Beauty and The Beast: Belle’s Makeover Part 5 – Blue Dress

In this video, I’ll show you how to make Belle’s blue village dress There goes the baker with his tray like always Same old bread and rolls to sell I like this boring provincial town! If you don’t like it, you can leave! What a princess! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Belle’s Makeover Part 5 – Blue Village Dress These are Belle’s blue dresses from Beauty and The Beast This one is from the animated movie And this one is from the live action movie The live action dress has so many beautiful details If you want to see my thrift shop hunt for the materials click here to see the video Let’s get started! The blouse! The blouse is the same for both dresses It’s the hardest part of this dress to make! Here are all the pieces that were cut from white broadcloth If you want, you can apply Fabric Fusion to the edges so they don’t fray Take the back, or the front of the blouse It doesn’t matter because they’re the same Sew a sleeve to this edge here This angle here is for a reason You’ll find out later It’ll look like this Do the same for the other side Here are both sleeves sewn to the back Now sew the front to the sleeves It’ll look like this Next, I need to make a casing at the top Open up the seams and fold it down right at the start of that angle It’ll lay perfectly flat because of that angle Fold down the entire edge and sew it down Here it is sewn down You must leave an opening in the stitching for the elastic Right here in the middle of the back This elastic is 3 millimetres wide I’m going to pull it through using this wire Push the wire into the opening Keep pushing until it goes all around and comes back out the opening Getting it past the seams is going to be a challenge Take the end of the wire and poke it through the elastic Twist the wire tightly around the elastic Make sure the end of the wire is pointing this way Push it into the opening Push and pull and shimmy that wire and elastic through the casing The hardest part will be getting it past the seams And back out at the opening Pull it out about this much Cut it and knot the ends together so you don’t lose it This will be adjusted later The hardest part is done! The rest is a piece of cake! Sew the sleeves and the sides And here it is! Now to get it on Belle This is the time to adjust that elastic Pull it until you get the top of the blouse the way you want it And tie a new knot in the elastic This is the collar for the animated dress Fold it like this and wrap it around her neck This is called a shirt dickie It’s a fake shirt front For the live action dress Place a piece of red fabric across the chest Take a strip of sheer fabric and wrap it around her neck All of this will be held in place by the blue bodice of the dress Now for the skirt and bodice This is broadcloth It’s a harder fabric to work with This fabric doesn’t stretch so I have to make a cut at the top here to make the casing The cut is about a quarter inch Make the casing as usual This skirt is made the same way as the other skirts in Belle’s tutorials If you want to see those videos, click on the icard or the links in the video description [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Place the bodice over the blouse and shirt dickie [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] And because this fabric doesn’t stretch you have to fold in darts, like this In the back, sew the straps to the bodice Just pin the back seam together for now The skirt and the apron will keep this closed The apron Open the bias tape Insert the apron Close the bias tape Sew the tape and apron together Like this The skirt is on Adjust the elastic so the skirt fits snug around the waist That safety pin will come out after I tie on the apron Tie the apron on above the skirt [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] The elastic was tucked inside the skirt And I took out the safety pin Everything is held together nicely by the apron Now for her hair bow Take a strip of fabric about half an inch wide Fold it like this Take a bobbi pin Push it down the centre Push the bow to the top Insert it into the elastic in her hair Trim the ends and voila! Pretty hair bow! And here it is completed She looks fabulous! Now for the live action blue dress Here are all the pieces The blue skirt and the underskirt are the same Make a casing for the elastic This fabric stretches so there’s no need for a little cut at the top And here it is sewn The underskirt doesn’t need a casing so you’ll have to trim off the extra fabric Sew the underskirt to the bottom of the casing of the blue skirt I made big stitches so you could see how to do it The right side of the underskirt will be facing you The wrong side of the underskirt is facing against the blue skirt On this side, you can’t see any of the stitching I made to attach the underskirt The elastic goes through the casing and sew the sides of the blue skirt as usual And here it is done! I think the underskirt will look better with more stripes So, I’m going to draw more stripes with a fabric marker [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] That’s much better! Now sew the sides of the underskirt Okay Turn the skirt so that the underskirt is um… under…. [laughs] The apron Make it just like the white apron The small bag The opening is in the middle I sewed one side and I’m going to gather the top a little before I sew the other side Here’s a bigger bag Sew one side right up and only half way up on the other side turn it right side out This is the opening of the bag so you’ll need to sew the seams down Here it is Sew the top and gather it a little And it’ll look like this Attach the smaller bag to it and sew them to the apron The pantaloons These 2 pieces are identical Put the right sides of the fabric together and sew the curves And here it is Open it up Sew the pant legs and make a casing at the waist and here it is Put the elastic through the casing just like I’ve shown you so many times and turn it right side out I have another Belle and she’s going to help us model the blue dress She already has the top on This jersey knit stretches and hugs the body so it doesn’t need any darts like this one The blouse is the same assemble it like I showed you earlier Let’s get the rest of the pieces Here’s the apron The skirt The pantaloons Here’s a baguette for her bag fabric for socks Little boots that I borrowed from Barbie Let’s get this all on her! Pantaloons! Don’t pull them all the way up! You want it to sit below her waist For the gathers at the leg Take a clear elastic and wrap it around twice [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] How fast and easy was that?! Do the same for the other leg They are so easy to adjust For the sleeves, do the same This is to keep the sleeves pushed up Sleeves and pant legs done! Now the skirt This will sit just above the pantaloons but not quite at the waist Next the apron This is tied right at the waist above the skirt The reason the layers are at different levels it’s so that it won’t be so bulky at the waist You can leave the skirt down or you can hitch it up on one side To hitch it up, sew a loop at the bottom of the skirt and pull one end of the apron string through it Now for the socks and shoes fold a strip of fabric and wrap it around the ankles and put the shoes on Baguette goes in her bag Oops! and there she is Looking so awesome! Yeah! The live action blue dress is so beautiful! This was harder to make than the live action yellow dress Both dresses are beautiful! I don’t know which one is my favourite It’s so hard to choose! Which one is your favourite? The yellow dress? or the blue dress? Post your answer in the comment section or click on the icard and take our poll No matter which dress she’s wearing Belle is a beauty! Bonjour! Bonjour! Hello Mister Baker! Huh? What?! [Screams] If you like this video, click like Check out these videos! Belle’s Makeover Part 1 Belle’s Makeover Part 4 Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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