Back To School TRY-ON CLOTHING HAUL 2018!

100 thoughts on “Back To School TRY-ON CLOTHING HAUL 2018!

  1. I really want the green tank at 5:57 BUT I CANT find it anywhere 😫 is it online ?

  2. French person disappointed in the French speaking. Lol! I’m kidding love u girl!

  3. Also my school is not stricked on what cloths u can wear even before we were not supposed to wear tut tops or tank tops. They now allow it! Cray cray!

  4. Ava jules 18 years old: Not trying that on because there are creepy men on the internet.
    Danielle Cohn-head 13 or whatever years old: SO This Is A PLAYbOy BunnY cOStuME sticks ass out WhaT do You THink

  5. does anybody know a comfortable strapless bra to wear under the tlts

  6. i went from james to emma to hannah to AVA!! and i’m glad where i ended uppp

  7. love how she doesn’t try a bralette on but she has whole bikini hails which are more showy 💀 😂

  8. Ok you're super pretty but you look like the female version of Andrew davilia…I love him as well he looks really good

  9. For the rainbow crop top thingie you can find exactly the same top in ROSS and it was like $8.99 or somethin

  10. When I go to an Australia public high school and we have to wear uniforms

  11. just wear compression shorts under the skirt or something hun 😂❤ we arent hoes here

  12. If there's creepy men all over the internet why are you wearing that white shirt that covers nothing 😕

  13. bro so i'm starting public highschool in a few months and i literally have no idea what to wear. literally, what are you supposed to wear to school (i've been in private school my whole life.)

  14. I love hauls! And I allways liked them becouse I was thinking Im gonna get that some day knowing I wont but now I hate them becouse Im soo freaking jelouse

  15. 2:51 if it’s too short as a dress it would look awesome with black leggings, light or dark distressed jeans or some green army style cargo pants (forgive my vocabulary bc I’m not exactly a fashion expert but whatever 🤷🏼‍♀️😂)

  16. can we just appreciate the reflection of Ava busting down in the mirror 😂

  17. 1:44 u missed an opportunity to be "sponsored by billabong" haha.. u know… wade in ur water… no.. k

  18. I’d be scared to wear the one that you tie in the back bc like there’s assholes at school who’d undo that 🙄🙄

  19. 1:16 “I will not be tying it on because there are creepy men all over the internet” but look at ur shirt… it reveals more than that bra would 😂😂 Not hate through 😂 just sayin

  20. I love her but she’s literally the most basic girl I’ve seen lol well ily

  21. Oh my god all the top comments are about creepy men and her twerking 😂😂😂

  22. This is late but the blue and white checkered shirt that ties in the back at the end, my friend had that shirt and wore it so school and a guy came behind her and pulled the end so it untied and she wasn’t wearing a bra because she didn’t want people to see the straps and everyone saw her boobs😬 he only got suspended for 2 days

  23. Thank you for not taking so long talking in between the clothing items. Cause most youtubers doo

  24. The tittle should be buying cloths I’m not wearing to school

  25. Honestly who wouldn’t keep their American girl doll they’re heLLa eXpEnsiVE and u could sell iT

  26. I want some mom jeanssss/boyfriend jeans but idk if they look good on me cause I never wear anything but skinny jeans

  27. you should try american eagle mom jeans! the best and during summer its buy one get one half off I LOVE THEM!

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  29. This is the only Back to school Try on Haul that i really like keep up with the good job and tnx

  30. Ava is like really hilarious in this video More than usual I love it 😂😘

  31. 1.) the way she says things is so cute
    2.) she is absolutely stunning and seems like a very genuine person

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