BELLA+CANVAS – The Story Behind The Top Quality T-Shirt And Clothing Company

why do we make t-shirts well if you
think about who’s buying that t-shirt maybe you’re at your favorite concert
when you go to the merch counter and you have this amazing night at this amazing
experience you buy a t-shirt doesn’t feel good does it fit well you’re never
gonna wear it again so let’s let’s create a t-shirt that people actually
want to wear because it’s a feeling it’s something tangible it’s more than just a
t-shirt we became friends really early on I was
13 he was 14 a little bit older three months later we started our first
business which was the mistletoe business we both shared the same
entrepreneurial spirit we learned this really quick
we loved the t-shirt business so we started off really as screen printers
the quality product that we needed was not available in the marketplace so what
we did was we started making become the ring-spun product that really allows
reprinting to happen because the surface is so smooth at that time we were doing
private label manufacturing for customers like Banana Republic or Levi’s
or people like that so what we started to do was making off-the-shelf blank
called BELLA and it was really addressing the women’s fashion and
women’s needs of that time and still today three or four years later we
started a men’s line which was the comparable of just a higher quality
better fitting garment for men and then they got married and it became BELLA+CANVAS we did it completely different than all of the other wholesale brands
that were available at that time and we still do it different today
I started DELUXE out of my garage the way I met Chris was
there a mutual friend now we’re not only best friends but we make for a great
team what’s really satisfying to me is when I see when we print they’re blanks
and they actually come and pick up their order and pull it out of that box and
see they’re shirt it’s kind of emotional because you see their dream we’re
bringing it to life and we’re helping them bring it to life BELLA CANVAS has
really helped business because they’re always coming up with that variety and
so our customers appreciate that and they want that APLIIQ is a basically a
platform for people to come and design their own clothing line
we specialize in manufacturing apparel and helping people create professionally
branded products we saw this opportunity to unify technology and design using a
website we offer things like working labels and hood linings and different
fabric embellishments that can accentuate a product you can go just
about anywhere and get like a cheap printed t-shirt these days and the sun
is kind of setting on those types of products people are looking for super
high quality things stuff that can be made or manufactured in the USA and
BELL CANVAS definitely fits the bill there what makes Bella canvas production
the best in the world by far is our quality standards they’re the highest of
any blank garment manufacturer in world everything from like thread count
to the weight especially the shrinkage to the hand feel there’s anything that
isn’t within our tolerance we’re gonna put a hold on it and make sure that we
can do everything within our power to make sure that it hits every requirement
so that we can comfortably put our name on it for the customer that means
they’re gonna get the same product every time you’re gonna have a product that is
gonna always be supersoft always gonna be form-fitting you’re never gonna have
something that is you know tubular that might weak after a wash you’re gonna
have a shirt that you can rely on day in and day out so instead of pushing away
and going the easy route which might have been just buy everything overseas
we actually went the other way and we embraced this USA manufacturing model
we’re dying it here we’re cutting it here we’re finishing it here warehousing
it here and putting thousands of Americans to work wrap is a worldwide
certification company they go into facilities they make sure that things
are safe paying their employees properly and most companies don’t do this but
we’ll put quality control people into a factory which then with rap plus daily
monitoring you have a really safe environment that is great for the
employees and that is why we have the Platinum standard for rap certification you know the message they put on on
print on the on on their shirts is just as important as what the fabric is
actually made out of from labor to how you know that shirt is environmentally
impacted we have made the decision together that we are going to be an
eco-friendly brand of all the places in the world where you could manufacture
fabrics California would be the absolute most stringent place
so our dyeing is absolutely the top most efficient or world and also the least
polluted in the world any means possible within our supply
chain to in fact save and help the environment is always the choice that
we’re gonna go with and if it means that the company does that make as much money
or save it if it means that we use solar and solar is more expensive than it
would be just use regular electricity from the grid so be it
what’s different about BELLA+CANVAS is they have their collections that come
out like they’re fast fashion we do domestic production as well as overseas
production and with fast fashion we’ve been able to tap into our unique supply
chain and respond to trends quickly so maybe see something at retail and
we want to test the market we work with our research and development teams to
see colors that are trending silhouettes at festivals you know what is on trend
right now what’s current what do we see years ahead
it takes the on trend products and allows customers to get those on-trend
designs and styles into their clothing lines without having a do full cut n’ sew
construction I started off as a designer and I heard
about YouTube so I decided to upload my first tutorial on YouTube the video got
over 500 thousand views and I decided to kind of take a serious so I continued
making videos Bella cam has introduced me into a new way of thinking about the
garment and how it’s actually made because in order to build a brand that
actually is successful you need to know how things are done the thing with Bella
canvas has allowed me to give my audience more than I could have without
BELLA CANVAS they know so much like I always say they have a goldmine of
information for me they put one new video out every week as an educational
resource and tool for our customers so whether it is screen printing tips or
fabric comparison it’s the difference between Heather CVC and tri-blend things
like that we’ve become a hub and a destination for
our customers we’ve set this culture to always think
different do things differently and part of the surprise is you don’t even know
what kind of great idea you’re gonna have a year from now and so as long as
we are constantly thinking about these excellent ideas we’re gonna come up with
ideas that’s sitting here right now we haven’t even thought of they want us to
think unconventionally challenge the status quo find creative solutions that
make sense for BELLA+CANVAS that are gonna push our brand forward push the
industry forward I love being surrounded with the culture
where we’re invited to be innovative where we’re invited to be free thinkers
where no idea is too crazy or too far-fetched that’s something that is I
find just very refreshing be different is just a natural extension of what we
believe which is to create differently and really provide that infrastructure
for people to quickly spin up and be successful with their own apparel line
and the BELLA+CANVAS promise is a key part of that and it’s kind of motivated
me to be different on YouTube that’s kind of my goal now is how can I be
different from every other channel when Marco and I started doing this this was
a very small business and what we started it out of a garage but by being
true to each other to our products to our vision has allowed us to have
sustainable success and sustainable growth and it’s been really a great
thing to be a part of and to be inspired by everybody we work with and to even be
inspired by our customers and continue to offer them a better product to see
what they can go out there and do with BE DIFFERENT

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