think she will like those. This is really outside
of her comfort zone. But she could pull it off so well! Yeah. Switching is gonna cost more. I’m gonna break the
budget more by switching. We really didn’t spend
that much money, honestly. It’s only $18. Final little touches. I just love a good crescent moon earring. You guys, I think we’re done. So I either do the sparkly hot pink dress, or the red heart situation. (groans) All right, I think I
know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna do it. Decision made. Okay. – I think we just nailed this. I just hope she likes any of it. All right, we are back! – We did it.
– We did it. I’m actually really impressed with how fast we got this done. – I disintegrated the budget in an hour. – I honestly am super
impressed, because, overall, I think we did a really good job, and the mall was really good today. I was bummed I wasn’t shopping for myself. – I know, I am really excited about the outfits I got for you. – I’m excited too.
– Especially the last one we’re gonna show you. But, we’re not gonna let you guys know what our favorites are. Hopefully we have a favorite. – Okay, so, we do have
three categories, though; and our first category is cozy night in. – Okay, all right. Out of all the things I’ve gotten you, I know you’re gonna like this one. – Out of all the things I got
you, it’s a little revealing. – For a cozy night, did
you buy me lingerie? – You’re married.
– But not to the internet! – It’s not lingerie, it’s not! – Oh my God! All right. (upbeat pop music) – Damn! – Is this what you think of me? – What’re you talkin’ ’bout? – You’re like “Loryn would love this!” – No, I thought “Loryn’s
friggen hot and I wanna see more of her.
– Her look seven? I kind of feel like maybe you got this in the kid’s section, accidentally, because my butt cheeks,
it’s very windy back here. – I did not. Okay so the cozy outfit is
the one that we got last, right, so.
– It shows! – [Sinead] I am not
sorry about this romper. This entire outfit is from Forever 21, so, this sleep romper is– – [Loryn] Sleep romper,
that’s a new category. – Well, it was the pajama section, so it is intended to be like pajamas. The sleep romper is $18 and
then I got those fuzzy socks. They were originally 14 bucks, which, overpriced if you ask me. But they were on sale for a dollar! – [Loryn] Wow! – Yep, and then the hair
pins in your hair I believe, were $4 or something. And then I just pulled one
of those hair ties from hair ties that I got
for a different outfit. – To be fair, this looks
like a budget outfit. – Absolutely, that’s
the point of this video. (groaning) – Let’s talk about your outfit. – Oh, okay, um.
– What do you think? – I think I look like TLC,
you know, or something. Like, ♪Don’t be fooled
by the rocks that I got♪ – That’s not TLC, though.
– No, I know. But along those same lines. – I got this from a
store called HYPESWYPE! Um, the whole thing, the set, was $49, and you can mix and match sizing, which is really cool. It looks to me like you really like this. – I don’t, but it’s still cute. – It’s not very comfortable, you know? – Really? – No, it’s not.
– That’s a bummer. But it’s really, really cute. It’s really cute, it’s not very practical for cozy, you know? – Oh, is this practical? – Okay, all right, I get it, I get it. I like it, a lot.
– Will you wear it? Would you wear it?
– I would wear it, yeah. I would wear it. I think that it’s just, to
me, when I look at this, this looks extremely girly to me. Only cause it’s rhinestones. – I was like, “I don’t think,” yeah, okay. – Well I’m not a huge rhinestone person cause rhinestones, to me,
when they’re not real, when it’s not real, it
always looks cheaper. – Sorry, I went over budget,
but not enough for your taste! – You know what, no, I
still really appreciate it. I think it’s super cute, it’s just, it’s a tough one, you know? The more I look at these
rhinestones, I’m just like — – [Loryn] The more I look
at those, I love it on you! Now I don’t know anything;
– Neither do I. – I don’t know what’s up or down. – I don’t know anything now,
this is terrifying for me. – So let’s go put on our
girls’ night out picks. – Yeah, I’m scared, let’s go. (upbeat pop music) – Hopefully we feel a
lot better about these than we did about the cozy night in. Loryn, I love this jumpsuit,
– Yay! – I think it’s super freaking cute. – You look hot! You look like a denim superhero. – Yeah and it’s very me, actually. – Good!
