Babywearing Wrap Tutorial- How to Wrap a Newborn in a Moby Wrap

100 thoughts on “Babywearing Wrap Tutorial- How to Wrap a Newborn in a Moby Wrap

  1. Question. I have a 7 week old currently and wrap off and on, when you wear them that often do you put him down for naps ever?

  2. I have a kea baby wrap, very similar. I can't seem to get it tight enough…she sits more.mod abdomen. Tip to keep baby more up closer to my chin?

  3. Amazing! Got my wrap today and just watched your tutorial once and got it! Thanks so much for this. My 6 week old loves it and it's just been an hour ha! 🐥😍

  4. Video is super helpful but also loved seeing your daughter so engaged in watching you 🙂

  5. You have a killer bod….five babies you said? Un-friggin-believable! Props to ya. Beautiful little baby too, and your video was very helpful. Usually I get impatient with all the talking in most videos, but you talk fast enough and don't blabber about unrelated stuff. Thank you😀🌺🌻from this new momma.

  6. Thank you for this video! I bought a wrap but the instructions only explained how to put the wrap on, not how to put the baby in it securely. Very helpful!

  7. Thank you for this 😭 first time momma here. & my 3 week old baby has been fighting sleep lately. I went out to target and got the moby wrap and I used your method. My baby fell asleep exactly 3 minutes after settling her in. 😭 no more crying baby and I can actually use my two hands around the house lol

  8. Got it with the first try!! GREAT tutorial! My newborn is super comfortable in it… I think it's his new favorite chill spot. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. Love your minimalist video. Unfortunately, Amazon wouldn’t let me purchase this for some reasons. Purchasing from Australia 😟

  10. Your video actually turned me on to wraps! Thank you! Before seeing yours, I was convinced a carrier was it for me. While I still love my connecta baby carrier with my work kiddo and plan to use it for own baby, I'm definitely going to invest in a light wrap or two. I had no idea they came that cute and comfy- I'd only really seen thicker woven wraps in patterns I wasn't a fan of. How long did your Solly Baby last?

  11. I have a friend who does a lot of baby-wearing and she avoids sleepers with feet, so that the feet (+ esp. the toes) don't get pulled up too much (+ limit range of movement). She therefore uses socks so that the feet can uncurl and curl as they need to…any thoughts on that? Or do you just keep them in sleepers large enough that there's a little extra room down at the feet?

  12. Hi! Thank you for the video. I wear my baby like this and also use cloth diapers but even if I leave it a bit loose, she has her diaper and the wrap print on her butt after I take her out as if it would be too tight. How do I know if it’s too tight? Or is it normal?

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  14. You lost me at the forward facing position!
    After 5 kids, you still haven’t learned about overstimulation and wrong ergonomic position if forward facing in a stretchy wrap?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  15. Thank you so much for your video. I'm having my first baby and just got my first wrap and I'm so nervous but I feel better knowing how to tie the wrap before she gets here

  16. Thank you for sharing got one of these and def didnt know how to use the Moby warp. This is helpful.

  17. Your tutorial was great!!! THANK YOU!!!! We got it in attempt #1

  18. I’m trying but sometimes it feels to tight in one shoulder 😩 What I’m doing wrong? Maybe is too tight?

  19. mom did this with me! african woman have been doing it for mileenia

  20. How do you support their neck? I feel like my 10wk old head can easily flop over bc the third panel doesn't seem to do much. So I've feel like I'm always holding his head, which is not leaving me hands-free

  21. loved the video! very educating! have you used any wrap where the baby can face forward?

  22. This video helped me wrap my little man he went from being fussy to passing out

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  24. I have a different wrap but its essentially the same and for aome reason the tutorial makes you fold it in half lengthwise before wrapping and its always confused me. This makes so much more sense! Thank you!

  25. I'be a mom soon I know how to wrap my baby! Thank you for sharing 👍🙏

  26. How are the newborns legs supposed to go? It seems uncomfortable for my baby’s legs

  27. Thank you for the detailed video! My son is 2 weeks and I’ve been wanting to get a wrap and this has helped a lot!

  28. Thanks this helps me out my cousin give me her wrap this year but forgot how to do it. 5 kids you look amazing. 😊

  29. Never seen a wrap tied this way and I love it so far! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing!! Where did you buy that amazing wrap?

