Best Budget-Friendly Men’s Fall Essentials For 2019

63 thoughts on “Best Budget-Friendly Men’s Fall Essentials For 2019

  1. As you know
    I watch and love your content so very much.
    Whenever I feel I can't make any more content I think of you.
    Kuddos to you .

  2. Are tan boots really a no go with a black outfit? I always liked the look, because everyone was realizing my tan Chelsea boots and I got a lot of compliments on them.
    What if you combine a tan coat with tan boots and leave the rest of the outfit black (like black jeans and a black turtle neck). Isn't that a stylish and balanced outfit?

  3. I have taken your advice on ties before and …. I will be ordering after this video.

  4. 6:19
    I found a pair of chelsea tan boots for around 300swedish crowns ($30 or thereabout) last year and they are great. Sure, it's not the warmest, but they hold up and can withstand some water.

    (From H&M)

  5. Hey guys, thanks for your content. I’m here in LA and it never gets too cold. So I’m not a huge fan of layering. For me, anything under a shirt or sweater is always uncomfortable and makes me sweat. Dorian in this video is wearing the H&M sweater with a white tee underneath and it looks great. I would find that restrictive. Can u suggest lightweight t shirts that are comfortable? Also I have a lot of v neck sweaters. Is it ok to wear a wool or cotton vneck without a piece underneath. I have just light hair on my chest so it’s not like I’m a chia pet. Thanks.

  6. So you wouldn’t recommend Black with cognac? I’ve seen a lot of outfits black jeans and cognac boots and they look good.

  7. Hey Ashley and Dorian! What do you think about Thursday Boots brand “The Scout” chukka for the Fall time? Primarily in Dark Olive Suede? It has some weather-proofing for wet weather.

  8. I just wanna say thank you. I went to other male fashion channels for advice when I was younger but this is my favorite now that I’m older.

  9. Awesome as always…🙂✌😎…Dorian looks like he loss weight…his face looks more gaunt…is he ok?.🤔

  10. Thanks for the watch strap ideas. I am not feeling the Perlon look, but I need to get some suede for the cool months (still a ways off in Texas). I often click on the clothing links hoping for a tall option, but am often disappointed. It's definitely more challenging to be fashionable and tall, in my opinion. Thankfully I wear a reasonable size shoe (13), so I don't have issues with footwear.

  11. Oh, you're still linking cheapestnatostraps. They're really not as good as many people claim. I bought a few and none of them have lasted. The glue and stitching just collapse and fall apart after a while. Save the money.

  12. Dorian looks so anorexic. As a loving wife you have to cook him some marvelous shit to get his mouth water drop.

  13. If you're looking for boots, try Thursday Boots. Just got ny first pair and they fit amazing. Great price. They also do AfterPay so you don't have to pay it all in full; no interest.

  14. Ran over to the Beverly Center and purchased two pair of the cords. They are elastic waste and fit great. Did not feel comfortable having them hemmed there however. And then i went over to H&M and picked up a couple of the wool sweaters. Tried on the gray blazer but the fit was not great for me. Thanks, guys.

  15. Ashley, Nordstrom had a clearance sale on their shoes and i saw bunch of Gordon Rush boots, from chukkas to chelseas, for $40. Retail says $160. Have you ever heard of the brand? Are they worth buying? At the price point, I’m thinking of getting a few.

  16. Can you do a Chelsea boots video? Or just the right pants with the boots ? Great video though 👍🏾

  17. I love your couple videos. You both exude a sweet honest personality. But Dude, too skinny. I’m 6/2 slim but athletic fit body type. When people see me, it’s obvious that I look healthy athletic. My opinion, you need to hit the weights and maybe take creatine.

  18. Don't wanna be mean I love this channel but why does dorean look so thin and sick? Genuinely curious

  19. Do you have any suggestions how to carry bigger folders? As a college student a usually carry a smaller laptop backpack with me. Sometimes, when I have to do group projects I have to carry one or two big folders with me, which do not fit in any backpack. I know that there are special metal cases designed for folders, but I would feel way overdressed, if i use such a case for college. At least I upgraded from a simple plastic to a simple fabric bag, but it still looks out of place. There has to be a better option!

  20. Ashley, your hair is stunningly beautiful!!!

  21. I had one of those wool ties and it got eaten to shreds by moths. This is this is the first time ever that I had anything wool eaten, and I own a few wool items, but for some reason my tie was delicious.

  22. Great video Ashley and Dorian.Would love to hear your recommendations for a twead jacket

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