– You know I love jumpsuits or two pieces, or anything
that’s very cohesive, cause I don’t like to think as much when I’m getting dressed, so jumpsuits for me
have become a necessity. as a staple in my closet. – So this is $70, but I just
was like, “you’re worth it.” And then I threw on this $7 necklace, so technically this outfit is $77. – 77 dollars! – Yeah but look at your [beep]. You could fight crime, or y’know, just get married and have babies. – I really like it a lot. You did a great job. – So I’m really glad I
did the gold necklace. I know you like both gold and silver, I’ve heard you say that
sometimes you like gold cause it pops more than silver does. – And I mix them all
the time, all the time. – And it was a lightning bolt, because, you know, we’re both Slytherin. – That’s right! I’m always pretending I’m not
a real Ravenclaw, remember? – Yeah, same. (laughing) This is awesome. I would not have picked
this out for myself, especially the material. This feels very trendy. It’s this pleathery; I thought it was gonna be really sticky and hot, cause you know how much I sweat, and it’s not.
– It’s not. It has a mixture of a latex-y
mixed with pleather feel. – The inside doesn’t
feel like the outside. – No.
– Even if I were gonna pick out a red dress, I would
never go for this material, so that’s why I like
that you’re forcing me into something I wouldn’t
pick for myself, so. I really like it. I’m also starting to think: Usually when I have short things, they ride up in the back. This doesn’t ride up in the back cause it’s sticky, in a good way. I’m starting to think maybe I should buy more material like this that just keeps everything in place. – It’s like a bodycon,
and you know where it is, is where it is. So the dress I got from Q. – Who is Q? – Yeah, I don’t know, it’s a
store, apparently, in the mall. It was $22 which is a steal,
and then the necklace, the bolo chain necklace, is $6. So then I just accessorized
with this bolo necklace, which, I always wear my
necklaces inside of my clothing, but it’s actually very
long and has a chain, and you can change it up, which I love, ’cause you can wear it a
bunch of different ways. And those earrings are $5. These earrings are a crescent
moon with these little stars. I think they’re a little more edgy. And this is a lot, so I
wanted to keep it simple. But still have a little bit — – But it’s not that simple, so I like it. – Yeah but it has a little bit of a rocker vibe to it, and I
kind of like that too, y’know? – Wait, which way? – That way, the other way, the
way it’s already going, yeah. – There we go, better? – Oh my God, yeah, you look so hot. – So all together, dude,
that just over 30 bucks. – Yeah, perfect.
– All right, let’s go. Last outfit, are you excited? – Yeah, this definitely (mumbles) Yep!
– Okay. (upbeat pop music) All right so we are back for
our third and final outfit, which is our brunch outfit. I’m really impressed with us,
because we actually kind of did a really good job on this one. – Outside of the box, but
still works for that person? – Yes!
– Yeah! – There’s very few things I disapprove of when it comes to patterns. Hearts are one of them. – I knew that, but it was edgy and cute! – I still think it’s cute,
I will take it home with me, so obviously– – I thought you were gonna
say “I will take it back.” – I don’t hate it, it’s just hearts– – I edged it up by
adding the leather skirt. – I appreciate it, and — – And these buckles are Sinead. These look like all the
boots she usually wears. I just undid it. Yeah, I got this whole
outfit, is Forever 21. – So is yours!
– Oh my God. This is very girly but it
was just right next to this and I was like “I gotta buy ’em both!” I think this cost more than
everything else you’re wearing. – Really? – This was $23. – Yeah, I think that purse that
you’re wearing too is also. – This: $17 and $23. Yeah, I dunno, I think it
looks really cute on you. It’s not super Sinead, but
it’s not super not Sinead. – But yeah, no, I think
you did a good job, and I appreciate you pairing it with a purse or accessory or something. Cause you know how I am. – I wish I had thought about that more, cause you are such an accessory person. – I usually don’t carry purses, I usually carry wallets or belt bag. – So just keep the stuffing in here then, and it’ll just look full. – So I got this entire
outfit from Forever 21. The skirt I got for $14, the top is $18. The bag, which is the most
expensive, was $20-ish, and then your hair clips and your earrings and your hair ties, which we actually used
for multiple outfits, was altogether $15, so altoghether
it was close to 70 bucks. – This skirt I love! – I really like the skirt a lot too. – It’s very fitted, but
it’s denim, it feels comfy. I think because I inherently look girly, that when you really enhance
my girliness with pastels, I think I just feel too girly. I feel like I need to be like “What’s up, what, what, yo?” The shoulder bag, it reminds me too much of high school, it’s weird. – Yeah, but see, the reason why I like this is cause the purple is very different, and it
also necessarily doesn’t come across as girly to me;
I think the pink does more, and the white does more. – Cause I love this skirt so much, I think what I would
have to do to edge it up would be to pair this with a black top. – Yeah, you like matchy matchy
things, which I, you know — – Hold this.
