Hi guys, I hope all is well. So for today’s video,
I’m going to be doing a autumn-winter haul in association
with Westfield London. I’ve done quite a bit of
work with Westfield over the last year, I’ve done
a few posts on my blog. If you wanted to check them
out, they will be linked below. But basically, they asked
me this time to do a haul of something that I bought
at the shopping center. So Westfield London is
based in Shepherd’s Bush and there’s also another one in Stratford, which is Westfield Stratford. Both of them are pretty easy to get to, you can just get the train or the tube. And before I set off,
I had a little look on the online product search
tool to get myself some inspiration of shops that
I actually wanted to go to. I feel like when you go
shopping, it’s always a good idea to have a
plan of action, especially in big complexes like Westfield London. There is tons and tons and tons of shops and there is no possible way
that you can go to them all. But by using Westfield’s
online product search, it means you can have a little look
of what is in the shops before you actually go,
before you waste all your time looking in shops and not finding what you’re actually looking for. So with my list in tow,
I decided to set off up to London and obviously I’m like most people, I like singing in my car. Like, I can’t sing, like
I’m completely tone deaf. ♫ Gonna take a lot to
take me away from you ♫ Sunshine of your life ♫ Nah, nah, nah, nah, hey Jude (loud beep) Westfield London has so
many different shops around. There is literally tons and
tons and tons of variety. They have like a sort of
higher-end, kind of boutique-y kind of part, which is called the village. And then they have all the usual suspects on the high street. I also really like about
Westfield, they have a lot of beauty boutique kind of things. They a Kiko, an Inglot, MAC. There’s a Charlotte Tilbury one coming, which I’m super excited about. I love me some C Til. This video is gonna be
focusing on fashion, specifically personal style. So I’ve bought a lot of stuff
that I really, really love. Stuff that I absolutely just saw in store and I was like, yep, yep. First stop on my plan
of action was Top Shop. I love me some Top Shop. There was loads of stuff in
there that I really like. There’s lots of really
cool like luxe pieces, lots of faux fur, which I absolute love. There was lots of glitter, lots of sparkles, lots of knitted jumpers. The first thing I got is this pink jumper and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s this really cool, kind of like oversize fit with like a boxy, loose knit. I love the color, I don’t
normally go for pink but there was something
about this kind of like really baby pink that I
thought would look really good with a pair of patent or leather trousers. I really like the oversize
holey knit as well, like I think it has like a very girly but also kind of rock
and roll kind of edge. I then got this choker, I just think it’s a really cool statement piece. Like, it would look really good with like a plain black dress or a plain black top. To be honest, I’d probably
wear it with this outfit. Quite dramatic and very over the top, but I think that’s the beauty of this. I think it could be worn with like a very simple outfit just to kind of pop. So next I went to Office
to buy myself some boots because what is autumn-winter
style without a pair of boots? And I’m really in love with these shoes, I think they’re really, really cool. There was a girl in there
who actually followed my blog and I completely forgot to ask her her name ’cause it was so busy. But I decided to get these boots. They’re these gold studded ankle boots and I think they are so gorgeous. They’re so, like, luxurious. I think ’cause it’s like
more a weathered gold. I don’t know if you can
really tell on camera, like it looks a bit yellow on camera. But it’s kind of like a battered
tarnish kind of gold color. And I love, love, love all the studded detail, I think it looks awesome. I also really appreciate the heel height. They’re not too big and not too small. I feel like sometimes when I wear too much of a higher heel, they’re
just not practical and this is a good low everyday heel. Really nice statement piece and I would totally recommend checking these out. I did actually try a
lot of different pairs on in store and I think
that’s the best thing about going shopping to
an actual shopping center. Because you can actually
try different things on rather than having to
buy it and then end up having to return a ton of things. I actually needed a size up in these shoes and if I bought them online, I wouldn’t have been able to do that so quickly. So I’m super happy that
I got these in store. Next up, I bought this really cute little furry pouch, which I love. I think it’s so cute. I’m not really like a
purse person, purse person. This was like one of
those things that was by the checkout and so while
I was there, I was like, ooh that’s really cute, let me get that. I’m a big fan of faux fur, if
you haven’t already guessed. And I have a coat that I’m
gonna show you in a bit, but that is just like
the best faux fur coat I have ever seen in my whole life. The next thing I got is this frilly shirt and this is just like a
long sleeve, frill detail polka dot shirt and I think it’s so cute. I thought it’d be really nice for layering and also just to be worn on its own. I love the kind of Little
House On The Prairie, kind of masculine but also still
really girly and really fun. So by this point, I was
getting a bit tired, so I thought it was about time I went back and dropped my bags back at my car. Having my car so close was really useful ’cause I just had to just
go and chuck all the stuff in my car and forget about
it rather than having to lug it all around all day
and then go all the way home. That was really useful ’cause I did keep going back over and over again. So I decided to regroup and
sit down and have some lunch. I decided to go for Tossed. There is so much options
at Westfield for food. I personally love Tossed
because I do love a good salad. I love salads that have
like loads of stuff in it, like I don’t like a wimpy salad. So I decided to have the
Halloumi wrap without the Halloumi, which sounds
weird but basically it’s just like a roasted vegetable
wrap and it’s so good. There’s so many food
outlets in Westfield London and not your like average
shopping center fare. No Furr, Byron, Wahaca. There is loads and loads and loads of different restaurants there. Like, I feel like going to
Westfield London is a bit more like a day out than actually
just like going shopping ’cause everything is in
the same kind of space. After my little lunch stop,
I decided to go to New Look and I ended up buying quite
a lot of stuff from New Look. New Look was probably
the best place that I visited in terms of like
autumn-winter stuff. They have a really strong