  31. Can you breastfeed while you have the wrap on? Or do you take it off every time he wants to eat. Obviously, not having him in there, but still having it on?

  32. Whew man I'm glad you can use that so well, I wouldn't have the time to go through all that.

  33. I'm due in 10 days and was given one of these been practising with my eldest daughters dolls and I'm in love. Thank you for this tutorial x

  34. Im not even a mom… what am I doing here lol. Great info, adorable kiddos and dreamy room space

  35. I'm getting frustrated with this wrap bc despite it being insanely long it doesn't seem to be long enough to tie around twice and I'm not a large person 🙁

  36. I have the keababies wrap and I might try your way of wrapping. The way the instructions tell you is so confusing and so unnecessary it seems…

  37. Great stuff! In Ghana we wrap babies all the time except ours is on the back… But same concept. Fantastic share🙌😘

  38. It was helpful to see that you carry one side at a time over your back

  39. My mom just bought me the moby wrap to use for my newborn she seems to only be calm when im holding her so i hoped on youtube to see how to wrap it and i came across your video , i love the way your baby looks so snug against you im gonna go try it in the mirror right now! Thank you for the informative video!

  40. Omg you’re a life saver!! I wrapped my baby like this with my moby and it’s the only way that has worked so far for me. Feels so secure! Thank you

  41. Till what age can a baby be wrapped?
    And does your baby sleep in theor bed at night ?

    I bought a baby carrier for my newborn because wrapping is nothing for me my only issue is that I’m scared that my baby is going to be to addicted so that once out of me it’s starts to get immediately fussy

    Currently she sleeps in my bed cause she tiny but I can’t sleep at all and I would like to go back to work when she is going to be 6 months old I really need the money cause I’m alone all by myself and then I won’t no longer sleep with her in my bed cause I need the rest for work.

    Any advices ?

  42. Above all the tutorial I have watch, you are the only one who did it step by step and CLEARLY show how to put the baby inside the wrap.

  43. I’m a dad and will will also be wrapping my baby. Great video very helpful.

  44. Would this still work if I have the sleepy wrap? I have a colicky newborn and I’m desperate to get this wrap thing down 😭

  45. Please follow me

  46. Lisa, I practiced your tutorial while still pregnant. Now I am able to wrap 1 of my twins and carry the other. I bought 2 wraps so when my husband is home and grandparents visit we can both wear a girl

  47. How long you can put a baby in the wrap? And how to support the newborn baby’s head? Thanks in advance

  48. When I bought my baby wearing "thing" I didn't do enough research 😭
    This wrap reminds me of rebosos that my mom used for me… I wish I know how to do this when I had him

  49. I am way past baby-bearing age but I do have a stubborn dog and when she shuts down I end up carrying her home. She gets too heavy and I may just wrap her. I could carry the wrap on our walks. Seems easy peasy. Thanks for the tutorial!

  50. My baby is already 10 months and when I first saw your video he was a few weeks old and I immediately ordered the boba wrap and on my first try i got the hang of it thanks to your tutorial! Def recommend the boba wrap as well as your tutorial!

  51. Thank you for this tutorial video!
    Can you please tell me what type of fabric do you use for this wrap? And how long is it?

  52. Added to watch later because I'm sure I'll forget by the time my little one gets here in February!

  53. Yay! You did fantastic explaining. Just wraped my two month old. He's secure as I write this. Thanks

  54. Hey sweety ..just loved d way u wrapped baby..can u plz tell me how many metre is this wrap n which material is tht.thx waiting for ur reply hun

  55. Just successfully put on a wrap and am wearing my newborn (1 week, 1 day) for the first time thanks to your video! Thank you so much for breaking it down and making baby wearing seem doable.

  56. Hi.. lovely video.. very informative and properly explained. I want to know the fabric of the wrap? Which fabric can be used to make wrap for my 2 month old. And I'm very new to baby wearing.

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