– You know I hate. Like I hate matchy matchy things. That doesn’t look that bad actually. – I feel better; I don’t know why. – No, that doesn’t look that bad. – It’s so girly but I like it. I think the pastel purple
is too much for me. – Really? So for me, I friggen love this purple. You wanna trade bags?
– Yeah. So this scrunchie and
these little hair clips, they’re cute, but it’s too pastel. Do you want the scrunchie? – No, I don’t like that color. Grand totals, no surprise, I think we knew it when we
started this try on haul. – I think that I win,
cause I spent the most. – That’s not the point. So I ended up spending:
we had a budget of $150, I ended up spending $122 and some change. – Could’ve afforded to
spend a little more. – Maybe in the first outfit
I probably should have. – Smidge, smidge. – Yeah, just a smidge. Just a little more fabric, but why don’t you tell
the people what you spent. – I spent a touch over $150. – A touch? – A tad under $200, like
five cents under $200. – Yeah, $199 and some change. I thought it was a competition to see who could spend the least amount of money. – It’s to see who likes their stuff more. So if that requires going over budget, I will do what it takes to win. – Then why do we have a budget rule, huh? – Guidelines! All right Sinead, let’s
go put on our favorites. We’ll be right back. (upbeat pop music) I’m really glad this is your favorite. – Yeah? – And that’s that. Bye! – I’m glad this is my favorite too, because I think it is the most me out of all of the things you bought. There are a lot of things I did like. I love that black skirt. I love that purple purse I bought you. (laughing) But yeah, no, there are a
couple things I really did like. But yes, I do think that
this is the most me. And honestly it’s the most simple, straight to the point. It is very me in that sense, and it’s also me style wise. So I think you did a really great job. And I’m so happy that
this is your favorite. – This is what I wanted. When I was like “Sinead
is gonna shop for me, “she’s gonna make me look really cool.” And this is the one outfit that you did, that you infused your style into it. All right guys, most of the outfits you saw today will be
shoppable in the links below if you wanna check them out for yourself. – Yeah, and get in the
commments and let us know how you guys would’ve
styled some of these pieces, and outfits, cause clearly we see where we went wrong with some things. – And where we went right. – Yeah, but overall I
think you crushed this. – You too, for sure. – You spent more money than I did though, so I don’t think it’s that fair. But you definitely, if
this were a competition, I think you definitely
would’ve won, overall. Also you guys, let us know what other challenges we should do. – Yeah, other styling challenges, forget the budget; Sinead’s
gonna break the rules. – I don’t think we should have a budget, because I’m the only one
that ever sticks to it. – Just color outside the
lines, it’s gonna be great. – Yeah, and of course,
if you like this video, which you do, thumbs it up. – Prove it! – Prove it. (laughs) Thumbs up. And hit the bell, cause we’re always here
doing weird things like this. – Ding dong. – And — (laughing) You’re like in those songs
where it’s one person’s job, to just like, “eh, uh huh!” – [Loryn] The hype girl! – “What!” Like that, that’s you right now. All right, goodbye guys, let’s go. – Whoa, Sinead, do you see this? Oh my god, you guys should click on that! – Are you trying to give
me a freakin’ heart attack? – Yeah, and when you’re
done clicking on that, what should they do, Sinead? – Hit the subscribe button. I almost just pooped my pants, what the hell are you doin’ to me? – It scared me. – I’ve been up for way too long for you to scare me like that. Let’s go.
– Let’s get her some toilet paper.

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