autumn-winter range. And there was a lot of
stuff in there that I really wanted to get but I
was like, no, I’m gonna wait for it to get a little bit colder. But I did buy a few autumn staples. First up, I got myself
some faux leather leggings. I love me some faux leather leggings. I was doing a look book the
other day and I wanted to wear my leather trousers but I
couldn’t find them anywhere. So, God knows where they’ve run off to. This is a really nice
alternative to black skinnies. I love wearing them on nights out with a pair of blacks heels. But they’re just also a
really nice kind of different texture to add to like
an autumn-winter look. These are also the petite ones so they look really flattering on. I didn’t get this from New Look but I thought I would show you anyway. This is a huge roll of tape
to do all my returns with. I have so much things to return. I got this cute forest green beanie, which I think is adorable. I actually saw one of the mannequins wearing this and I was like, hmm. I actually just asked one
of the sales assistants where it was and I just
picked that up ’cause I think it’s a really nice color and
I love fluffy bubble hats. I’m a real hat person,
if you guys didn’t know. (laughs) Then I got this jacket, which is a faux leather, leopard print,
fur trimmed jacket. I absolutely adore this. It’s like a bomber kind of style, very kind of oversized and chunky. It’s actually extremely heavy as well. The girl at the checkout
was like, “I didn’t “realize how heavy this jacket was.” And I was like, “Yeah,
it’s pretty heavy duty.” The collar is detachable so it’s like two jackets in one,
which is always a bonus. But I really do like
the faux leopard print, I think it just adds something to it. I also saw a jacket like this in Top Shop for like twice the price. So, this one was pretty
expensive, it was like 40 pounds. But the one in Top Shop
was probably about 65. When I saw this, I knew I
needed it in my wardrobe. I would recommend sizing up if you’re planning to wear it in the winter. Just purely because, you
know, like when you wear like a jumper or like something
a little bit like thicker, especially when you’re layering in winter, getting your coat a size or in a couple of sizes up really makes all the difference. So you’re not ending up
walking around like this. Then I went to Bershka. I don’t know how many
people know about Bershka, but it’s kind of like a
little bit like Zara but like at like a lower price point
and very more youth focused. There was actually quite a
lot of things that I liked in there but I ended up
going for this Metallica t-shirt, just ’cause I really liked it. I do actually like
Metallica, I went to see them like a couple of years
ago and it was amazing. I have a few Metallica
t-shirts and I actually bought another one from Urban Outfitters. But I’m planning to do a DIY
based on like band t-shirts. So I decided to get this one. Although I love Metallica and
I think it’s a great band, I think it’s really funny how they license so much of their name to
like different brands. I saw some in Top Shop with
Metallica on, I saw something in H&M with Metallica on,
and then obviously I bought a top from Urban Outfitters,
which also has Metallica on. So next I went to Urban Outfitters. I love Urban Outfitters,
especially the one at Westfield London, just because it’s
really nicely laid out. It’s very big, very spacious. It’s got a pretty chill
and calm environment, which I really appreciate. The aesthetic of the whole
shop is really, really nice. I love the visual merchandising, I love the way they lay things out. Just everything seems to
look really nice together and like, there was so
much stuff that I saw in Urban Outfitters and I
could’ve bought way more. I picked up this t-shirt. I actually already have a
Master of Puppets t-shirt but in that one, I have
like the sleeves cut off it. So like I was saying, I’m
gonna do a little bit of DIY on this and customize it a little
bit to make it a bit more me. The next item is my most favorite thing from this whole haul. I don’t know how other people
are gonna feel about it. But I think that’s the
thing about personal style and choosing your own
fashion choices is that it’s like, if you love
it then that’s cool. Like, it doesn’t matter
if it’s on trend or if other people like it,
if you get what I mean. Is this amazing faux fur camo coat. Zoe actually saw this and she was like, “That is the most you
coat I’ve ever seen.” And I was like, “Yeah, it’s nice.” So then I went into store and
I saw it and I was like, yep. I actually put this on hold in the store ’cause I didn’t wanna buy it and then see another coat that I liked
even more than this. But the whole day, I was like, I need that coat, that’s the one that I want. And because I’d put it on
hold, it meant I didn’t have to like risk going back and
it not being in my size. Just a really beautiful coat, very me, very my kind of style. Faux fur is a huge part of
my autumn and winter style. It’s definitely something that I would say personifies my kind of style. I think that’s really telling, when people can kind of pick
stuff out in shops. I get it a lot, like I’m
walking around different shops and I see something and I’m
like, oh, so and so blogger would like that or so and
so blogger would like that. Especially when people
have really strong personal style that you can just
kind of get and you know that someone would like something. It was pretty expensive, I
think it was like a 160 pounds. But it’s gorgeous and I just
love it and I just think it looks really cool and really
fun and I just, yeah, love it. (laughs) I can’t really say anything else apart from that because I just do. So there we go, that is
my Westfield London haul. I really hope you enjoyed
watching this video. I really love Westfield London,
I think it’s my favorite out of Westfield London
and Westfield Stratford. I feel like going to
Westfield London is like a day out, like there’s
so much to do there. The shopping center itself
is really well laid out, really spacious, really
nice shopping experience but not like too close
so it feels cramped. There are so many restaurants,
so many cool bars, so many little bits and pieces to do. They always have little events on. When I was there, they
were having a student event for like 20 percent off loads of stuff. And like, Spotify was there
and American Eagle was there. I would really recommend using
their product search tool if you’re kind of wanting
to go shopping but you don’t a 100 percent know what you
wanna get but also kind of want an idea of like an
action plan of places to go or things you wanna buy. So I really hope you
enjoyed watching this haul. Please give this video a big
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Please subscribe to my
channel if you’re not already and I will speak to you
guys in my next video. I love you guys lots. Bye!

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