Beauty and The Beast: Belle’s Makeover Part 2 – Red Dress

Part 2 of Belle’s makeover Belle gets a new dress! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Belle’s Makeover Part 2 Red Dress In this video, I show you how to make Belle’s red dress I will also show you how to make her yellow dress in Belle’s makeover part 3 Because our channel is primarily for children I design doll clothes that are easy to make These 2 dresses will require sewing But once you learn how to make these dresses the possibilities are endless! Let’s get started! This beautiful dress is similar to the dress Belle wears in her movie The Enchanted Christmas The inside skirt is the same skirt from Bratz Meygan’s Makeover Part 2 This is the pattern I used To see how I made this pattern, click on the icard of the link in the video description Pin the pattern to the fabric And cut [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] And here it is For this skirt, I need to make a casing for the elastic Fold the waist down half and inch and pin it down Start with a couple of stitches to make sure it’s secure I’m using red thread and making big stitches so you can see better what I’m doing Normally I would be using matching thread and making smaller stitches Anchor it really good at the end For the waist elastic, I’m using Christmas elastic ribbon used for gift wrapping Push it through the casing Any thin elastic will work too Tie the ends loosely for now Next, I will be making a pattern for the front of the dress One inch across and go 3 inches down and mark the middle It’s a long skinny triangle shape Pin it to the fabric and cut Keep this triangle pattern for another dress I’m using fabric fusion to glue on the trim [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] It doesn’t matter if the trim hangs over Next, the outside skirt I need to make a pattern for it This is wrapping paper There’s a 1 inch grid on the inside to help you measure and cut With the paper folded fold the paper into a triangle like this Measure and mark 11 and a half inches across the top and along the fold Pivot the ruler from the corner and make 11 and a half inch marks all the way to the top edge like this Connect all the marks and cut From the corner, measure and mark 2 inches like this Connect all the marks and cut This is the pattern for the outside skirt The fabric I’m using is a stretch valour It’s a beautiful fabric and the nice thing about it is the edges don’t fray Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Keep all the patterns You’ll be using them again Turn the fabric over I’ll be making a casing for an elastic here Just like I did for the inside skirt Start in the middle and fold half inch and pin it down Do that right around the entire waist line The ends won’t match up but that’s okay Thread a needle with enough thread to go around the waist I’m using yellow thread so you can see better what I’m doing And this is done exactly like the inside skirt The casing is done Push an elastic through and tie it loosely [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] And here it is Now I need to make a pattern for the top of the dress It’s called the bodice 5 inches across and 3 inches down See how handy this grid is? and cut I’ll be using this pattern a lot! Before I pin it to the fabric I need to check which way the fabric stretches This fabric stretches really well this way But not so well this way See? The pattern has to lay on the fabric like this Pin it and cut [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Save the pattern Check to make sure it stretches in the right direction fold it in half and pin the edges [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] About half inch down sew across the edge There! Turn it right side out This tube is the bodice Next is the puffy peplum skirt You’ll need 1 and an half inch wired ribbon Measure 11 and a half inches and cut Fold it in half and measure 4 inches and mark it with a pin Measure half inch from the end and mark it with a pin Cut along the wires to the pins Like this [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Cut off the ribbon diagonally from the bottom wire to the top wire Do the same for the other side Find the middle and mark it with a pin Tie a piece of gold trim to the middle like this [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Take the top wire and push it out the end Hold on tight to it Now push the ribbon down the wire This makes a perfect ruffle Do the same for the other side [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Back to the bodice Turn it inside out The glue on the triangle piece is dry and I’m going to attach it to the bodice Pin the triangle piece to the bodice Put in a few stitches to hold it in place But don’t go close to the edges or you’ll see the stitches on the other side Turn the bodice right side out Fold the triangle piece over the edge Push a needle through the middle to attach a ribbon rose [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] There’s no need to stitch down the pointy end The bodice is all done and here’s the peplum skirt The inside skirt and the outside skirt And a ribbon for her neck Let’s get this all on her Pull up the bodice It’s going to be a tight fit But that’s good because then it won’t slip down You can see why we need the stretch going the right way Now for the inside skirt Oops the knot came undone! Tie it on snug but not too tight I want it to ruffle here so hang on to the elastic and pull the skirt to the front For the outside skirt undo the knot and retie the elastic around her waist [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Tuck the elastic under her inside skirt Pull the outside skirt together leaving a little gap Now to attach the peplum skirt You want to aline it right in the middle So hold that corner against the middle of the bodice Make sure the front is in the middle too Get the wire ends together and twist And twist the bottom wires together Cut off the extra wire and fold the ends down [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Tie a ribbon around her neck And here she is! Belle in her enchanted red Christmas dress Oh she’s such a beauty! Now that you know how to make this dress you can make it in any colour you want! Here it is in bright red and pink Let’s see how this looks on her Wow! This looks like a Valentines Day dress! Now that you’ve seen 2 versions of this dress Which is your favourite? The red and gold dress? Or the red and pink dress? Post your answer in the comment section or click on the icard and take our poll So happy you could join me in this tutorial We’ll see you in part 3 when I show you how to make the yellow dress! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, click like Check out these videos! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Belle’s Makeover part 1 Belle’s Makeover part 3 Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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