Barking and Dagenham CCTV Appeal | Episode 30

Coming up on the Wall of Shame CCTV Appeal… Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Couple dump
mattress! We can chair-ly believe it! Chair and bags
dumper on Gurney Close! Rug-rettable behaviour! Man spotted chucking
carpet! In the sin bin! Woman chucks bin! Clothing rack attack! Clothes horse dumped
where it shouldn’t be! Dish-graceful! Man chucks satellite dish and
cabinet on Salisbury Road! Board to death! Nocturnal dumper on Markyate
and Neasham Road! The wind in the pillows! Cushion chucker caught
on camera! Welcome back to the Wall of Shame CCTV Appeal,
where we’re celebrating our 30th episode! Well we say celebrating, in a perfect world
we wouldn’t have to make 30 episodes of this show because in a perfect world no one
would fly-tip! But, as we all know, a small group of people are dirtying this borough
for everyone else, so we need your help to catch this grubby gang! We start on Gurney Close, where this couple
are fly-tipping a mattress! What more needs to be said? Who do they expect to clear that
up? They both face a £400 fine for that now. This topless tipper thinks that he can get
away with chucking this chair and these bin bags by this bin shed… he can’t! Think
you know him? You can call our hotline, or email [email protected], it’s completely
anonymous! Check out this carpet dumper! We’ll be sure
to pile on a fine if he’s identified! Get in touch if you know him! It’s always sunny in Sunningdale Avenue…
at least it would be if people like this woman didn’t chuck away their bin in the middle
of the street! We’re hoping this man in jeans was telling her she can’t dump her
rubbish there. Think you know this sassy looking fly-tipper? Give us a call. Our Shafter Road camera picked up this woman
chucking away a clothes horse in this bin shed. Now it’s blocking the entrance for
other residents and our bin crews – shameless behaviour. If you know her, help us teach
her a lesson by giving our enforcement team a call and identifying her! This guy’s really dishing up the dirt! Yes,
this cabinet and satellite dish dumper was spotted by our cameras on Salisbury Road.
Think you recognise this guy – call us now! Back on Markyate and Neasham Road now, where
these recycling bins continue to be a magnet for unsavoury fly-tipping types like this
bloke in the flat cap, dumping what looks like a board. Know him? Call now! Finally, for today, this pillow tipper! Not the most comforting of sights! Get in touch if his mug is ringing any bells? Thanks for watching and supporting us throughout our first 30 episodes, this show wouldn’t be a success without your support in identifying these fly-tippers! You can watch more Wall of Shame CCTV Appeal episodes on the Wall of shame, at

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